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Hello, Feasters! We’re getting swish this week on Friday Feast with a recipe that will really get your tastebuds tingling. It’s delicious, literally!

But first, this week’s instalment of Us Heins Weren’t Meant To Play Golf which is making an appearance despite the fact that it’s now footy season and I should be swapping to updates about my beloved Sydney Swans. Unfortunately, they were poo against GWS on Saturday and I have the sulks, whereas the golf news is good! Yes, I whacked a ball into the water on the 12th and 14th, and another rotten crow pinched my ball on the 13th but they were only minor issues. Overall, I played well! Still can’t quite believe it… could I be on the upswing???

Now, to today’s guest Tricia Stringer, best-selling author of Queen of the Road and 2013 winner of a prestigious Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Book of the Year award (the Ruby) in the romantic elements category. And South Australian. Cos, you know, all the best writers come from SA. Ha!

Like the Ruby judges, I thoroughly enjoyed Queen of the Road and look forward to reading Tricia’s new one Right as Rain. Not only is it rural, it features food! How can a girl resist?

Take a look…




Right as Rain by Tricia StringerMack’s determined to do what’s right for her father…but will she choose what’s right for herself?

Mackenna Birch thinks she’s met the man of her dreams while on holiday in New Zealand. Adam Walker seems funny, kind and loving…until — to Mack’s disbelief — he walks out on her. Nursing a broken heart, Mack returns to the family farm in Australia to find her beloved father unwell and her scheming younger brother home from the city, showing a great interest in taking over the business. Also in her absence, a new worker has been hired, and Mack’s unsure of his motives.

Mack longs to make big changes to the farm — changes her father has approved. But with her dad’s ailing health, all her plans have been put on hold. Soon Mack finds herself turning to Hugh — her old friend and neighbour — as her confidant. As they support each other through family pressures, their friendship strengthens, leading them to question their true feelings for each other.

Then, out of the blue, Adam turns up from New Zealand, adding to the melting pot of emotions. Soon Mack’s juggling some tough decisions and trying to make those around her happy. But can she find the balance and have her own ever-after?


Ooh, doesn’t that sound intriguing? You want a copy, don’t you? Well, simply click away. For the paperback try Booktopia, Bookworld, Dymocks, QBD The Bookshop, direct from the publisher Harlequin or your local independent or chain store. For the ebook, try Amazon for Kindle, Kobo, JB Hi-Fi, iTunes, Google Play, BigW ebooks, Harlequin or your favourite ebook retailer.

All set? Here’s Tricia!


The Gatehouse at Woolly Swamp Farm


I love food – but – when thinking about what to blog, I couldn’t decide.

The library decked out as Woolly Swamp Farm.

The library decked out as Woolly Swamp Farm.

My immediate thought was to tell you about the wonderful launch party for Right as Rain at Moonta Community Library. My daughter, Kelly, and fellow library staff went to great lengths to make sure there were many lamb nibbles for guests to try. Why the lamb? Right as Rain main character, Mackenna, is a farmer and also a qualified chef. Her father who works the farm with her is in failing health, her mother isn’t supportive and the love of her life has stood her up. Against the odds, Mackenna has a dream to bring people to the farm gate to taste the lamb produced on their property. Her grandparents little stone cottage is the perfect place. She calls it the Gatehouse and sets out to make her dream come true.

I had such a lot of fun researching and writing this story. It’s full of food. I grew up on a farm so lamb (or more often mutton) was always on the menu. People do so much more with it these days. While I was writing I discovered the best way to try out new recipes rather than cook it myself was to eat out. Yum! My youngest son, Jared is a chef and helped me out a lot with ideas.

My husband and I at the Moonta launch.

My husband and I at the Moonta launch.

There are so many great ways to cook with lamb.

Mackenna has a grand opening of her Gatehouse for her family where she serves assorted lamb dishes. Thus at the book launch we had nibbles including lamb and rosemary sausage rolls, Moroccan lamb tarts and lamb kofta balls.

To carry on with the food theme I was lucky enough to have two great foodies help me with my Adelaide launch at Dymocks in Rundle Mall. My son, Jared, who’d just flown home from Europe, was a fantastic Master of Ceremonies and Duncan Welgemoed, chef and owner of Bistro Dom in Waymouth St, Adelaide, did the official launch. Duncan had recently won South Australia’s Chef of the Year but the reason I asked him to do the honours was it was in his restaurant that I first got the idea for showcasing lamb from a particular property.

A batch of my daughter’s sausage rolls just out of the oven.

A batch of my daughter’s sausage rolls just out of the oven.

In spite of all that, the recipe I’m going to share with you is not a lamb recipe, it’s an old family favourite dessert.

Now you’ll really think I’ve lost the plot. What’s that got to do with Mackenna and her Gatehouse? Well she did have to serve dessert but that’s not the reason. When I asked my son which lamb recipe he would suggest for this blog he said, “Even though we’re spread far and wide we always come home for special occasions/dinners. They now include our extended family with our partners etc. Family gatherings are the best. We always have great dinners with good wine and good conversation. The recipe should be your lemon delicious pudding. It always reminds me of our family dinners, right back when we were only small, we would still have a properly set dining table, no TV, just conversation. Something I treasured and still look forward to when I come home.”

Table loaded with the wonderful lamb nibbles.

Table loaded with the wonderful lamb nibbles.

So there you have it – a message that went straight to this mother’s heart. Even more so as my mother, who died many years ago, used to make this for our family. The original recipe came from the South Australian Country Women’s Association Calendar of Puddings. It’s called Baked Lemon Delicious (Swiss). My copy of this book is falling apart but is special as my mother was once State President of the CWA and her Foreword is in the front of the book. It reads in part – The recipes were freely given by members to be compiled into a calendar… The recipes have stood the test of time and may all who use this book find the same satisfaction and delight in the recipes as those who first tried them so long ago. Patricia Phillis.

Here I am with Jared and Duncan.

Here I am with Jared and Duncan.

I hope that while we strive to find new ways with food we will still share the old recipes and serve them with love and laughter just like at the family

gathering. At three my grandson knows the importance of the family dinner table. “Let’s sit at the table together and tell each other our adventures,” he said recently then added. “I’ll go first.”

Perhaps I was influenced by our family dinners when I wrote about Mackenna’s Gatehouse at Woolly Swamp farm.

Here’s my version of the recipe.

I call it…


Lemon Swish Delish




2 tbspns butter

¾ cup sugar

4 tbspns plain flour

juice and rind of 1 large lemon

2 eggs

1 cup milk


It’s important to add ingredients in the following order.

Cream the butter and sugar then add the sifted flour.

Stir in the rind and juice of the lemon.

Beat egg yolks then stir into mixture along with the milk.

Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into mixture.

Pour into a greased dish and stand in another dish of water. *(Very important)

Bake in a moderate oven approx. 40 mins.

It’s a nice light dessert which serves six to eight. You can eat it hot or cold but I love it hot with cream or ice-cream or both!


Oh, I just ADORE lemon delicious, Tricia! It’s one of those wonderful old-fashioned desserts that everyone loves. And you can play around with it too, adding lime juice or blood orange or whatever citrus takes your fancy.

Thanks so much for a hugely entertaining post. What fun you had with your book launches. Those sausage rolls look perfect. And Right as Rain sounds wonderful.

Now, my lovely Feasters, Tricia is very generously offering a signed paperback copy of Right as Rain as a giveaway prize. But as usual you have to work for it. Don’t worry, it’s easy! All you have to do is reveal your favourite family recipe in the comments and the one that tickles Tricia’s fancy the most will win.

Does your family adore pavlova? Perhaps a good old roast (lamb, of course) gets them running to the table? Maybe it’s your Gran’s favourite recipe for tomato soup that does the job. Simply share and you’ll have a chance to win this excellent book.

Giveaway closes midnight Tuesday, 25th March 2014. Australian and New Zealand entries only.

If you’d like to learn more about Tricia and her books, please visit her website. You can also connect via Facebook.


41 thoughts on “FRIDAY FEAST with Tricia Stringer

  1. AvatarMeredith Appleyard

    Way to go Tricia. Wish you all the best with Right as Rain and all the books still to come! The dessert looks delicious and probably could be made gluten free by using GF plain flour. M x

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Hi Meredith and thanks for dropping by. Tricia’s dessert certainly does look delicious. Definitely one to warm us in these cooler autumn months…if it ever does decide to get cooler!

  2. AvatarTricia Stringer

    Hi Meredith, yes you’re right. A friend of mine has just had to change to gluten free and I’ve bought the GF flour especially. Everything else in the recipe is fine. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. AvatarJanine Kimberley

    My mum used to make Lemon Delicious Pudding almost every Sunday, sometimes we got lemon sponge because she was out in the garden too long and the sauce dried up!! But we used to love mum’s pineapple upside down cake with the cherry in the middle of the pineapple ring!! Served with whipped cream – YUM! I love reading books by authors I haven’t read before, so I hope my memorable dessert tickles your fancy!!

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Oops! Yes I recall the sponge effect. We had the wood oven in those days. I do like the sound of pineapple upside down cake. Thanks for sharing Janine.

  4. AvatarIngrid

    Yum! Lots of lemons on the tree at the moment so will be giving this one a go! Our family’s favourite recipe is my nana’s pikelets…which we may or may not have for dinner sometimes… She had dementia for years and it’s one of the few recipes passed down before she forgot about her joy of cooking

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Hi Ingrid. Lucky you to have a lemon tree. How wonderful that your nana could share her joy of cooking. Mine was fantastic at pasties. I stood at her elbow many times trying to catch on but hers were always the best. Pikelets are always a crowd pleaser. Thank you.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        A perfect way to use up those lemons, Ingrid!
        Sorry about your nana. My mum has Alzheimer’s and it’s such an awful disease.
        As for pikelets, my Jim loves those things. Must make him a batch.

        Thanks for dropping by!

  5. AvatarMelissa

    Mum makes a DELICIOUS and seriously easy Caramel Banana tart – it was the first thing I made my – now – husband for an early on anniversary. Needless to say, it was demolished pretty darn quickly!!!

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Well done Melissa. My husband has always been a sucker for cheesecake of any description. I’ve made nearly every type over the years. Once again anything easy is always at the top of my list. Thanks for sharing.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        *groan* Caramel tart. That is THE BEST!
        Melissa, you’ve made me want to dash for the nearest can of condensed milk and stick it onto boil for caramel. I loved that stuff as a kid.

        Also remember the time when Mum opened the can a tad early and shot jets of caramel to the roof!

  6. AvatarJodi Allan

    I love lemon flavoured desserts, but I must say I can’t go past a slice or three of a lemon Citrus slice recipe that my mum gave me, it’s so easy

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Jodie I do a love a lemon citrus tart. Might have to get you to share your slice recipe. I especially fall for anything that is easy AND tastes good.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        I love lemony things too, Jodi. It’s the combination of tartness and sweetness. Mmmm. Lemon citrus slice sounds delicious. I’m off to google!

  7. AvatarPatricia Franks

    Mmmm the lemon delicious sounds just that. But oh I would love to try those sausage rolls. From one Tricia to another, I really enjoyed Queen of the Road and, although I already have Right as Rain on my tablet, I would love to own a hard copy.

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Fantastic name, Tricia! The sausage rolls were pretty good I have to say. So glad you’ve enjoyed my books. I always manage to add some food in them somewhere. The one I’m writing at the moment seems to have a curry influence. Think I might have to make one. 🙂

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        Wasn’t Queen of the Road a fab read, Patricia? I enjoyed it a lot too and am looking forward to Right As Rain.

        Speaking of sausage rolls, I wouldn’t mind a good recipe either…

        Good luck in the draw and thanks for dropping by.

  8. AvatarAlison Schutz

    Tricia please leave the cooking to Kelly as I am ready for your next book so you need to start writing. Right as rain was fantastic as usual. Can’t wait for the next book….. Please get back to writing!

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      HI Alison. I’d happily leave the cooking to someone else. I’m lucky my husband is a good cook or we’d be eating toast when I’m up to my ears in writing. Speaking of which…next book well under way. You’ll see it in December. Thanks for the message.

  9. AvatarMeredith Pynsent

    Def have to try that dessert,y tastebuds are tingling already. As is my girth spreading! Ach, you only live once. Unless you’re Shirley MacLain. My favourite recipe is a family favourite scones. With jam and cream. They remind me of late nighrs watching black and white movies with my mum and she would ask me to whip up a batch before the next movie began:)

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Oooh yes, Meredith. You can’t beat a home made scone dripping with jam and cream. I was taught by a lady whose scones never failed. Maybe I’ll whip up a batch tonight – after I’ve written the next thousand words… 🙂

  10. AvatarMerrill Bulst

    My Poppy made the best fried scones with real butter and golden syrup. No matter how hard I try I still fail at them miserably. At 93 he still makes them for me!

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Good on your poppy, Merrill. What a fine age and still cooking, that’s fantastic. I’m a golden syrup fan so am sure I’d enjoy fried scones. Thank you.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        That’s wonderful, Merrill. Wouldn’t it be great to reach that age and still be cooking up a storm?

        All the best with the giveaway and thanks for visiting Friday Feast.

  11. AvatarJenny

    I am really lucky to have a family who devour everything and I simply can’t come up with a family favourite: brownies, homemade potato and anchovy pizza, choc chip biscuits, sourdough bread, ma po tofu — we just like food. And books. And books with food in them…would love to read Tricia’s book.

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Books and food, what a wonderful combination Jenny. You’ve made an enticing list there…food for thought. 🙂

  12. AvatarAlex

    Lemon pudding would have to be one of my all time favourite desserts! Thanks for sharing your recipe Tricia, I look forward to testing it out at home 🙂

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Nice to hear from you, Alex and glad you’re a lemon delicious fan. It seems to be popular.

  13. AvatarSharon Bartsch

    Gotta try one of those sausage rolls, we love home made pasties in our mob. Although I imagine you have the inside scope on the Cornish style ones… All the best Trisha x

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Hi Sharon, the sausage rolls evaporate from the plate but you’re right, it’s also hard to beat home made pasties. There are a few places where I live that have certainly mastered the Cornish variety. Nice to hear from you.

      1. AvatarCathryn Hein

        Pasties and sausage rolls? Oh, stop it. I’m having a hard enough time as it is trying to stop myself from heading for the nearest bakery!

        All the best in the giveaway draw, Sharon. Thanks so much for calling into the blog.

  14. AvatarLouise Reynolds

    What a fabulous launch! And all that lamb yumminess 🙂 Speaking of which, the comfort food of my memory revolves around meat (rissoles, stuffed skirt steak, etc) cooked in rich gravy and the only reason the gravy was so rich is that mum fried everything in dripping! Almost unthinkable these days but that higher burning point really allowed you to get a great colour. My mouth is watering thinking about it. She also did a terrific Lemon Delicious which I haven’t quite mastered although I kind of like the memory that hers was so special.

    1. AvatarTricia Stringer

      Hi Louise, the launch was a lot of fun. You’re right, dripping featured in many dishes from my childhood but people are horrified these days. Not sure if my Lemon Delicious is as good as my mother used to make either but it still goes down a treat.

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