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Teaser TuesdayIt’s Teaser Tuesday time again, the blog series where I tantalise you with snippets from works-in-progress, past and upcoming releases, and occasionally let writing buddies play around too.

This week, lucky devils that you are, you have me again and I thought I’d share a paragraph from my current work-in-progress, a yet to be properly titled full-length rural romance.

I’m at the point where I can just start to see The End, and am so into the story and characters that I’m obsessing over them. They’re what I think about on sleeping and waking, and pretty much every other minute of the day. Which is exciting and fun, except when I’m trying to play golf. My game is totally up the spout at the moment because of these two. And I don’t even mind! Well, not too much. It’d be nice to stop feeding balls into the many water hazards on my golf course. Sigh.

I’m having so much fun with Tash and Patrick. Both have huge reasons why a relationship could never work between them. Tash in particular only wants friendship. Meanwhile, her heart has other ideas…


Tash thought of him as she brushed her teeth, as she changed into her pyjamas, as she lay under her doona staring at the glow stickers on her ceiling. She couldn’t shed her concern. Nor could she unravel her own tangled feelings. Patrick was the kind of man a girl could easily fall in love with. He was handsome, sexy, honest, loyal, smart, caring and good-humoured when he wasn’t weighted with sorrow or in one of his butthead moods. But falling in love wasn’t on Tash’s agenda. She had a career to think of and a friendship she didn’t want spoiled, plus she already had Maddy’s horse. Borrowing her fiancé on top would never sit right.

Finally, she drifted into sleep, only for Patrick to float with her, slipping into her subconscious and disturbing her dreams.

And not a single one had anything to do with friendship.

©Cathryn Hein

Wish me luck with the rest of the book!

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6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    You don’t need luck Cathryn I reckon you’ve got it down pat – but ok, Good Luck, my author friend! Just remember those two words are filled with magic, so now your story will be written in no time and with as little effort as possible. When you comment back you’ll be telling me that the words flowed and practically wrote themselves and all because fairy godmother Sue waved her magic wand…. Hee hee.

    I for one can’t wait to read it! I really hope it will be released this year. Oh, I love the bit, “in one of his butthead moods.” Funny.

    PS. Cathryn, you might not here from for a while we’re heading inland doing the Outback Pub crawl with friends we met 18 months ago at the van park we’re at now (Hervey Bay). Our provider is Vodafone and their coverage isn’t great at the best of times.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      “now your story will be written in no time and with as little effort as possible”

      Oh, I wish!! Although I am getting there, just a bit slower than I hoped. But thank you so much for the good wishes.

      Enjoy your holiday, Sue. What fun for you and Steven. Give him a hello hug for me!

      1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

        And Steven sends you a big hello!

        Thanks Cathryn, we will but it seems like we’ll have plenty of reception, our plans have changed again. The friends we are supposed to travel inland with have changed their minds so we’re heading up as far north as time will allow us. We researched the Outback Pub stays and have decided that it will be cool as a separate trip altogether. For now we’ll enjoy the coast and the heat.

        I bet you made heaps of progress on that wonderful book of yours today!

        1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

          An outback pub trip would be a blast, Sue. I hope you get to do that one soon. In the meantime, have fun!

          And yes, beavering away at my book here. The end is nigh!!

  2. Avatarhelensibbritt

    Hi Cathryn

    Woohoo I do love your stories and can’t wait for this one to fall into y hands 🙂

    Have Fun

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