This Writing Life: Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

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Fictionally Yours Melbourne attending author graphicWowsers, what a show Fictionally Yours, Melbourne turned out to be!

This was my first Fictionally Yours event and I had an absolute ball. It was huge in so many ways. The venue at Crown Exhibition Hall couldn’t have been better, the attendees were just gorgeous – so much enthusiasm for reading! – and the organisation was super smooth. Enormous thanks and kudos to Tina and Penny and all the Fictionally Yours volunteers. You were brilliant. And I mustn’t forget my excellent assistant, fellow author DB Tait.

It was so busy that I could only take photos during the quiet times, before the doors opened or at the end of the day when the crowds were thinner and I could leave my table for a speedy nose about, so none of the photos I’m about to share do justice to how full-on the event was. There were fans wheeling suitcases and trolleys filled with books, readers who’d made their own souvenirs and autograph books for authors to sign, wonderful swag to pick up and play with, and happy, excited people everywhere.

And to top it all off, the weather was kind, I discovered a whole bunch of fab new authors and got to spend time with old buddies.

The. Best. Fun.

Here are a few snaps from my travels. Enjoy!

Me, ready to go at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne

Me, all ready to go at Fictionally Yours on Sunday.

Author Alli Sinclair at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne.

Author Alli Sinclair (left).

Fiona Archer at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne

Fiona Archer busily signing.

Fiona McArthur at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

Fiona McArthur. Watch out for her Teaser Tuesday visit next week, where she’ll be showing off her new release The Desert Midwife. There might be a giveaway!

JA Collard ar Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

JA Collard.

Jennifer Ryder at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

Jennifer Ryder and her assistant. Jennifer’s table was opposite mine and it was lovely to meet her. She has a gorgeous looking rural romance out called Sing It, Sam. Check it out at her website

KE Osborn at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

A smiley KE Osborn (right).

A reader's amazing book lamp at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

A reader was carrying around this amazing book lamp and getting authors to sign the pages. So cool!

Keri Arthur at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

Urban fantasy author and Romance Writers of Australia Ruby finalist Keri Arthur (left). Luuurve her banner.

The raffle draw at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

With lots of great prizes, the raffle draw was understandably popular.

Kristin Mayer at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

Kristin Mayer

RC Boldt at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

US author RC Boldt.

Tamara McWilliam at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

Tamara McWilliam. Lovely lady!

Me and gorgeous Tess Woods at Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

Me and gorgeous Tess Woods. Tess’s new release Love and Other Battles is on my want-to-read list. You should put it on yours too!

And now for a few miscellaneous piccies

Collage of photos from Star Hotel, Rutherglen

Collage of images from Star Hotel, Rutherglen, Victoria, where we stayed on the way down to Melbourne.

The Yarra River, Melbourne at night.

The Yarra River at night. Melbourne couldn’t have been more wonderful weather wise. So lucky!

Ballerina sculpture outside the Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Ballerina sculpture outside the Arts Centre. Isn’t it beautiful?

Lifts inside the stunning art deco Manchester Unity building.

Now these are what I call lifts. Inside the stunning art deco Manchester Unity building.

Melbourne coffee humour.

Melbourne coffee humour.

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Fictionally Yours, Melbourne. Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s Teaser Tuesday where there’ll be a fab guest and maybe even a giveaway!


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3 thoughts on “This Writing Life: Fictionally Yours, Melbourne 2019

  1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Great pics, Cathryn! One day I’m going to attend one of those book signing events, looks like so much fun and all those books on offer to buy, wow! I’d bring my old ladies trolley and a suitcase full of money. LOL.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      It was amazing, Sue. Well worth a visit as a reader and as an author. The exciting thing is that there are more and more of these events happening. I’m booked for one in Newcastle in 2020 that’s looking huuuuge, and there are a few on the Gold Coast and Books Under the Bridge events too.
      Will keep you posted via my newsletter and social media re the events I’m attending.
      Glad you enjoyed the pics!

      1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

        Newcastle is not too far Steven and I could spend the night at a hotel close to the event which would be so cool. Bit harder to get to the Gold Coast ones unless we happen to travel that way which could very well be possible in the very near future as Steven is getting closer to retiring, well, all depends as we’re now planning on doing the Canada and Alaska organised tour again in 2021 with April and Craig. I have my fingers crossed that all goes well and we can book next year April. So that means Steven will work until a couple of months before we leave. I tell you every year we keep putting off his retirement I reckon he’ll be working until he’s 70, that caravan is sadly being neglected, my poor baby. Lol.

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