This Writing Life: Vivid Sydney 2017

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I know you’re eagerly anticipating a This Writing Life photo essay about my trip to the Bowen River Rodeo but I went a bit click-happy while I was there, resulting in a bazillion images go through. I figure you’d much prefer me to be working on another rural romance instead of poring over photos, even if they are juicy ones of Aussie cowboys being all sexy and manly as they wrestle steers and ride bulls and gallop about and tip their hats and offer up laconic winks and make me want to… *clears throat* Sorry, got a bit drooly for a moment.

The post is coming though, I promise!

In the meantime, please enjoy these snaps from Vivid Sydney, the annual light, music and ideas festival that brightens the city for around 3 weeks each winter, which Jim and I managed to sneak a look at the night we flew back from Townsville.

We would have loved to have seen the whole thing but were too knackered from travelling to visit all the sites, and there are a LOT of them, along with night markets and other festivities. With the festival closing in a few days there was no chance of a return visit either, so we made the most of the time and energy we had and took a harbour cruise. Cold, but oh so wonderful.

I should probably have taken more photos but we’d parked ourselves on the prow and I was terrified of dropping my phone in the water, and quite honestly I couldn’t be stuffed. I wanted to experience the beauty of Vivid without whipping out my phone every two minutes.

I hope this small selection brightens you up. Vivid certainly brought Sydney harbour to life.

Vivid Sydney Circular Quay

Circular Quay and the Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Looking back at the Opera House and Bridge

Sydney Opera House

The colours on the Opera House were glorious, like the colours of the Great Barrier Reef.

Sydney Opera House

So pretty. Almost makes you wish the Opera House looked like this all the time.

Botanic Gardens Vivid 2017

The Botanic Gardens had a display of sunflowers that followed the light. So cute.

Barangaroo - Vivid Sydney 2017

Barangaroo was like opening your eyes underwater. Just beautiful.

If you’re ever in Sydney in May-June then make sure you take in Vivid. These pictures don’t do it a shred of justice – between not understanding the new settings on my phone and the wobbly boat it was hard to take decent shots. We only scratched the surface of the festival, but what we did experience was STUNNING!


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2 thoughts on “This Writing Life: Vivid Sydney 2017

  1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Wow, absolutely stunning, Cathryn! I’m sure we visited Vivid Sydney the first or second year it first launched and although it was lovely I think it is more impressive now. It’s a shame we missed it this year as the day we had chosen was rainy but I’m definitely making sure we won’t miss out next year. I love Barangaroo, that must have been a spectacular walk.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      We only saw a fraction of it, Sue, which was a shame but if we’re still here next year I’m going to book early and make sure we see as much as possible. It’s so spectacular and we missed so much.
      The Opera House was probably my favourite of what we saw – it was like a coral reef and so pretty. But I have to say Barangaroo was magical. It really felt like being underwater.
      Here’s to us both enjoying it next year!

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