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Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally con author buddies into doing the same.

Greetings from tropical north Queensland! I’m in Townsville right now, where the winter weather is gorgeous and the streets are busy with backpackers and southerners escaping the cold. I was up here this time last year for the Bowen River Campdraft and Rodeo (photos and more from that here) but I won’t be attending this year. I will, however, be visiting my favourite rural clothing outfitters Donohues. Love that place. They have the best jeans. And boots. And belts. And tops. And hats. And…

Eh hem.

Enough of my shopping obsessions. We’re here to talk books!

Can you believe it’s only five weeks until Elsa’s Stand releases? And even less until the first of the Outback Brides books – Maggie’s Run by Kelly Hunter – hits e-readers around the world. But what about print versions, you ask? I’ll have news on that soon and I think it’ll make you veeeery happy.

Also something to make you happy, a taste of sexy, silent Jack, the hero of Elsa’s Stand. Sigh. Love this man. LOVE HIM.


Jack was so furious and flat out getting organised that it was hours into his journey before reality sank in. A wave of grief slammed into his chest so hard he had to pull over and breathe through it while the semi-trailers and caravans he’d overtaken earlier whooshed past, their slipstreams rocking his car and camping trailer.

Elsa's Stand by Cathryn HeinHis mum, gone.

It didn’t seem real. It couldn’t be real.

Yet it was.

Jack rubbed his face and stared at his palms. They were rough, covered in nicks and abrasions and calluses from years of digging for opal. Hands that had been forged by his mother’s side, as she took him fossicking and regaled him with stories about miraculous finds. About gold fever and opal curses, and sapphires that lay buried somewhere in the overburden and beds of Strathroy’s ancient creeks.


Be ready to comfort Jack on his July 9th release day with a pre-order of Elsa’s Stand from these stores:

amazon.com | amazon.com.au | amazon.co.uk
iBooks | Kobo | Google Play | Barnes and Noble

For another excerpt visit the book page for Elsa’s Stand. You can also read the first chapter on the Tule Publishing website. While you’re there, check out all the books in the Outback Brides series and get your pre-orders in.


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8 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. AvatarJoanne Seaton

    Wow oh wow, I can not wait to read this one. It sounds amazing!!!
    I think the cover is fabulous too!!! I love how her flaming red hair matches the clouds.
    I am so looking forward to reviewing this one on my blog.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      You know what’s really wonderful about the cover, Joanne? The model is exactly how I imagined Elsa. That doesn’t happen very often but I’m so glad it did. She’s perfect!

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      I know you do, Debbie. News on signed copy availability soon, I promise. As soon as I have details I’ll pass them on but I just noticed that print versions are listed on Amazon already, so they’re definitely happening. Yay!

  2. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Ooh, this sounds really good. Funny, Steven was thinking when we start travelling he’d like to go fossicking with one of those metal detectors I told him he’s on his own as I don’t want an emu pecking/attacking me LOL. I’ve heard horror stories about those emus when one fossicks, hahahahaha.

    How amazing are all those covers! Love them and great authors too! Will all of them be out in print or just yours, Cathryn?

    Lucky you up in North Queensland while we’re freezing our butts off here. Lol. Have a terrific time.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Thanks, Sue! The covers are gorgeous, aren’t they? I adore the one for Elsa’s Stand. I couldn’t have imagined a better Elsa.
      I think the answer to your print question is yes, which is fab. I reckon these covers will look awesome together, lined up. Makes me feel all quivery-excited just thinking about it.
      As for emus, I’m sure you could be brave and wave them away. Or Steven could!

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