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This week’s topic:

How I’d Fare in a Zombie Apocalypse

As an avid reader of the horror genre and having watched Shaun of the Dead a bazillion times (love that film so hard), I reckon I have the inside gauge on zombies.

Firstly, we’d be well armed, with cricket bats and spades on hand for bashing zombies to the tune of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” à la Shaun and co.

We have several local pubs close by that would make excellent boltholes like the Winchester in Shaun of the Dead.

And finally, I think I could mimic a zombie to perfection, making it easy to slip through the staggering hordes to safety. After all, zombie-like is a good description of my appearance and manner when I crawl out of bed before dawn to get ready for our morning walks.

Zombie apocalypse? Too easy.

The question is though, how would you cope?


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  1. I love Shaun of the Dead😍😍😍 for a Pub there is so much choice The Guvnor ‘s Pub around the corner from my sister’s house could do as a stand in for tje Winchester☺music wise Kylie Minogue doing The Locomotion that would work
    Cheers Heather

    • Yay!! Another Sean of the Dead fan!
      Heather, that pub wins as a zombie apocalypse sanctuary purely on name alone. Love it. And Kylie’s Locomotion would be perfect for zombie bashing.
      Thanks so much for dropping by and joining in.

  2. The only way I could cope would be if Brad Pitt was by my side (and even then I’d be worried – his off-siders in World War Z didn’t fare too well!). My fave zombie movie is Warm Bodies.

    • Oh, I really liked that film too. Here’s a bit of trivia. Remember the C130 pilot? He’s a French actor called Gregory Fitoussi. He first came to my notice in a French legal-murder thriller series called Spiral and was so dishy I used him for inspiration for Raimund, the hero of The French Prize.
      I haven’t seen Warm Bodies. Thanks for the heads-up. I shall investigate!

  3. You know, if Simon Pegg can survive a zombie apocalypse then I rate my own chances better! Yes if you haven’t seen Warm Bodies, do. It’s a different slant on a zombie movie and is genuinely just a lot of fun. Great post, thanks for sharing! I have to say, I was a lot less optimistic in my post XD

    • Ooh, that’s a hard choice – library or place with beer. Library would have to win. Books are the greatest weapons in the world and librarians are superheroes.

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