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I seem to be on a roll with my reading at the moment and pretty much enjoying everything I pick up. However, of my August reads two stood out and I’ve found it quite difficult to choose between them.

So without further ado, my favourite read for August was…

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

he Hating Game by Sally ThorneFar out, this was fun. Fun and sexy and very romantic. The interplay between Lucy and Joshua—who (apparently) loathe one another and are complete opposites personality wise—was a delight.

I also really liked Thorne’s writing. It was clever and there were many times when I thought, with not a little envy, I wish I’d written that. There’s sexual tension up the wazoo, lots of great banter, and a hero to swoon (and probably drool) over.

A smart and different romance that I adored and could easily read again. And the author is Australian!


All Thats Left Unsaid by Rowena HollowayAll That’s Left Unsaid by Rowena Holloway

All That’s Left Unsaid comes a VERY close second as my favourite read of the month. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Rowena at the recent ARRA booksigning in Adelaide where I picked up this book, read the opening and was hooked. All That’s Left Unsaid is beautifully written and Rowena expertly brings the Amalfi Coast to vivid life. I also liked that the heroine was so flawed; it made her even more interesting. As for the twists and turns, they’ll keep you guessing to the end. I’ll definitely be buying Ashes to Ashes when it comes out.

End of Watch by Stephen KingEnd of Watch by Stephen King

The last book in the Bill Hodges trilogy and a fab read, as you’d expect from the master. I enjoyed Finders Keepers, the second in the series, but End of Watch has definitely trumped it and made a satisfying end to the trilogy. A highlight is the characters. Hodges, Holly and Brady especially were wonderfully drawn.

Portrait of a Spy by Daniel SilvaPortrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva

Israeli intelligence operative and art restorer Gabriel Allon does his thing again in this brilliant thriller. I love this series. It’s fascinating. Not only fascinating but highly entertaining. I haven’t read any of the books in order and it doesn’t seem to matter a scrap. Silva is adept at bringing the reader up to speed with the characters’ backstories, making them clear but never boring, which is very appreciated. Hmm. His new one The Black Widow has just come out. I may have to buy…

Stranded with the Scottish Earl by Anna CampbellStranded with the Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell’s novellas are such a delight and this was no exception. Lord Lyle was very swoonworthy (he can wrestle sheep as well as damsels – handy skills indeed), while the heroine Charlotte was nicely feisty. I love it when characters are trapped together and are forced into closeness, as is the case here. Anna’s book Her Christmas Earl does that premise perfectly too. That’s a great story.

Hanover House by Brenda NovakHanover House by Brenda Novak

This is a prequel to Novak’s Evelyn Talbot series that I was fortunate enough to pick up as an ebook freebie. I’d never read a Brenda Novak book before but have been meaning to try her for ages. I wasn’t disappointed. This was cool (literally and metaphorically – it’s partly set in Alaska) and I may have developed a bit of a crush on the hero Sergeant Amorak.

Animal Attraction by Jill ShalvisAnimal Attraction by Jill Shalvis

Oh, this series is fun! The heroes are wonderful and the heroines perfectly matched. I normally want to smack alpha heroes but Shalvis makes hers hugely likable. This was sexy, funny and heart-warming, and I loved, loved, loved the animals, Peanut the parrot in particular. That bird had some of the best lines in the book.

Suspicious by Heather GrahamSuspicious by Heather Graham

A romantic suspense set in the Florida Everglades with lots of alligators, wild and farmed, and some of them scarily super-sized. Interesting premise and fantastic location for a novel. Nearly makes me want to visit. Except for those gators, not so sure about those…


What were your favourite reads?


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12 thoughts on “Favourite Reads of August

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      I actually read it because of your review, Bree. You raved so much I had to take a look. One read of the sample and I was hooked. I loved it too. wonderful story and huge fun.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

  1. AvatarDiane McKewin

    I didn’t think I had read much in August…but I guess there was quite a bit! Falling by Jane Green: I loved this book; Every Beat of my Heart by Bella Andre (the latest in her Sullivan’s series, which I love); Long Road Home by JoAnn Ross, love her books and this is the second of one of her trilogies; Chase by James Patterson (one of his Bookshots, this one with my favourite character Michael Bennett); Blue Bayou again by JoAnn Ross, this book is the first in one of her trilogies I have been looking for for a number of years; and The Vineyard in the Hills, a delightful story by Lily Malone. I am currently reading Southern Ruby by Belinda Alexandra. So, rather a romantic reading August for me.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Wow, you did have a good month! Thanks for the heads-up re JoAnn Ross. I’ve seen her books about but never read any, and the River Bend series looks really good. Might have something to do with those covers, mind.

      Thanks so much for sharing,. That’s great!

  2. AvatarRos Simmonds

    I have discovered Helene Young so her books are my focus this month.. I read Northern Heat and thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and intrigue only to discover it was a follow on book to Safe Harbour, which I have now read. I hate reading the second book first. I have also discovered Ann Clancy, reading Rebel Girl and then Wild Colonial Girl. Knowing most of the territory these books are set in makes them all the more personal. I probably have 12 books sitting waiting to be read, I may have to retire to get through them.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Oh, how lovely. Isn’t Helene a wonderful writer, Ros? Great stories and she has quite a few more for you to get your teeth into too.

      I know exactly what you mean about having a giant to-be-read pile and not enough time to get through them. My pile is of a similar size. Mind you, that doesn’t stop me buying more. There’s something so thrilling about buying a new book!

      Thanks so much for sharing your reads. I adore seeing what everyone else has enjoyed.

  3. AvatarRowena Holloway

    Thanks for the shout out Cathryn. So glad you loved my book. And I’ve just added a few extra reads to my iPad thanks to your recommendations. (PS guess I’d better get a move on with Ashes to Ashes, which has so many twists and sub-plots it’s become a three book series!) Ro 🙂

  4. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    What a great list, Cathryn! A few of those are added to my list now.
    I only read two books last month. The Wife’s Tale by Christina Wells and Love at First Flight by Tess Woods. Both were brilliant! Now I’m back home I can’t wait to get stuck into lots of reading again.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Thanks for sharing, Sue! I haven’t read Love at First Flight but The Wife’s Tale was WONDERFUL. Loved that book and really looking forward to Christine’s next one.

      1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

        Yes, Christine Wells is a great author and I’ll definitely be reading all of her works. I’ll see if I can find any of her novels at the next Book Fair as my library only has one other of her books.

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