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Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes con author buddies into doing the same.

Well, so much for Teaser Tuesday being occasional! This year, to make more room for writing, I’d planned to maybe post once or twice a month, yet here we are again with another fab, fun post from a lovely author friend. I’m not complaining, and I’m sure you’re not either because we’ve be treated to some wonderful teasers and some exciting giveaways, and we’ve loved how you’ve joined in. It’s very cheering.

God knows I’ve needed a bit of cheering up. I had a small biopsy operation last week that was supposed to be all very easy and painless, leaving me with a teensy-tiny snick in my throat where they entered for a dig-around. Yes, well, it was neither snick-like nor painless. Instead I ended up with a 4cm cut tied up with stitches that pulled every time I moved my neck, made sleeping more than a little difficult and left me feeling a tad sorry for myself.

Urk. Enough of that. I’m recovering nicely and it’s time for happy things, like this week’s guest!

I’m delighted to host Juanita Kees on the blog again. Many of you will know Juanita from her Wongan Creek books, a hugely successful rural suspense series, as well as her small-town USA stories featuring the Calhoun Customs Garage.

Juanita is here to tell you about the newest in the Wongan Creek series – Shadows Over Wongan Creek. I know you’re going to love this one, so read on. Oh, and make sure you pay attention because there could be another GIVEAWAY!

Juanita Kees authorA big thank you to Cathryn for hosting me today. I hope you’ll enjoy this little teaser from Shadows Over Wongan Creek. Released earlier this month, book 3 in the Wongan Creek series reunites old friends, Kieran and Fenella. Like most small towns, everyone knows each other, so if you’ve read books 1 and 2, you’ll run into some of the usual loveable locals, like dear old Harry, Travis Bailey and Mrs Turner. What I’d love to know from you at the end of this post, is what is your choice in wine and where is your favourite wine region? Mine is the beautiful Southwest region in and around Margaret River in Western Australia. Now to the teaser:

Kieran arrives back in town looking for a fresh start for himself and his young son, Liam, but what he finds is Fen in a world of trouble with danger dogging her every step.

In this scene, Fen is hosting a wedding at The Cranky Lizard winery when her past rises to threaten everything she holds dear. Shaken, she tries to keep the truth from Kieran, but one touch has her reaching for him instead.

‘Fen.’ His voice was quiet in the room. ‘Look at me.’

She shook her head, not trusting her voice because the tightness in her throat would have her choking on her words. Gentle hands settled on her shoulders and turned her around. She kept her gaze on the floor. How much longer could she keep fighting the demons, real and emotional, so determined to consume her?

He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, holding her against the unsteady beat of his heart. She put her hands to his chest, meant them to be a barrier, but no real barrier at all, because the feel of Kieran under her hands made her want to finish what she’d started right here in this poorly lit room all those years ago. To sink into his kiss, his body and everything he personified and push away the real world that snapped at her heels.

Shadows Over Wongan Creek by Juanita KeesShadows Over Wongan Creek by Juanita KeesHe tipped up her chin, his gaze holding hers in the dim light of the storeroom. A flicker of something she couldn’t read in the shadows cast by that light, and then his head blocked out what was left of it, and she met him half way.

The minute his lips touched hers, she was lost in his taste, a flavour she remembered every time she thought of him, but different. Newer, fresher, better. Too good. His hands cupped her face, the thumbs — rough from hard work — rubbing against her jaw, creating a hunger far more desperate than she remembered.

Kieran explored at his own pace and created a fire in her that would take more than a cold shower to cool it. She returned each nip and tease, her hands slipping from his chest and tracing a path to his hips, his body hard, muscled and toned under her palms.

His hands tangled in her hair and drew her closer, deepening the kiss until she melted against him, into him, forgetting all the reasons she shouldn’t. He whispered her name against her lips, before releasing her mouth and holding her head against his chest, their hearts beating erratically out of rhythm with each other, bodies radiating warmth off one another, the world outside the storeroom forgotten.

She should stop this before she lost herself in him again, make him go. Make him take Liam far away from the shitstorm to come, from the danger Luke and his damned brotherhood presented. From the mess she’d made of her life and the nightmares she couldn’t escape.

Oooh! There’s nothing like a kiss to ratchet up the drama, and it sounds like Wongan Creek is in for a lot of it. Find out what happens with your very own copy of Shadows Over Wongan Creek. Grab yours today from these stores:

Amazon.comAmazon.au | Amazon.uk

Kobo | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play

Prefer to read a series in order? You’re in luck because the first two books in the Wongan Creek series are on sale from March 15th until April 15th for only 99c. What a bargain!

Grab your copies here:

Secrets at Wongan Creek

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk | Kobo | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play

Whispers at Wongan Creek

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk | Kobo | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play

Now, as we hinted at in the intro, there’s a…


Simply share your favourite wine or wine region in the comments and we’ll pop you into the draw to win an ebook copy of Shadows Over Wongan Creek, thanks to Escape Publishing.

Being from south-east South Australia, I’m always going to be partial to wines from Coonawarra, Wrattonbully and Padthaway, but I’ve also been hugely impressed by some of the wines being produced around my home town of Mount Gambier, especially the Kongorong area to the south. I’ve had some REALLY good rieslings from there and a tasty chardonnay. Must try some reds next time I’m home.

What about you? What’s your favourite wine or wine region? Share and we’ll pop you into the draw.

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight, Australian Eastern Daylight Time, Sunday 24th March 2019. Open worldwide.

Juanita loves to hear from readers! Get in contact via her website, Facebook or Twitter, and make sure you follow her on Bookbub so you don’t miss out on any deals.

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31 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. AvatarSusann Newton

    I love the Hunter Valley Region Wineries.
    This area is such a beautiful area, close to the beaches of Newcastle and the beautiful picturesque Watagan Mountains.
    I am not much of a drinker but if I do indulge it is a sweet fruity flavoured white wine 🥂.
    I have just finisher your book Juanita, Whispers at Wongan Creek. I really enjoyed your book and looking forward to reading your next one. Thank you for this opportunity, you wonderful writers are so generous.

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Hi Susann, thank you so much 🙂 I’m please you enjoyed Whispers at Wongan Creek. The Watagan Mountains sounds like the perfect place to indulge in a frosty glass of pink Moscato!

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        A most excellent choice of wine region, Susann! Mind you, I’m terrible biased, living in the Hunter.
        Good luck with the giveaway. You’re clearly a fan!

  2. AvatarGeraldine Furini

    I don’t drink a lot but I do have two favourite wines, Brown Brothers ‘Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc’ and to stay loyal to WA, Alkoomi ‘Late Harvest’. Both not too sweet and not too dry.
    I have recently purchased the first two books in your Wongan Creek series on a recommendation and by the sounds of this little teaser I need to get onto them, pronto!

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Hi Geraldine, thank you for popping in to say hi! I do love Browns Brothers Moscato. I’ll have to try the Alkoomi. That’s one that’s new to me. I hope you enjoy the lovely people of Wongan Creek. I’m a little bit biased because I’m still in love with Travis Bailey from Whispers <3

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        How lovely of you to buy the first two Wongan books, Geraldine., You’ll definitely be hankering for the third. If you ever get the chance, take a trip to Milawa and the Brown Bothers winery. It’s a gorgeous spot and there lots of other foodie places too explore nearby. Wonderful tourist region.

  3. AvatarC Hann

    I like the sweet wines, a reisling or Verdelho hit the spot. Sandalford (WA) is a favourite of mine, and I’m due for a visit to the cellar door again!

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Ooh, Sandalford! A great place for concerts and wine 🙂 A good Verdelho is always nice on a summer’s evening with the sun setting over the hills. Thanks for coming by for Teaser Tuesday.

  4. AvatarShelagh

    I don’t need a copy of this book as I was lucky enough to receive an ARC. I absolutely loved it!
    I live just out of Beechworth in north east Victoria and I love wine from all over Australia and the world but I can’t go past my local wineries, of which there are many. The Beechworth wine region is fabulous for cool climate wines as is the High Country wine region, and then we have the King Valley wineries producing luscious wines, many of them with a strong Italian influence, the Milawa wine region and the Rutherglen wine region. Luscious wine in any direction I look and all within a half hour or so from my home.

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Bless you, Shelagh! I’m so happy you loved Shadows over Wongan Creek. Fen was an interesting character to write and boy, was it tough to get her to tell her story! I think Australian wines are some of the best in the world. We are a lucky country. 🙂

      1. AvatarShelagh Merlin

        We are indeed. I love Australian wines. We’re so lucky where we live. Four wineries within two kilometres of home and all producing fabulous wine.

        1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

          What a beautiful region you live in, Shelagh! It’s like foodie heaven around there. And the scenery!! If I wasn’t so averse to cold these days I’d be SERIOUSLY jealous.

  5. AvatarMelissa Woods

    Absolutely love the Coonawarra region wineries. Living so close is a blessing, but the best part is the most fabulous wines that I can enjoy. And the scenery is beautiful too, especially during late autumn with the mist over the vines.

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Some great wines come out of Coonawarra! Autumn is a lovely time in the country. So many lovely colours to enjoy. Thanks for stopping in today. 🙂

  6. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    I’m not a wine drinker but recently I did give Moscato a go and was pleasantly surprised how yum it was so now I sample a Moscato wine in every new restaurant/club we dine in. I do love a good dessert wine and McGuigan Botrytis Semillon is just perfect. There are a few wineries not far from where I live on the south coast of NSW but sadly have not visited any of them yet – Coolangatta Estate is one I’d like to explore one day soon. Hubby and I adore the Hunter Valley wineries, such a gorgeous location and one we’ve been to many many times.

    Whispers at Wongan Creek is sitting on my Kindle and only a few moments ago I one -clicked the second one in the series. Can’t wait to read them.

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Thank you so much, Sue! I hope you enjoy both reads. I do love a good Moscato, especially the pink one 🙂 McGuigan wines across the range are very nice. I would love to visit the wine regions of NSW one day too. So far I’ve only ever been to Sydney. The Hunter Valley is calling my name! Happy reading.

  7. AvatarKerri

    Hi I lo e reading books from great Australian authors. Haven’t read any of juanita kee books yet but can’t wait to read one. On one of travels I discovered st Anne’s winery in echuca. Now I’m not a big wine drinker to be honest but wow did I like some of there drops also what s beautiful town.

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Hi Kerri, lovely to meet you 🙂 I hope you love Wongan Creek when you do get to read the books. St Anne’s is one I’ll add to my growing tasting list, thank you. I’m going to research the town too. Country towns are always so full of character! Happy reading.

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        Oh, I must check that out next time I’m around Echuca, Kerri. Thanks for the tip. Always on the hunt for new wines to try.
        Good luck!

  8. AvatarBrianna

    I love the Yellow Tail champagne! Not to dry, not too sweet & tastes amazing! I’m in Tasmania so Devils Corner is one of my favourite winery’s to visit!

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Oooh! Yellow Tail! One of my favourite wines. They do some clever advertising too. I’ve had Devil’s Corner in my wine rack too. I think Australian wines are the best. There’s nothing like a glass of wine as you watch the sun set behind the hills and let go of all the stress and strain of the day. Thanks for stopping in to say hi, Brianna 🙂

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        Lucky you living in Tassie, Brianna. You have AMAZING wines down there. And great golf course too. Then there’s the seafood and other wonderful produce, and MONA and so much fab stuff. Wah! I want to go back!

        Thanks and all the best in the giveaway.

  9. AvatarJan VanEngen

    It’s been a long time but coming from Mildura they have a couple of wineries up there that were very nice. Lindemans in Red Cliffs. Tasmania has some great wines as well. However I am a bubbly girl all the way. Dry the better. 🙂 One day I will try Dom Perignon or Bollinger I do like Moet 🙂 One I have ticked off my list

    1. AvatarJuanita

      Hi Jan 🙂 So many great wines, not enough time to taste them all! I do like a good champagne too. I have a tiny bottle of Moet my friends gave me when I launched my first book back in 2013. I haven’t opened it yet. It’s on my shelf of precious gifts. Thanks for dropping in. xoxo

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        There’s nothing like a good fizz, is there, Jan? ‘Tis happy juice!
        Mildura is a great place. I was lucky enough to be invited by the library to give talks in both Mildura and Red Cliffs and had the loveliest time. And I got to visit Trentham Estate. They had the nicest verdelho. I don’t know if they still produce it but it was seriously tasty.
        Thanks and good luck!

  10. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

    Thanks so much, everyone! As always, you’ve been great fun. Juanita and I now have lots of wonderful wines to try and wine regions to put on our – and your – bucket lists.

    The giveaway has now been drawn. Congratulations to Geraldine who has won an ebook copy of Shadows Over Wongan Creek. Just the thing to enjoy with a glass of wine.

    Thanks again and I hope you’ll return for this week’s TT with Hunter Valley author Ann B Harrison. The hook on the end of her snippet will drop your jaw!

  11. AvatarShelagh

    Congratulations Geraldine! And do let me know if you’re ever around the Beechworth area Cathryn and Juanita as I’d love to show you around and perhaps introduce you to some of our hidden wineries.

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