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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from new and past releases, and works-in-progress and sometimes hustle writing buddies into doing the same.

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’m in the middle of a new story and have finally hit what I call the “obsessive” stage. This is the point where I can’t stop thinking about the characters. And I mean can’t stop.

Think of a movie that runs endlessly but with the scenes played out of order and changing constantly. They screen as I go to sleep, as I rise in the morning, as I shower and eat breakfast, as I zone out in front of the telly or exercise or shop or cook dinner. The buggers are even with me when I play golf, which is no doubt one of the reasons why I’m so bad at it.

That’s what goes on in my head when I hit this stage and I’ll now stay like this until I finish the book. That probably sounds weird and boring to a non-writer, but I love it. It’s exciting, and I adore testing different conflicts and dramas, and thinking up new ways to torture the hero and heroine and toy with their emotions. Nicely, of course.

So it seems only fitting that I celebrate reaching this point with a little taste of what I’ve been writing. No formal title for this one yet – it’s a secret. Not really, but the working title I have will probably end up changed and I’d rather not confuse the issue.

The hero of this one is Jack and he’s very much the strong silent type, while our hairdresser heroine is Elsa and she’s… not!


‘Perhaps I can tempt you into a shave too?’ Elsa took another breath and beamed her most tempting smile. ‘A proper cut-throat razor one. It doesn’t take long.’

Which wasn’t quite the truth. The deluxe version, which was a gloried man-facial, could take a good hour.

Jack’s gaze scanned her face, flicking from her mouth to her eyes and back again. The buzz she’d been experiencing since his arrival turned electric.

‘I’m trained. And I promise I’m not even remotely psychotic. No Demon Barber of Fleet Street here. That’s a film, by the way. Sweeny Todd, starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter…’ God, now she was babbling.

The corner of his mouth lifted in what Elsa was beginning to suspect was Jack’s version of a smile. ‘Not sure I have time.’

‘Somewhere better to be?’


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4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Sounds good, Cathryn. Love the name Jack. And always fun when the title and cover is revealed so I’ll be waiting with bated breath until that day. Lol.

    As soon as The Country Girl is released I’m going to be shooing Steven out the door on that day at 8.30 in the morning to buy me that book to put into my christmas stocking! Hee hee.

    Cathryn, off topic, Steven and I have worked out the book he read 33 years ago, the one by Stephen King, it was The Gunslinger. Have you heard of it or read it by any chance? That’s the book that stopped Steven from reading as one minute it was about a cowboy and the next it veered of into outer space. I’ve just put a reserve on it. This will be my first ever Stephen King read!

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Yes, I have read The Gunslinger! I think I read the first four books in the series and then there wasn’t another book for donkeys so I abandoned it. I loved it! Jim read it too.

      But I can understand Steven’s frustration though. It was a strange story and very hard to categorise.

      Hmm. I’m not sure this would be the best place to start with your Stephen King education. Are you into horror at all? If so, then IT – which is all in the news at the moment thanks to the new film – is one of the best you’ll ever read and to blame for a lot of people’s clown phobias. I also love Salem’s Lot, The Tommyknockers, and it’s hard to go past Needful Things, Carrie, Cujo, and his other early classics like Pet Sematary and The Stand. His Richard Backman books are awesome too.

      But if you’d prefer something a bit milder and more interesting, I adored Insomnia – an all-time favourite for me. Wonderful, wonderful characters. Of the newer ones, his Mr Mercedes trilogy is fab and I loved Under The Dome. Bag of Bones wasn’t bad either.

      I look forward to hearing how you get on!

  2. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Hehehe, now that’s a long list of books to choose from, yeah, I’m not sure about the book IT, at the moment I still don’t mind looking at clowns. Lol. Oh, and I don’t like horror at all. scary and creepy. I watched the movie Cujo a long time ago and seeing my dog is the next Cujo I’ll give reading that one a miss. Anything with scary dogs I stay away from as I already have a fear of dogs (cats are even worse.) I loved watching Under the Dome I’m going to have to read the book now to see if there is an ending. Haha.

    Guess what Cathryn? Steven is reading, although only 4 pages every few days but he’s doing it! He’s reading On the Java Ridge by Jock Serong and he’s enjoying it. It was a little confusing for him at first as he wasn’t sure why the book kept flipping back and forth from the boat people to politics. I guess when you’ve never read a novel before and you pick up a book you have certain expectations. Maybe I should have started him on a linear narrative. Is that the right term? You know, something a little more straightforward, sequential.

    Yes, I’ll certainly let you know how I go.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      I didn’t watch the Under The Dome TV series but there’s definitely an ending in the book.
      Rah! on Steven reading. Maybe try him next on Jack Serong’s Rules of Backyard Cricket. LOVED that one.

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