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Welcome to My Favourite Reads! I can’t believe it’s April already. What happened to March? It just flew past but the whole year has felt like that so far.

I had a terrific reading month and discovered some wonderful new authors. I also finally finished all my competition reading. I had two books to read for the Romance Writers of Australia’s prestigious Ruby Award and one of them was absolutely brilliant. So brilliant that it was easily my favourite read for the month but, frustratingly, I can’t tell you about it!

Ah, well. These things happen. Anyway, my favourite read for the month that I can tell you about is…

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn HamiltonIt seems I’m completely addicted to young adult fantasy novels at the moment. They pull all my strings – smart, brave heroines, swoon-worthy heroes, lots of action and juicy romance plots that are electric with tension.

Rebel of the Sands had all this and more. I really liked the Djinn element of the fantasy and the magic, and the harsh desert setting was wonderfully described. The opening had an old western gunslinger feel to it that was huge fun, but then the book steered more middle-eastern.

This is a trilogy and book 2, Traitor to the Throne, is out but book 3 isn’t scheduled to release until 2018, so now I’m torn whether to gobble down book 2 straight away so I know what happens next with to Amani and Jin, and the other rebels, or wait until I can read the rest of the series in one go.

Decisions, decisions…

Blood Memory by Greg IlesBlood Memory by Greg Iles

I picked this up after a couple of ladies at my golf club raved about it and I can see why they did. This was my first Greg Iles book and it was a cracking read. Blood Memory is a long story but it never once felt like it was dragging. The plot was maze like, full of twists and surprises, and I thought the weaving of the heroine’s personal mystery and the serial killer plot, was skilfully done.

I’m going to read more of this author, starting with Natchez Burning.

The List by JA KonrathThe List by JA Konrath

This techno-thriller has been sitting on my Kindle since 2013. Oops. Why I hadn’t read it before now I have no idea. It would have stayed unread too if I hadn’t gone trawling through my ebook collection looking for something different to read while we were in Townsville last month.

Anyway, it was a hoot! The plot is completely bonkers – a group of people with tattoos on their feet start ending up dead and from there a mystery begins to unravel. I can’t tell you any more than that because it’d give the plot away but I can say that this was funny, action-packed, over-the-top and hugely entertaining.

Locked Box by Eve DangerfieldLocked Box by Eve Dangerfield

Another blast of a book with a great premise.  Computer whizz Julia is helping to sort out the evidence room at the police station where she works when she’s accidentally locked inside. Her saviour – hunky policeman Max – comes to the rescue, only for the door to close and lock again, trapping them together.

This was sizzling hot, emotional and and funny. Loved it.

If you’re quick you can pick this up right now off Amazon for free. No excuses not to read it!

Of Fate and Phantoms by CJ ArcherOf Fate and Phantoms by CJ Archer

When I finished From the Ashes, book 6 of the Ministry of Curiosities series, I told myself I wasn’t going to read any more because I felt the series had come to a natural end. I’d loved the journey but it was time to move on, and I still haven’t finished Archer’s Emily Chambers Spirit Medium series. Then Of Fate and Phantoms came out sounding so exciting and delicious and next thing my finger is hitting the buy button. I can’t help it. I just love Charlie and Lincoln and the gang.

Another great read from CJ Archer. Book 8, Veiled in Moonlight, releases in June. My naughty buy button finger is itching already.

Saint Odd by Dean KoontzDeeply Odd and Saint Odd by Dean Koontz

And so the Odd Thomas series comes to a close. I’m kinda sad because Odd was a wonderful character and I enjoyed his adventures a lot. The series was a bit hit and miss but overall I had a great time and the ending was as satisfying as I hoped it would be.


What were your favourite reads of March?


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11 thoughts on “Favourite Reads of March 2017

  1. AvatarBree

    Yesssss I’m so glad you liked Rebel of the Sands. I loved Traitor to the Throne even more!! But yes, now it’s a bit of a wait for #3 🙁

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Don’t say that! I really want to read Traitor now and I’m trying to hold back.
      Speaking of want-to reads, after reading your review I’m going to have to read Letters to the Lost. It sounds fantastic.
      So into YA at the moment…

      1. AvatarBree

        Traitor is such a nice, fat read too! I was so happy to see it was almost twice the size of Rebel. Have you read A Court Of Thorns & Roses and A Court of Mist & Fury? If not you so need to! And quickly because the third one is out next month. OMG I need that book.

        Letters to the Lost was fab. I picked up a couple more new YA recently, I’m loving all the feels they give me. Have a nice big pile of them to break up review books.

        One of my other fave reads for March was Romancing The Duke by Tessa Dare. Have you read that? Delicious.

        1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

          I was only thinking of A Court of Thorns and Roses the other day and wondering whether I should go for it. Sounds like I have to!

          I had great plans of working my way through my TBR pile this month – I’ve managed 3 already, so not bad going – but I suspect I’ll be just adding to it now, and it’ll be YOUR fault.

          I don’t think I’ve read anything by Tessa Dare. Will have to check Romancing the Duke out. I don’t mind a good historical romance and I need something to cheer me up after our footy teams horrible start to the season.

  2. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    I just one clicked the Eve Dangerfield book seeing as it is free, not sure if it’s my thing as I’m not really into steamy romances unless it has a great storyline but I’ll give anything a go at least once.

    Ooh, very interested in the book titled Natchez Burning. On our organised Tour of the East Coast of America two years ago we were driven to Oak Alley in Natchez which is the most breathtaking plantation I’ve ever seen. The story surrounding Oak Alley and Natchez was quite interesting. So i’m really looking forward to reading a book set there, it will be quite thrilling I think and it’s always fun to read about places I have actually been to. And how often would you come across a book set in Natchez! Lucky I did a research on his books and found that Natchez Burning is the 4th book in the Penn Cage series so I guess I’ll start with book one first – The Quiet Game.

    I only managed 6 books but all of them were awesome: Knit Two by Kate Jacobs (2nd in the series), The House at Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan – Steven and I really must check out Lovett Bay in Pittwater and the house she’s living in which is apparently Dorothea Mackeller’s house. Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein – my fave and outstanding read of the month, which of course, you know. The Florentine Bridge by Vanessa Carnevale – Have you read this one Cathryn? It’s brilliant. The Blood Countess by Tara Moss is oh so good, unusual and not your average vampire book. I can’t get enough of Tara Moss, such an amazing author. And the last book I read in March was The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville – beautifully written, love the way she tells a story.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Good luck with Locked Box, Sue. I thought it was great fun but luckily you scored yours for free so no drama if it’s not to your taste.

      Interesting about Natchez! I didn’t realise it was a real place. Yes, Natchez Burning is part of a series but I think it’s part of it’s own trilogy, so rather than start at book 1 I was going to try these. I’m pretty sure Bloody Memory is part of a series too but it worked perfectly fine as a stand alone. I didn’t feel like I’d missed anything by not reading any of his other books.

      YAY! on enjoying Wayward Heart. That’s wonderful to hear. And no, I haven’t yet read Vanessa’s book but it’s on my want-to list, along with about 3,000 others. It sounds lovely. Right now all I want to read is young adult fantasy, although I’m trying to be good and work my way through my already bought pile. Not enough reading time is the problem.

      I didn’t know Tara Moss had a vampire book!

      1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

        Oh oh, I forgot to mention Anna Campbell’s novella and far out I also forgot to write it down in my book where I keep a record of all authors books I have read with name of author, title and date, don’t know how I’m going to squeeze that in – I never forget to add books I’ve read but somehow it has happened probably because I’ve been reading too many at once, must write them down as soon as my fingers touch the book/s. Anyhow, I looooved These Haunted Hearts, fantastic ghostly story.

        Some series books are probably fine not having read them from the start but some most definitely need to be read from the beginning of the series. For instance, the Sophie Hannah, Patricia Cornwell, Kathryn Fox and Tara Moss books are ones where it is essential to start from book one, in my opinion anyway.

        Tara Moss has written three vampire books – The Pandora English series and I’m about to start the second one titled The Spider Goddess and her third one is called The Skeleton Key. Not sure what sort of ending The Skeleton Key has as there was supposed to be a fourth book (and a few more) titled The Cobra Queen but her books were not renewed by her publishing house nor were her crime series. Very sad as she’s a first -rate writer. But I guess unexpected things happen that is not in your control.

        I don’t read YA fantasy but I love YA books – I also can’t get enough of them.

        1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

          We can’t forget Anna!! So pleased you enjoyed These Haunted Hearts. I loved that one too.

          I agree re series. Some you must start at the first or you’ll never get the hang of it. Harry Potter is another great example but there are a many, many others, including the ones you mentioned, Sue. And yes, some things are things being out of an author’s control, which is a shame but on a positive note, at least these days we can easily self publish if we want to keep a series running (and contracts allow).

          Do you follow Bree’s blog at http://1girl2manybooks.wordpress.com/ ? She reviews some great YA books. I find her reviews really handy because I think we have similar tastes.

  3. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    No I don’t, Cathryn, I will have to have a look, thanks for the link. I follow Mrs B’s book reviews blog and Kathryn White’s (Kathryn’s Inbox) blog. They also review some very interesting books.

    Imagine though if every new writer were to self publish no more time for cooking or cleaning as the amount of books to peruse will be phenomenal, but for an ongoing series it’s a very good idea especially when the author is already established and well loved…

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