Rocking Horse Hill Release Day!

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Rah! It’s here at last. My latest rural romance Rocking Horse Hill has now officially hit the shelves.

Have you spotted it out and about yet? Let me know if you have. Even better, maybe take a pic and share it on my Facebook page, Google+ or Twitter via @CathrynHein.

Now, to celebrate release day (in addition to the bottle of pink fizz awaiting me in the fridge) here are…


1/. Josh was originally called Nick.

2/. Originally I wanted to name Em Cashmere. Seriously. Cashmere Wallace-Jones. She then became Emelia before finally settling as Emily.

3/. Rocking Horse Hill is based on Mount Schank, a volcano south of Mount Gambier in South Australia’s lower south-east.


4/. Sliding on you bum down the side of a volcano is the best fun ever. I’ve done it!

5/. The inspiration for Rocking Horse Hill’s quarry scar came from Mount Elephant near Derinallum in western Victoria. The quarry was for scoria.

Western quarry scar on Mount Elephant

6/. The book took 7 months to write. Yikes!

7/. Muffy is based on my darling late dog Cooch.

8/. Chelsea was inspired by an Indian runner duck that my brother once kept. That duck could really motor!

9/. Josh bares more than a passing resemblance to Rex in Rome actor Ettore Bassi. I spent a lot of time studying pictures of him for research… as you do.

10/. Donkeys are sweet but can be sneaky little buggers. There are some amazing videos of them around the net, getting up to mischief. Watching them gave me a lot of laughs. Check this too-clever donkey out.

I hope you enjoyed these ten secret things. But most of all I really hope you enjoy the drama and romance of Rocking Horse Hill!

Feeling that itchy urge to buy right now? Then canter on down to your local book shop or chain store, or simply clickety-click on any of these retailers.

Happy reading!


21 thoughts on “Rocking Horse Hill Release Day!

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Thanks Alissa! Been flat out so far. Fingers crossed I get a chance to kick back and fully enjoy the day later on.

      This will be you shortly, with your two releases. Exciting times!

  1. AvatarBrenda Telford

    Congratulations Cathryn! A wonderful book – enjoy release day!

    Those 10 secret things are really great too, especially the one about Mt Schank. I used to live at the base of that mountain many years ago 🙂 We built the little house ourselves out of Mt Gambier stone 🙂

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Thanks Brenda!

      My girlfriend lived in a lovely house at the base too. Hmm, could it be the same property? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Doesn’t sound quite the same though. It’s a beautiful spot. Sort of mysterious….

      Thanks so much for popping by and saying hello. Always wonderful to chat!

      1. AvatarBrenda Telford

        There were a few properties right at the base – my then in-laws lived out a little from the base which is why we built there. It was a fun time 🙂 And yes, the bum slide was always fun! Getting back to the top was a challenge though 😉

  2. AvatarBec Brown

    Happy Release Day Cathryn! can’t wait to read it. I love watching Rex in Rome too – now I’m going to have that image in my head when I read Rocking Horse Hill 😉

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Ooh, a Rex in Rome fan! Very pleased to hear that, Bec. It’s funny but I thought no one would be able to top Lorenzo Fabbri (Kaspar Capparoni) for dishiness but Davide Rivera (Ettore Bassi)… ooh la la! Jim called me fickle for tossing Lorenzo over so quickly but Davide just had that sexy thing going on. There are some niiiiiiice photos of Ettore getting around the net too. Most enjoyable research!

      Wish they’d hurry up and show the next series. Love Rex.

  3. AvatarLouise Reynolds

    I love fondants! In fact I have them in my latest book as well, served with crystallised violets scattered on them. We obviously have similar tastes 🙂 And I’m very up for anything I can prepare in advance. What am I seduced by? Hmmm…these days it’s having the fire lit when I arrive home, a glass of wine at the ready and my man in the kitchen cooking dinner. Followed by a back rub and…you get the picture. Everyday seduction like this wins hand-down over the once or twice a year extravaganzas.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on Rocking Horse Hill, Cathryn. Congratulations!

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Sound absolutely perfect, Louise! You’e so right about every day seductions like this. That’s the way to keep things burning!

      Thanks for the good wishes on Rocking Horse Hill. Always such a thrill to have a new book out.

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