I am so very excited to introduce this week’s special Friday Feast guest, Anna Campbell. I discovered Anna when I won Tempt The Devil in a blog contest and from that first read she’s been one of my favourite authors. Her historical romances are big, sexy and lushly written, and hold a special place on my bookshelf.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Anna, here’s a quick bio.

Photograph (c) Robyn Hills

Queenslander ANNA CAMPBELL has written six historical romances for Avon HarperCollins and her work is published internationally, including in the United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey and Japan. Anna has won numerous awards for her sweeping, emotional stories set in the first quarter of the 19th century. These awards include Romantic Times Reviewers Choice, the Booksellers Best, the Golden Quill (twice), the Heart of Excellence, the Aspen Gold (twice) and the Australian Romance Readers Association’s most popular historical romance (three times). The Australian Romance Readers Association voted Anna their favourite Australian romance author of 2009 and 2010. Anna’s latest release is MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION recently nominated as best sensual historical romance of 2011 in the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards. For Australian and New Zealand readers, you can buy CLAIMING THE COURTESAN, TEMPT THE DEVIL and MY RECKLESS SURRENDER under the title THE COURTESAN COLLECTION as a special e-book bundle at a bargain price from 13th December.

And now without further delay, here’s Anna!

Whatever Takes My Fancy

Hi Cathryn! So pleased to be here. Thank you for asking me. As you know from our various meetings at Romance Writers of Australia conferences, food and drink are among my favourite things. Throw in a great romance novel or two and basically I’d be happy to while at least six months away on a desert island. Or perhaps I should say DESSERT island.

I write historical romances set in the United Kingdom in the 1820s. I think of my stories as adult fairytales so of course the hero is a prince (well, usually a duke or an earl but pretty close to a prince!). And because he’s a prince with endless wealth (hey, I did say it was a fairytale!), he very kindly allows the author access to all the things the author wishes she had access to every day.

That means my heroines can wear silks and satins and velvets and sport beautiful jewels. And I do have fun with the lingerie! And so do my heroes. Snicker. I let my imagination play in beautiful mansions, often based on houses I’ve visited in England but decorated to my taste. Again with no expense spared. I think it’s no coincidence that all my heroes own magnificent libraries. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to own a magnificent library with ceiling-high bookcases and leather couches and gilded globes on gold stands and huge desks.

My fantasy can also go wild with food and wine. And the even better fantasy of a household full of servants to prepare the meals and clean up afterwards. In fact, I think that’s the best fantasy of all!

The Regency was actually one of the great culinary eras so there’s plenty of inspiration. It was an age of luxury and elegance and indulgence of the senses at exorbitant cost. The world-famous Marie-Antoine Carême was the world’s first celebrity chef, cooking for the crowned heads of Europe, including the Prince Regent, and credited with the invention of haute cuisine. Here’s a fascinating Wikipedia article about his life. Pretty impressive to go from streetkid during the French Revolution to the toast (pun intended!) of Europe.

A lot of these elaborate creations required a huge number of man hours and I doubt if they’re practical today. These dishes come from an era where manpower was cheap so even without labour-saving devices, you could turn meals into complex works of art.

Do any of you watch the fascinating ROYAL UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS on the History Channel? The hosts visit stately homes where Queen Victoria stayed and create a dish she ate while there. Even for professionals, it’s pretty obvious that these dishes require mind-boggling skill and time and patience. I remember one dish where they made 500 tiny beautifully detailed pastry leaves to decorate a game pie. And that was only one dish in a banquet that could feature over 100 choices. Those days are gone – unless you’re reading a historical romance!

So what has been my latest imaginative indulgence? The glories of ancient Greece and the contemporary Greek struggle to cast off Turkish occupation captured the imagination of Regency England. Lord Byron the poet died in 1824 fighting in the Greek War of Independence. In the book I’ve just handed in (title to be confirmed but out late in 2012), my plutocrat hero Jonas spends much of his youth traveling in Greece. It seemed quite possible that he’d develop a taste for Greek cooking which he’d carry back to England. My lucky heroine undergoes seduction by baklava!

The first time I ever tried this delicious Greek pastry was when I was a very miserable inmate of a rather Dickensian boarding school. I was friendly with a Greek girl whose mother would send me care packages of traditional homemade Greek delicacies. I was immediately hooked. And my favourite of the lot was wonderful filo pastry and nut baklava. I’ve found a recipe on the SBS site which decadently substitutes mixed nuts for pistachios. Because of copyright issues, I won’t copy it out, but here’s the link:

Actually I’m surprised that it’s not more complicated to make. I, the world’s worst cook, might even have a go at this. Although I must say fantasy baklava doesn’t linger on the hips quite the way the real stuff does!

Hmm, why am I suddenly hungry?

So do you like Greek food? Are you a baklava aficionado? If a gorgeous Regency hero set out to seduce you, what should he pack in the picnic basket? I’ve got a copy of my most recent book MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION to give away to a commenter (open internationally). I think that counts as a sensual indulgence seeing that’s what we’re talking about today!

What a fantastic post. Thanks, Anna. That baklava recipe looks divine! Definitely one for the test recipe file. And speaking of divine, how gorgeous is that Midnight’s Wild Passion cover? Excerpts from this and Anna’s other books, plus loads of other information and extras, can be found on her website.

Okay, everyone, get commenting. Entries in the MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION contest close Monday, 28th November at midnight (Australian time).

Congratulations to RIYA, who has won a signed copy of Anna’s Midnight’s Wild Passion.

Happy reading, Riya. I’m certain you’ll love this book.  And many thanks to all you lovely people who dropped by and turned Anna’s Friday Feast guest appearance into a real party.

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  1. Avatarkissableone64

    Fantastic blog post!! I love your books and the recipe sounds truly scrumptious. I’ll have to give it a try soon. The cover of Midnight’s Wild Passion is extremely beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing time with us.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        That recipe does sound delish. I’ve made loads of Greek dishes but never tried my hand at baklava. I do believe I’ll have to remedy this. Thanks for dropping by, Melanie.

  2. AvatarKeziah Hill

    I once had a great meal at Tetsuya’s in Sydney. No doubt it was fabulous, innovative etc, etc. But I came out just wanting to go to a good Greek restaurant and have lamb that falls of the bone and potatoes. There’s something about peasant food that’s immediately satisfying and nurturing. I love baklava! I have MWP (which was fab) so don’t enter me in the comp.

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Hi Keziah! I know what you mean. There’s something soul-restoring about good hearty food well cooked, isn’t there? I don’t think I’ve ever had a restaurant meal to compare to my mother’s roast beef and I’ve had some lovely restaurant meals. Oooh, Greek roast lamb. That IS the bee’s knees, isn’t it? I love Greek food so it seemed perfectly possible that my well-travelled hero would bring the recipes back with him.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        Keziah, I know exactly what you mean. I have little patience for over fussy food these days. Most of the best meals I’ve ever eaten have been rustic, home-cooked style dishes. They may not look as pretty but they’re honest, very satisfying and there’s less confusion of flavours.

        As for Greek roast lamb….ooooooooh!

  3. AvatarAnnie West

    Hi Cathryn, thanks for hosting Anna here.

    Anna, you’re a woman with superb taste. Baklava is one of my all time faves. Truly scrumptious. I haven’t met anyone who’s tried it and not enjoyed it though I am glad I have no allergy to nuts.

    I occasionally get the urge to make baklava – on a day when I feel like being creative and have a weekend afternoon to just do what I’d like. I often co-opt a family member in so it’s time spent chatting as we brush filo pastry sheets and fiddle with the syrup and nuts. One of the things I like best is that when it’s done there are always leftovers!

    Other Greek desserts to try? Kataifi (a bit like rolled baklava in strings of pastry) or milky pudding. Both very tasty.

    Cathryn, don’t enter me in the draw – I have all of Anna’s books. Still not sure which is my favourite but I can tell you they’re all great – passionate and intriguing. Perfect for diving into on a wet day like this (maybe with a sweet treat).

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Awww, Annie, thank you for saying such nice things. Actually one of the many things I love about a visit to you is that if I’m lucky, I’ll cop a Greek meal. I fondly remember a custard and pastry sweet as well. Yum! And there’s a long skinny thing that’s a bit like baklava but shaped like a banana. You really can’t go wrong with nuts and filo, can you? Actually Effie’s mum used to make the most beautiful spicy Greek shortbread too, covered in icing sugar. I used to emerge from eating that looking like I’d been caught in a snow storm!

    2. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Annie, if I’d known what a marvellous cook you are when we met last Sunday for the ARRA lunch I would’ve chewed your ear mercilessly. Think I might have to via email anyway. You have been warned!

  4. AvatarNancy Northcott

    Anna and Cathryn, what a fun post! Yes, I like Greek food, though I prefer loukamades (not sure of the spelling) to baklava. Avgolemono soup is always welcome, as are spanakopia and tiropites. We go to the local Greek festival every year.

    Just BTW, I loved Midnight’s Wild Passion–wrenching but with a great payoff. As usual from Anna C.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Hi Nancy. Okay, you have me curious. I’m going to have to hunt down Avgolemono soup now. Love trying new things. Makes life so interesting.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

    Hey, thanks for saying such nice things about Midnight, Nancy! What’s loukamades? Ooh, just found a recipe:|18658|loukoumades||S|b|8015952422

    They’re sold here as Cypriot honey puffs and they’re a staple of food fairs. DELICIOUS!!!!! We have a large Greek population in Australia – at one stage, Melbourne was the city with the third-largest Greek population in the world. A lot of migrants after World War II. So Greek food is pretty easy to find here. Yum!

  6. AvatarAnanda

    What a great post! Cathryn thanks for hosting Anna, and Anna thank you for the great recipe:) I love baklava, my mom makes it very often..Too bad I am on diet now, but will try that recipe when I finish dieting:) Would really love to read Midnight’s Wild Passion! That cover is gorgeous!!!

  7. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

    Hey, Ananda, thanks for swinging by and for saying you enjoyed the post. Honestly, I’ve got such a craving for baklava now! And I think the pistachio version is SOOO decadent. Yum! You’re lucky your mum makes it. I haven’t had the homemade version for ages.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Hi Ananda. Thanks for visiting. You have a baklava making mum? Ooh, I am jealous. Wish I had some right now to go with my coffee….

      Good luck in the draw. I love Midnight’s Wild Passion’s cover too. It’s so sexy!

    2. AvatarAnanda

      Yes I am lucky I guess..But then again, my mom sure is “responsible” for all the fat I Seriously, making a baklava isn’t easy, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to make it like my mom:) I am from the Balkan, baklava is something as normal as a doughnut in the USA:) And also, Ananda is my nick, my name is Ana, one N though:) Thanks Cathryn and thank you Anna for this lovely giveaway and fun post!:)

      1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

        Hey, my pleasure. Actually I was surprised when I started researching quite how widespread baklava was (hey, in my book, it even made Regency England!). Mind you, it’s like croissants, something that delicious would have to go global!

    3. AvatarAnanda

      Well I agree, it’s very delicious!!! Oh, Anna you know..I would love to see your book made into movie. Hmmm, who would you choose in the leading roles?

  8. AvatarNicole Alexander - Rural Literature Author

    I admit I don’t read romance novels usually (a collective gasp echoes across cyber space) however you may yet tempt me Anna. Great blog, I liked the snippets of period detail. As for a picnic I’m thinking strawberries and cream with a stream chilled bottle of champers! And don’t forget the blanket.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Ha ha! I never used to read sexy historicals until I discovered Anna’s. She converted me!

      I’m with you, Nicole. Strawberries & cream and bubbles. Add in great company and you can’t go wrong. Simple but oh so perfect.

      1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

        Cathryn, I didn’t know I was the tipping point for you. How nice does that make me feel? Almost as nice as a heroine being fed baklava! By the way, while I don’t like strawberries, I LOVE bubbles!

    2. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Nicole, GASP!!! You don’t know what fun you’re missing out on! Take two historical romances in a glass of Cathryn’s PROMISES and then go and have a nice lie down. Thanks for saying you liked the period detail – the Regency is fascinating in so many ways and is full of so many larger-than-life characters, good and bad. Actually you’ll gasp now – I don’t like strawberries. Make it cherries and the picnic idea has merig 😉

  9. Avatarreadergirl10

    Hi Ms.Campbell,It’s Gail–I really love your books and their covers. When I read your books I am totally swept away by the romance and the chemistry of your characters.Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all your readers it is truly wonderful gift for us all.

  10. AvatarNas Dean

    Hi Anna and Cathryn!

    I agree with you on Anna Campbell books, Cathryn, they are big, sexy and lushly written!

    After reading My Reckless Surrender, I read and rate all other historicals by it!

    And I’m off to ty this version of Baklava now, thanks for sharng, Anna!

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Nas, tell me how you go with the recipe. As you can imagine, I was spoilt for choice when I went looking for one but this one seemed to be straightforward and delicious. A nice combination when it comes to cooking! And thank you for saying such lovely things about MY RECKLESS SURRENDER!

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        Ooh, yes, please do let us know how you go with this recipe, Nas. I’ve been checking my cookbooks and have oodles, so it’s hard to know which one to choose. Recommendations help a lot!

  11. AvatarRiya

    Oh, the baklava sounds yum! Have to persuade mum to make it now. After all I’m home for holidays and bored! Read all the books from mum’s bookshelves already!

    1. AvatarRiya

      Oh yes, please! Put my name in the draw….I’ve seen you taking so many awards for My Reckless Surrender, Congratulations! And I heard so many nice things about Midnight’s Wild Passion!

  12. AvatarNahal Momin

    Hey Anna, Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love baklava,,,its my favorite. But never made it home…i always had ready made lol but thanks for the recipe so now i am gonna try it to make it at home. I would love to win a copy of Midnight’s wild passion. Since last time i have won My Reckless Surrender…i am addicted to tht book. I have read tht book so many times and still i cant get tired of it. Anna Cambell is a great author and love her books completely. Thanks Cathryn for hosting Anna here.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Hi Nahal and thanks for coming by. I know what you mean about tatty multi-read books. My Jilly Cooper novels are falling apart they’ve been read so many times. But I agree with you wholeheartedly, Anna is indeed a great author whose books I love too!

  13. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

    Hey, Nahal, how cool that you’ve read Reckless over and over. That’s the proof of a really good book, isn’t it? When you can pick it up again and again! Thank you for letting me know. I’m delighted you enjoyed it so much. And happy thanksgiving to you too. We don’t actually celebrate here in Australia but I think having a holiday to express gratitude for the good things is an excellent idea.

  14. AvatarKim

    Interesting interview. Have you read that during the Olympics, Queen Elizabeth is renting out the apartments in St. James Palace to businesses. The going rate is £30,000 per day. I don’t think that includes any food. LOL Leeds Castle is available for 17days for £1 million. It’s a little out of my budget.

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Wow, Kim, I hadn’t heard that! Lizzy must be hard up for cash! I’ve been to Leeds Castle. It’s impossible romantic – I’d LOVE to stay there. Snort. Must check and see if I’ve got the million quid!

    2. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Well, now, that IS interesting, Kim. Think I’d quite enjoy a stint at St James Palace, but wouldn’t go past 17 day at Leeds Castle either. All I need is to find some uber rich lovely to shout me. I’m sure he’s out there….somewhere. *grin*

  15. AvatarDamaris

    I love your books and the cover of the new is book is really nice. Can’t wait to read it. And thank you for the recipe.

  16. AvatarVanessa Barneveld

    Hi, Cathryn and Anna!

    Fascinating post, Anna. Ooh, a dessert island. Happy to be shipwrecked on one of those! I am a fan of Greek cuisine – especially deep-fried calamari, pan-fried haloumi…anything fried, really. So my hero would do very well if he were to pack those in the picnic basket. And he can’t forget the baklava either. Now, that stuff’s finger lickin’ good. 🙂

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Vanessa, I think I’d like to go on a picnic with you. I promise not to cramp your style. I’ll be too busy eating to pay attention to what you do with your handsome hero. Thanks for swinging by!

    2. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Oh, yeah, I LOVE grilled haloumi. Actually, just love Greek cuisine like you, Vanessa. I certainly wouldn’t kick any hero carrying the delicacies of Greece in his picnic basket off my desert island.

      Thanks for joining the party!

  17. AvatarSharon Archer

    HI Anna and Cathryn

    Cathryn, Anna is a perfect person to have to visit for your Friday Feast!

    Congratulations on three of your books being released as an e-bundle, Anna! Great timing for Christmas! Whoever buys the bundle or receives one as a present will be in for reading feast!

    I do love your research, and I couldn’t help a lovely explore of the links you mentioned! So I’ve been drooling over the baklava recipe (what an indulgence!) and reading about the first gourmet chef and his four mother sauces! I always learn such interesting things when I read your blogs!


    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Wasn’t Careme fascinating, Sharon? I actually watched a TV show on the HIstory Channel that recreated that banquet of over 100 courses at the Brighton Pavillion that he put on for the Prince Regent. You can see why people were chopping off aristocratic heads! Talk about pure indulgence. So glad you enjoyed the links. It was a fun post to put together. And yeah, I think the e-bundle is way cool and at the special price (I think it’s going to be around $15), it’s a pretty good deal.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        I have this great book I picked up in France, Anna, which describes the meals prepared for the Papal coronation when the Papacy was moved to Avignon. The dishes are incredible, and some a bit scary, but it’s fascinating stuff.

    2. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Hi Sharon! The ebook bundle of Anna’s books is a fantastic idea, I agree. Great present for the romance fan, that’s for sure. Actually, for anyone who likes great books.

  18. Avatarinfinitieh

    Years ago, I was visiting a small town in Germany and, since my sister refused to eat any red meat, we ended up eating quite often in a tiny Greek restaurant. I remember a deep-fried whole fish. It was an interesting experience all around.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      I read your post and immediately thought of My Big Fat Creek Wedding, infinitieh. That scene where the hero announces he’s vegetarian and no one can fathom it, then they all laugh and say, “Oh, that’s okay, we’ll give him lamb” (I’m paraphrasing, badly no doubt).

  19. Avatareli yanti

    Congratulations Anna,

    i had ordered your Midnight’s Wild Passion and waiting the book coming 😉

  20. AvatarKJ Howe

    Cathryn, you did a beautiful job on laying out the blog today–a visual feast!

    Anna, waving hello from Canada, and wishing you every success. As I look out at the frost, I wish I was in Australia!!

    I’m in for the Greek food!!!!

  21. AvatarEleni Konstantine

    Love Anna, love baklava. Both are mentioned here. Great stuff ladies.

    Oh, Anna and Cathryn, if you are ever in Adelaide, I’ll have to get my mum make her baklava. It is the absolute best.

  22. AvatarHelene Young

    As always a fabulous post from Anna. (Thanks Cathryn for running this wonderful series!)

    Seduction by baclava?? Oh but that sounds deliciously decadent and desirable. Do we really have to wait until late 2012 to read about it!!

    I love mediterranean food and wine in all it’s forms but the sticky desserts have to be top of the list!

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Helene, it was great fun doing seduction by baklava (although I suspect taking part in it would be even MORE fun!). End of 2012 feels like ages away, doesn’t it? Suspect it will fly. I’m still trying to cope with the fact that it’s nearly Christmas!

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        All this talk is making me feel a bit deprived. I want to be seduced by baklava!

        Like you, Helene, I can’t wait to read Anna’s sexy baklava story. Sounds so romantic. *sigh* End 2012 is definitely too far away.

        Thanks for calling in.

  23. AvatarKandy Shepherd

    Hi Anna and Cathryn
    Anna, when you find that DESSERT island, please invite me over. I’d happily paddle through shark-infested waters to join you!
    I have a highly developed sweet teeth and baclava is truly seductive–love it.
    Love your books too. Cathryn, don’t put me in the draw as I already have MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION and whoever wins it is in for a treat–I think it’s one of Anna’s best!

  24. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

    Kandy, I like the idea of a dessert island too. Chocolate mousse instead of coconut palms? Works for me! And thanks so much for saying such lovely things about Midnight – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! x

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Dessert island….hmmm, there’s a fantasy story in there!

      Thanks for dropping by, Kandy. Having read Love is a Four Legged Word, with all its gorgeous descriptions of sweet things (especially those baaaad chocolate brownies), I think I can tell your sweet teeth are well and truly developed.

  25. AvatarJuanita Kees

    Ooooh, Midnight’s Wild Passion – I could do with some of that! Reckless Surrender and seduction by baklava … it could be a long, eventful night 😉
    Anna, I love your book covers and look forward to adding a collection to my bookshelf. I’ve got some catching up to do before the 2012 release.

    Thanks Cathryn, I always enjoy reading your blog and the great recipes you share.

  26. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

    Juanita, this is such a great idea, combining food and wine and romance novels, isn’t it? Laughed at you recklessly surrendering to midnight’s wild passion. Wouldn’t mind some of that myself! LOL! Thanks for swinging by.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      It would be a long and eventful night indeed, Juanita. Rather *cough* sticky too!

      Glad to hear you enjoy the recipes. Friday Feast has been huge fun. As for Anna’s covers, they’re so gorgeous they could glamorise even the ugliest bookshelf.

  27. AvatarShelley Munro

    Anna, I’ve always wanted one of those libraries you mentioned. Whenever I visit historical houses I love to visit the library. The Greek people make wonderful yoghurt too. One of my favorite desserts when I want something sweet is a little Greek yoghurt drizzled with runny honey and a few hazelnuts scattered on top. Very yummy.

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Shelley, I think a lot of writers have library envy. And the closest I’ll ever come to having one of those stately home libraries is between the pages of a book – I suspect there will be many more. Ooh, that Greek yoghurt sounds yummy!

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        Looking at my overstuffed and very messy bookshelves I definitely suffer library envy, Shelley. I dream of a room containing floor to ceiling shelves, a crackling fire, thick carpets and lovely squishy chairs to curl up in. A butler wouldn’t go astray either. Mayaswell dream big!

        That Greek yoghurt dish is featured a lot on cooking shows and makes me drool each time. One of these days I’m going to make it to Greece and experience it in situ.

  28. AvatarBetty Hamilton

    I hope you had a nice week-end. I love the recipe. It sounds delicious and something that my granddaughter and I can bake together. We’ve been busy making “baking memories” for her. AND.. of course some delicious deserts for her to share with her family!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win Midnight’s Wild Passion, it sounds like a book that i would love to read!

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Baking memories. What a wonderful thing, Betty! I have many baking memories from my grandmother who spent ages teaching me how to make scones and cakes and biscuits and desserts. Nothing fancy, just good country cooking. They’re a great treasure. Good on you for giving them to your grandaughter too. She won’t forget.

  29. AvatarBronwen Evans

    Hi Anna

    I had to stop by even though I have the book. I loved it so much! I can’t wait for your next one. Write faster please!

    And Cthryn – Promises is one of my favourite reads. Can’t wait for your next book either.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Hey, Bron. Thanks for coming over and posting. And thanks for all your lovely word re Anna’s books and my Promises. Makes me feel rather warm and fuzzy!

      Won’t be long and we’ll have the follow up to you wonderful Invitation to Ruin, which I can’t wait for either. Loved that book. The slavery aspect made it a real standout.

      Midnight and Promises….hmm….that definitely has potential as a title!

  30. AvatarAretha zhen

    Hi Anna. Thx for the competition. Happy thanksgiving Anna. Hmmm I love Greek food so much and adore baclava so much too. So, I want my hero from the regency era to bring me a whole lot of baclava and red wine in his picnic basket. He will take me to the river and he will seduce me while we enjoy the baclava. Yummy 🙂

    1. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

      Aretha, you, me and the heroine of the book are all suckers for baklava by the sound of it. Actually he’s serving champagne at the time but I”m sure he could dig up some claret from his wonderful cellar. Oh, a fantasy life is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? LOL! Good luck with the draw!

    2. AvatarCathryn Hein

      I like the sound of your baklava and red wine bearing hero, Aretha! Although Anna’s bubbly bearing hero sounds just as delish. Maybe we could be greedy and fantasise about two?

  31. AvatarFiona Palmer

    I have never tried baklava. I’m not a great cook but love to eat. (I never got that ‘creative in the kitchen’ gene…that went to my brother) But my mouth is watering just reading your post Anna.
    Okay so I haven’t read a historical yet. *Hangs my head in shame* But who better to start with than one of Anna’s.
    And Cathryn, i’m waiting for your next book too 🙂

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      I love to eat too, Fiona, which is why I became a mad (and, sadly, a sometimes bad) cook!

      Reading one of Anna’s books would be a fantastic place to start with historicals. She’s a complete master at emotion, and don’t get me started on how vivid and lush her books are!

      And I’m impatient for your next book, m’dear!

  32. Avatarannacampbella Campbell

    So hard to pick a winner! But our lucky winner of a signed copy of MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION is RIYA!!!! Riya, can you please email me on anna @ (no spaces) with your snail mail info and I’ll get your book off to you. Thanks again to everyone who swung by. It’s been a blast!

  33. AvatarCathryn Hein

    Yay! Congratulations, RIYA! And thanks again, Anna.

    And a whopping great thanks to everyone who dropped by the blog and took part in the Friday Feast fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as Anna and I did.

  34. AvatarRiya

    Oh my, my! Excited dancing! I won?!!

    Thank you so much Anna! My email on it’s way to you soon!

    And thank you Cathryn for hosting such a distinguished guest as Anna!

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