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Hello, my lovely Feasters! Welcome to this ANZAC day edition of Friday Feast. Did you brave the cold for dawn service this morning? We did, and it was as moving as always.

Lest We Forget.

Now, as is tradition, it’s time for your favourite sporting update in Us Heins Weren’t Meant To Play Golf. There is good news to report. Ha! You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, it appears the Easter Bunny bought me a golf swing and it was magnificent to behold.

Okay, that’s a lie. Magnificent was my beloved Sydney Swans victory over Fremantle in the AFL, something my swing could never be classified as. Doesn’t matter. The Easter weekend was stunning weather-wise and I had great fun on the golf course (except for those two balls in the dam on the 18th on Saturday – that wasn’t fun at all). Plus I won the Sunday competition. All right, so there were only five in the field but ppht, who cares about that? Bar me, they were all men and a victory is still a victory!

Another victory is Rocking Horse Hill finally hitting the shelves. Yeehaa!


Rocking Horse Hill by Cathryn Hein coverWho do you trust when a stranger threatens to tear your family apart?

Ever since she was a little girl, Emily Wallace-Jones has loved Rocking Horse Hill. The beautiful family property is steeped in history. Everything important in Em’s life has happened there. And even though Em’s brother Digby has inherited the property, he has promised Em it will be her home for as long as she wishes.

When Digby falls in love with sweet Felicity Townsend, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Em worries about the future. But she is determined not to treat Felicity with the same teenage snobbery that tore apart her relationship with her first love, Josh Sinclair. A man who has now sauntered sexily back into Em’s life and given her a chance for redemption.

But as Felicity settles in, the once tightly knitted Wallace-Jones family begins to fray. Suspicions are raised, Josh voices his distrust, and even Em’s closest friends question where Felicity’s motives lie. Conflicted but determined to make up for the damage caused by her past prejudices, Em sides with her brother and his fiancée until a near tragedy sets in motion a chain of events that will change the family forever.

And you can buy this exciting read RIGHT NOW!

For the paperback why not support your local bookstore? You’ll also find Rocking Horse Hill at chain stores like BigW, K-Mart and Target, and excellent online retailers like Booktopia and Bookworld.

For the ebook, clickety-click on over to Amazon for an instant download to your Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play or JB Hi-Fi.

All loaded up? Oh, you’re good people! Now we can get on with some…

Sweet Seduction

There were many things I loved writing about in Rocking Horse Hill. The hill itself was a big one. The animals, of course. The indomitable Granny B. And Josh and Em’s history-burdened relationship.

The other thing was the food. Wallace-Jones women are renowned cooks. Em often has her friends Teagan and Jas over for dinner and a girly gossip. Tuesday night dinner at the Wallace-Jones mansion in Levenham is tradition, and Em’s mum Adrienne always cooks up something wonderful and comforting. When this family entertains, they do it in style.

One of my favourite scenes in Rocking Horse Hill is the first night Josh comes to Em’s for dinner. They’re both a bit nervous and want to impress, but neither wants to look like they’ve made too big an effort. So Em takes great care with her menu.

Here’s a little taste of what happens…

Dessert was as big a hit with Josh as the main course. He settled back to regard her with a lazy, satisfied smile. ‘If you set out to impress me, I’m impressed.’

Em’s desire soared hill-high. She smothered it with domesticity. Figuring that he wouldn’t be easily fobbed off, she allowed him to help with the dishes, and was glad she did. The practical chore took the edge off, and let them talk about developments in the town and local gossip. By the time the last dish was stowed and the benches were wiped, they were back to easy friendship.

Josh glanced at his watch. ‘I suppose I should get home. It’s been a big day.’

‘You sure you don’t want coffee?’

‘Thanks, but no.’ Josh wandered towards the sliding door, carrying his jacket, Muffy trailing behind. At the glass he stopped and gave the dog a stern look. ‘You look after your mistress now.’

To Em’s astonishment, Muffy pressed her shoulder into Josh’s leg, a sign of affection Em had always considered exclusively hers. Josh ruffled Muffy’s ears before turning to Em. ‘Thanks for tonight. It was great.’

‘You’re welcome.’

They stared at one another. The CD finished. Wind threaded through the roof and brushed against the house.



The temperature rose.

He leaned forward to kiss her cheek but the kiss lingered. The tiny hairs on her skin stirred against his breath. She could feel his swallow of hesitancy, then his long exhale as he made his decision. Another kiss: soft, fluttery. Heat swept her body, scattering it with delicious prickles.

Em closed her eyes against the pull of yearning. ‘Josh . . .’

So what was the dessert Em impressed Josh with? The oh-so-luscious chocolate heaven that is…

Moelleux au Chocolat

Also commonly known as chocolate fondants. This is, as Em points out ‘…a dessert disproportionately impressive to the effort it took to create.’

Honestly, you can whip these babies up in no time. And, because they’re better if you prepare them in advance, you can make them the morning or even the day before you want to serve, and simply keep them in the fridge until you’re ready.

Makes 4. Recipe can easily be doubled.

85g dark, high quality chocolate

85g butter, cubed

85g dark brown sugar

40g plain flour

3 eggs, beaten


Cocoa powder

Brush 6 ramekins with butter. Be generous. Tip in a spoonful or so of cocoa powder into each ramekin and rotate the ramekin so the powder covers the base and edges. Again, don’t be afraid to be generous. Tip out excess powder into the next one and continue until they’re all well dusted.

Ramekins buttered and dusted with cocoa

Zap the chocolate and butter in a microwave on low, stirring frequently, until melted. Or melt gently on the stove using a bowl set over a pan of hot water.

Mix the flour and sugar together. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Mix eggs into the melted chocolate mixture and then into the flour and sugar. Pour evenly into the ramekins, cover and leave them in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour.

Moelleux au chocolat ready for baking

Preheat oven to 180C. Place the ramekins onto a tray and then into the oven for 15 minutes, although the best timing will probably be a matter of trial and error – the perfect excuse to make and eat more as you test. The edges should be set but the inside runny. Poke it with a skewer if you’re uncertain, but remember your goal is to serve it gooey. Remove, allow to rest for a little, then turn out onto plates. Serve with cream and maybe some tangy berries if you have some handy.

The gooey insides of the fondant

And wait for the oohs and ahhs as everyone dips their spoons into the mounds and out pours all that chocolatey goodness.

You never know, you might even catch yourself a hunky man like Josh with this recipe. After all, the way to a man’s heart…



Why not? New rural romances don’t come along every day, do they? And we do adore a lovely giveaway here on Friday Feast.

But you’ll have to work for it and share what you could be seduced with or have been seduced by. Reveal all in the comments and I’ll pop you into the draw to win a signed copy of Rocking Horse Hill.

Maybe you’re a sucker for an old-fashioned evening out to dinner. Or, like me, gentlemanly manners and a bunch of flowers had you turning gooey. Perhaps you were taken in by something adrenalin packed, like a skydiving date. Or maybe you fell in love over a hamper of stinky gourmet cheeses.

Share and you’ll be in with a chance to win.

Giveaway closes midnight Tuesday AEST, 29th April 2014. Australian postal addresses only.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my books, you’ll find plenty of news around the website. Just click on the tabs at the top of the page. You’ll also find me on Facebook, Twitter via @CathrynHein and Google+.

PS. For those in the NSW Blue Mountains, I’ll be signing books at the new BigW store in Katoomba for an hour or so from 11am tomorrow morning, 26th April. If you’re in the area, Come along and say hello. I’d love to see you.

24 thoughts on “FRIDAY FEAST with Cathryn Hein (again!)

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Glad to hear it though, Meredith. I have to admit, Lachie was a deadset darling to write. Probably the worst hero crush I’ve ever had and that’s saying something because I get TERRIBLE crushes on my heroes. It’s like being a pathetic teenager again!

      The one I’m writing now for The Falls – my 2015 book – is a bit Lachie-like too. Very nice indeedy to imagine…

      Thanks for dropping by. Always a hoot!

  1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    OMG I certainly have to try and make that dessert – looks so yuuuummy! And the book sounds very very hot indeed, lol. My friend was hooking me up with this guy at her place and she was so excited in telling me he owned a 4 wheel drive and a speed boat – weeelll if she was trying to make me feel all gooey over him that did not do the trick, at the time I had no idea what a 4×4 was and i hated anything to do with water sports and when he showed up and I looked out the window I said to my friend “Oh yuck that’s a BLOODY TRUCK!” Well 30 years later we’re still together and own another “bloody truck” LOL, but that’s what makes me all mushy my hubby taking me on amazing holidays in the 4×4 and caravan in tow!

    I’ll hold off buying your book until after the draw, if for some reason I don’t win I’ll just have to run down to the shop and buy your book pronto! He he he

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      LOL on the truck story, Sue! How funny life can be sometimes. He obviously had lots of other special *ehem* qualities.
      You’re life sounds like my in-laws, who also have a trucking company. They have one of those big home on wheels things and go to some fantastic places in it. I bet you and your hubby have as much fun as they do. Good on you both!

      Wishing you all the best in the draw. I’m having trouble contacting last week’s winner so there might be another redraw there too. Hang in there!

  2. AvatarAnnie West

    Oh, my! Cathryn, I’m salivating just reading this. No wonder he was impressed! What hero wouldn’t be? Wondering if I should try these myself today. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      They’re super quick and easy, Annie. Hardly any effort at all. The hardest part it the waiting while they get nice and cold in the fridge!

      We’ve been eating them all week – one a night – because I made a batch so I had photos. It’s your turn now. As tasty as they are I think I’m moelleux-ed out!!

      Lovely to see you here, as always.

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        A chicken schnitty!!!!! That is SUCH a Hunter thing, Paula. Laughing here!!

        You know, I didn’t even know that schnitzels could be chicken until I lived in the Hunter. As far as I knew they were veal or yearling steak only. Soon learned!

        How wonderful that you’re enjoying Rocking Horse Hill. Hope that continues.

  3. AvatarJuanita Kees

    I’m easy – seduce me with a Cathryn Hein hero and chocolate. You had me at Moelleux au Chocolat! Of course, all I’d need is Hugh Jackman on the couch next to me and my life would be complete 🙂

    Happy Rocking Horse Hill release to a wonderful author and all-round nice girl who now owns a quarter shelf on my bookcase. I’ve no doubt Rocking Horse Hill will be a winner too.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Aww, thanks Juanita. It’s always a thrill to have a new book out.

      Nice idea with the hero and chocolate. How about a chocolate coated Hugh? You could lick him clean!

  4. AvatarLaura Monaghan

    My husband is the cook in the house when he’s home (FIFO) as he enjoys it & makes everything from scratch (I cheat & use packet mixes & jars, which then he won’t eat. Also I don’t enjoy cooking I just do it as I need to eat).
    Anyway first meal my husband made me when we started dating was chicken carbonara (home made pasta & everything else) which is still a regular 🙂 we are now growing some of our own vegies so a lot of our meals are home grown. I have eaten out at a variety of cuisines now trying things I never used to.
    Loved all of your other books, I’m yet to buy rocking horse hill when I get to the city next.

    Thank you

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Hang in there, Laura, I’ll be drawing the winner of this giveaway shortly and you might be lucky enough to have a copy zoomed straight to you!

      Your hubby sounds quite a catch! A man who knows his way around a kitchen is a mighty appealing thing. Good on you for growing your own produce. They always taste so much better.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and playing along, and good luck!

  5. AvatarLucy

    A new starter motor and four new tyres … all installed in my beloved 4×4 for the cost of a kiss.

    (Also beef ravioli.)

    Sadly, the relationship didn’t last, but the tyres and starter motor did. And some good memories. 🙂

  6. AvatarMelissa

    Wow, I will DEFINITELY be trying the above recipe, it sounds amazing!!!
    A Massage is all it would take for me! I’m a sucker for a good head massage or even just a nice shoulder rub! I’ve been trying to use the ‘pregnancy card’ but unfortunately my husband isn’t taking the bait 😉

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      It’s delicious and dead easy, Melissa. And when you add a bit of cream and fruit and pretty it up, it looks speccy too.

      I think a massage would do it for a lot of us. Foot or head. *groan* Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  7. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

    So, I have consulted the oracle ie, and the winner of this week’s Friday Feast giveaway is….


    Congratulations Meredith, an email will be winging your way shortly. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the Friday Feast fun. Always thrilled to see you all here.

    Stay tuned for new deliciousness and another excellent giveaway this Friday.

  8. AvatarNoreen

    Loved Rocking Horse Hill and tried the yummy desert last night for a dinner party. It was delicious.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Oh, you tried them, Noreen! Wonderful! Aren’t they they easiest, most delicious things to make? I’m so pleased to hear you like d them.

      I read a recipe idea somewhere where the cook put a Lindt truffle in the centre for extra choc goodness. I might have to give that a go one day too.

      Also thrilled to bits that you enjoyed Rocking Horse Hill!!!

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