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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally nag author buddies into doing the same.

Wow. What a month we’ve had on Teaser Tuesday, with lots of guests, fabulous book giveaways and a whole lot of fun. Now we’re on the home run to the end of the year and I’m hoping to score you some super guests over that period. I reckon next week’s Romance Writers of Australia conference in Sydney will be the perfect place to arm-twist friends into a visit.

I thought we’d check out an oldie today. Heartland first came out in 2013 and it’s a book I still take a lot of pleasure from. I adored the characters in this. Matt and Callie, our hero and heroine, were lovely to write, but it was Honk the mad goose and Wal, Matt’s great uncle, who gave me the most laughs. They were both grumpy and snappy, and yet their hearts were in the right place. Well, Wal’s was. I have no idea what goes on in a territorial goose’s heart or head!

Here’s a taste of Wal, who’s unhappily stuck in hospital after an accident.


Like the previous day, Wal was in a cranky mood when Callie called into the hospital with a fresh bag of grapes and The Weekly Times. Thanks came in the form of a grunt, but he kept sharp eyes on her when she dragged up a chair and sat down.

Heartland - rest of the world cover‘Hope you’re looking after Phantom properly.’

‘I am.’

‘And Honk.’

‘Him too.’

Wal worked his mouth for a moment and Callie had to clench her teeth to stop from smiling. She’d known a lot of men like Wal from all the bars and clubs where she’d worked. Nine times out of ten the crankiness hid a kind soul. The saddest were the old men still coping with the loss of their wives. The pain was so acute they wanted to take their anger out on someone, especially the young who had so much in front of them, but scratch a little and they were simply lonely men, fearful for the future.

What Wal was scared of Callie couldn’t fathom, but she planned to find out.


Purchase Heartland in ebook and print from these retailers. | |

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For another excerpt, the story behind the story and more, check out Heartland’s book page.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes nag author buddies into doing the same.

Wow, what a brilliant weekend I had in Narrandera with the NSW Rural Women’s Gathering. Give me some time and I hope to share some photos from it.

It’d be lovely to have a rest after road-tripping, workshopping and book signing, but not for this little black duck. Not only do I have books to write, and another soon to release (The Country Girl – ooooh, I can’t wait!!), I have another big event coming up.

Scone Literary Festival runs over the weekend of Friday 10th to Sunday 12th. My panel is on Sunday at 11-50 am and runs until 12-45, where we’ll be discussing rural and regional stories from around Australia. This will fascinating, so please come along if you’re in the area.

Right, now for a nice snippet to whet your book lovin’ appetite.

We haven’t had something from Heartland for a while, and I do adore this book. Matt is so sexy and cheeky, and the perfect match for Callie. I particularly like the climax and final scenes of this one. They get me teary every time.

Here’s Matt attempting to coax Callie around for dinner…


Heartland - Australia and New Zealand cover

ANZ cover

Only too aware how much work she had waiting but strangely compelled to watch him, Callie slid into the shade of the back eaves as Matt headed to the rear of the float.

In a few minutes the bike was loaded. Sighting her in the shade, he waved before walking to the LandCruiser’s driver’s door and tugging it open. He stared at the interior for a moment, then back at her. ‘Come round for dinner. Tonight.’

Callie regarded him uncertainly. ‘You mean like a date?’

Matt leaned his back against the cabin and puffed out his cheeks. ‘How about calling it being a friendly neighbour?’

She thought on it for a moment then shook her head. ‘Thanks, but I have a lot to do here.’

Heartland - rest of the world cover

Rest of the world cover

‘You sure?’


He blew out a long breath and gave a ‘well, I tried’ shrug. ‘Your loss.’

‘If you say so,’ replied Callie, wondering if overinflated egos were a Graney family trait.

‘I do. I cook a pretty mean steak, you know. I’ve even been known to serve it with salad.’

‘I’m sure I’ll survive.’

A lazy smile hooked Matt’s mouth as he looked her up and down. ‘Of that I have no doubt.’


Heartland is available for purchase in paperback and ebook from these retailers.

Grab your copy today and get caught up in Callie and Matt’s gorgeous romance. There’s even a bonus naughty goose! | |





Personally signed print copies are also available for purchase direct from me. Email me at or via the contact form on this website for details.

Discover the inspiration behind Heartland in A Memory Story, or read another excerpt on its Book page on this website.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from my novels, old, new and in progress, and occasionally invite author friends to play.

This coming Friday the 2107 Australian Romance Readers Convention kicks off in Melbourne at Rydges and I can’t wait! This is a convention focused on readers, and the joy of chatting to people who adore the genre and are enthusiastic about it is huge. It’ll also be lovely to catch up with author buddies who I usually only get to chat to online.

I’ll be at the convention all weekend so please come up and say hi. I promise to be friendly! You can also catch me at the booksigning at Bobby McGees from 4 pm – 6 pm on Saturday, on a speed date on Sunday morning at 11 am, and on the Regular Joes panel at 1-30 pm with Jennie Jones, Kelly Hunter and Joanne Dannon, with Penelope Janu moderating. For other panels and events, check out the convention program.

The Regular Joes panel has had me thinking about characters and the kind of heroes I like to read and to create. It doesn’t take much thought to work out that for my rural romances I like to write about ordinary, Aussie blokes. The sort who play footy and cricket, who like to have a beer with their mates and their dads, who adore their families and are loyal, kind and honest. Pretty much the same as most of the men in my life.

Most of all they must love the heroine with a fierceness that tells you they would move the world to make sure she’s never hurt and that she’s always happy. Which is what we all want I suppose. Someone – man or woman – who adores us despite all our human failings and idiosyncrasies. Who sees us as special and precious and a person to be cherished. And this in turn makes them special.

I could go on, but this is a Teaser Tuesday and I need to get teasing. But I am going to share a little of one of my favourite regular Joe characters – Matt from Heartland.

Matt sees himself as just a normal bloke who has a dream of being a farmer. But he’s also been a soldier, one who’s been wounded in Afghanistan and lost mates in conflict. He’s had a difficult upbringing, with distant career-obsessed parents who use money to show love. And he’s been badly hurt in the past, by the heroine Callie’s sister no-less, yet he has never lost the hope that one day he will find the right girl. And when he does, he’s going to cherish her forever. Which is kinda gooey-making to my thinking, but in my defence I am a romance author. These things are meant to make me gooey!

Anyway, here’s a sample of Matt being sexy and seductive with Callie while undertaking the mundane chore of stripping house paint.


After a brief discussion, they decided it was best to tackle the worst parts first, even if it did mean working in the sun. After taking it in turns to regrease themselves with sunscreen, they carted their equipment to the badly weathered western side of the house. Declaring that the tool-bringer gets to decide who uses it, he banished Callie to Wal’s low-set scaffold and took over the under eaves work on the ladder.

Heartland - Australia and New Zealand cover

Australia and New Zealand cover

‘What are you looking so pleased about?’ she asked when she caught him grinning down at her.


She narrowed her eyes and pointed her scraper at him. ‘You’re up to something.’

He feigned innocence. ‘Me? Never.’

Callie watched him for a moment before resuming her work. A minute later a flake of paint dropped between her breasts. She frowned and picked it out only for another to hit her shoulder.

‘Great view from up here,’ he said, one eye closed as he aimed another paint scrap at her chest.

Heartland - rest of the world cover

Rest of the world cover

The scrap stuck on the swell of her right breast. She picked it off, rolling her eyes.

‘Very schoolboy.’

‘I can be very adult if you want.’

Callie did want. Scraping this side of the house was a mistake. She was hot, sweaty, bored and, after a week of non-stop work, in need of some fun. She gave him one of her sideways looks, mouth quirking in an ‘I dare you’ smile.

He sobered fast. ‘Keep that up and there’ll be consequences.’

‘Oh, yeah. What sort of consequences?’

‘Like I said, keep that up and you’ll find out.’


Heartland is now available worldwide in e-book and print. Purchase now from,,, iBooks, Kobo, Booktopia, Bookdepository, Fishpond or your favourite book retailer.

Want to learn more about Heartland? You’ll find story behind the book, reviews, and more excerpts on its book page on this website.


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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser TuesdayIt’s time for another tantalising treat thanks to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets from my novels, old, new and in progress, and occasionally let author buddies take over.

I am so, so tempted to share a few more paragraphs from Santa and the Saddler, the novella I’m currently writing, because I’m hopelessly in love with the story and the characters and want to share them with the world. But I’d better not. If I do manage to get this book out in time for Christmas, I’ll be exposing it that much you’ll be sick of me. Same goes for Wayward Heart. I’m reading page proofs at the moment and I’m so excited about its release it’s giving me tingles. Can’t wait!

So this week we’ll revisit an old release. Heartland is a really fun book with a super sexy ex-solider hero and a sassy blonde heroine with an intriguing tattoo. And a mad goose. We mustn’t forget Honk. That bird is such a mischief maker.

Here’s a bit of early attraction between Callie and Matt. Matt has been watching Callie with a litter of puppies…


‘You can have one if you like,’ he said, moving out of the shadows and walking toward Callie. ‘Wal’s giving them away to good homes.’

Heartland by Cathryn HeinShe didn’t start, making him wonder if she knew he’d been watching. Giving an ecstatic cock-eared puppy a last tickle, she rose and faced him, smiling.

‘I doubt I’d make a good home.’

‘You sure? They’re pretty cute.’

‘Ahh, but cuteness isn’t everything.’

He rubbed at his jaw, glad that he hadn’t bothered to shave; the bristles helped make his scar less confronting. ‘Probably just as well, otherwise I’d be stuffed.’

She studied him a moment, gaze lingering on his scar before sliding away. ‘I’m sure you do all right.’

©Cathryn Hein

Heartland can be yours right now from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or Google Play. For print copies, visit Booktopia, Bookdepository or your favourite book store.

Want to learn more about Heartland? You’ll find story behind the book, reviews, and more excerpts on its book page on this website.


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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser TuesdayIt’s time for another tantalising treat thanks to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets from my novels, old, new and in progress, and occasionally let author buddies take over.

This week, a few paragraphs from my rural romance Heartland and the scene when our hero Matt first encounters the book’s heroine Callie, mistaking her for her elder sister Hope. Though they knew one another as young teenagers, it’s been a long time. Both have grown up and changed a lot, and in intriguing ways!


What was wrong with him? So she was a hot-looking blonde. Like he hadn’t come across one of those before.

Rattled by the strength of his attraction, Matt straightened and tilted his head at the exit. ‘I guess I’d best go check on Wal.’

Heartland by Cathryn HeinThe dullness eased; life returned to her expression. ‘Of course. Will you tell him I’m glad he’s okay and that I’ll visit tomorrow? Oh, and tell him not to worry about Honk. I won’t forget to lock him up.’

‘Will do.’ He paused, hands deep in his pockets, knowing he should walk out right now before he said something else idiotic, but caught by their connection, albeit minor and secret on his part, with Hope. ‘It was good to see you again, Callie.’

‘Good to see you, too, Matt.’ She smiled, and for one incredible moment he was fifteen again, facing Hope in awkward teenage silence while she bounced his lovesick heart with a single look.

‘Maybe I’ll see you around.’

And all Matt could think as he headed back up the hall was that he hoped like hell she did.

©Cathryn Hein

Heartland can be purchased in paperback from Booktopia, Bookdepository or your favourite book retailer. For the ebook, download right now from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or Google Play. If you’d like to discover more about Heartland, including the inspiration behind the story, check out its page on this website.

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Teaser Tuesday!

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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, the weekly series where I tantalise you with snippets from upcoming and past book releases, and works-in-progress.

Teaser TuesdayThis week we’re going to take a look at Heartland, a book that features a girl determined to get out of Dodge as fast as she can, and the super sexy hero who wants her to stay. There’s also mad goose, a cranky but big-hearted old farmer, a warty horse, a frightened teen and a real estate agent who may be good or bad. But you’ll have to read it to find out the answer to that.

I had a lot of fun with this story, especially with the sex scenes. My rural romances tend to keep the door closed on couples in bed, but these two seemed to want to do it everywhere, and often!

Heartland is available now in ebook and paperback from your favourite retailer. Try Booktopia, Amazon, Kobo, iTunes or Google Play. You can also discover how I came to write this story on Heartland’s The Story Behind page.

Now for some flirty banter between Matt and Callie…


‘This place used to seem like heaven when I was a kid. I was always so excited to come here.’ She shook her head, expression slightly puzzled. ‘I can’t see it now. It just looks like a normal farm.’

‘I imagine it was the horses.’

‘Yeah. I always was a sucker for anything that neighed.’

‘And now?’

Callie looked up at him from under lowered lashes. ‘Now I’m a sucker for different things.’

He took a step closer and reached up to wrap both hands around an overhanging branch, gratified when her gaze skittered over his flexed biceps and chest. ‘Callie Reynolds, are you flirting with me?’

‘What makes you think that?’

Heartland by Cathryn Hein‘Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the way you just looked at me.’

She shook her head. ‘What is it about you Graneys? You all seem to have egos the size of elephants.’

‘So what was that look for then?’

‘That look, which you so badly misinterpreted, was merely that of a woman in need.’

‘A woman in need?’

Humour lit her blue eyes but her voice feigned seriousness. ‘A woman in deep need.’

Matt pursed his lips, nodding. ‘This deep need of yours, would it happen to have something to do with Glenmore?’

‘It would.’

He flipped through what help she could require and thought he knew. ‘The tractor won’t start.’

‘Attractive and a mind-reader.’


‘I’m a woman in need. Right now any capable man is attractive.’

©Cathryn Hein

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FRIDAY FEAST with Cathryn Hein

By the time this post goes live I’ll be whooping it up in Fremantle with my fellow Romance Writers of Australia members at our annual conference. I can’t express how much I enjoy these conferences. Not only are they a great learning Cathryn Hein author photoexperience and incredibly inspirational, I get to catch up with all my writing friends and make new ones.

RWA conferences are LOUD. Hundreds of (mainly) women talking and laughing non-stop, squealing and hugging one another. There are times for serious discussion about craft and business, and times for pure silliness, like the Friday night cocktail party where people dress up. But all of them are good times. I can’t wait!

Because so many of us are busy with book deadlines or conferencing, I’m taking over Friday Feast today, which means I get to excite you once again with my latest release, Heartland!




Heartland by Cathryn Hein coverWhen Callie Reynolds arrives at Glenmore, the property she’s recently inherited, the last thing she wants is to be saddled with a warty horse, an injured neighbour and a mad goose. Haunted by her sister’s death and her fractured family, all she wants is freedom.

But Callie hasn’t counted on falling for Matt Hawkins, an ex-soldier determined to fulfil his own dream of land and family. Nor could she predict the way the land, animals and people of Glenmore will capture her heart.

Callie is faced with impossible choices. But she must find the courage to decide where her future lies, even if it costs her everything she holds dear.


Heartland is available now in paperback from your favourite bookseller or chain store, or you can order online from most excellent Australian book retailer Booktopia. If ebooks are your thing, try Kobo, JB Hi-Fi Books, Amazon Kindle, iTunes or Google Play. For a full list of retailers check out my website.

And now I bring you… ME!




I have summer on the brain. Skies so vivid and bright they make your eyes squint. Shimmery, heat-hazed air. The chirrup of crickets and almost screamingly loud song of cicadas calling in chorus. Condensation on cold wine glasses. Dining on the patio in shorts, t-shirts and thongs. Seafood.

There’s just something about summer and seafood that blends perfectly for me. Maybe it was all those blazing hot days spend at our beach shack at Nene Valley, on the far southern coast of South Australia. Days where draining crayfish, their shells bright tomato red, hogged the bathtub. When we ate so much crayfish we were sick of it. When my Uncle Phil flash fried thin slices of fresh caught abalone on the barbecue. When it was a thrill to have sausages instead of whiting or snapper or bream.

I can’t wait for summer to blister its way back. As soon as it does, seafood will be on the menu.

I have quite a few favourite seafood dishes, almost all of them dead simple to make.Cathryn at Vieux Port, Marseille I’m a great believer that seafood should be left to shine on its own and not overdosed with other flavours or coated in complicated sauces. One of the best recipes I have is one that I pretty much copied from a restaurant on the Vieux Port in Marseille, France, which, for the sake of covering my bum, I’ll call Le Red Fish.

Le Red Fish was like the Fawlty Towers of the Vieux Port, and massively entertaining. I think we took every visitor who came over to France there for lunch. The waiters would argue between themselves, eye-rolling, yelling and waving arms. Abuse would be shouted at potential guests who perused the menu display but chose to walk on. The toilets were located up the top of a narrow, slippery and filthy staircase, opposite the kitchen. Once, I found the kitchen door open and managed a glimpse inside, and wished to hell I hadn’t.

Notre Dame de la Garde, MarseilleBut the view was brilliant. We’d sit at the outdoor tables, watching tourists and stylish locals promenade. The harbour sprawled in front, laden with expensive yachts, fishing boats, and lined with gorgeous old buildings. Look up and there stood Notre Dame de la Garde, Marseille’s famous Byzantine style basilica, topped with a magnificently gilded statue of Our Lady gazing benevolently over the sea, protecting sailors as she’s done since the 1860s. To the right, facing one other across the port entrance, were the old twin forts of Saint Jean and Saint Nicolas. Look left, down toward the Quay des Belges, and there was Marseille’s main thoroughfare, La Canabière.

As for the food? Wonderfully simple. Le Red Fish didn’t do flash or complicated. It boasted dishes like soupe de poisson (fish soup), salade de chevre chaud (grilled goat cheese salad), entrecôte grillée (steak) and plat de fruit de mer (seafood platter). My favourite was their prawns in pastis, that famous liquorice flavoured liqueur so beloved in the region. And after much experimentation and consultation of Provencale cookbooks, I managed to invent a pretty good version of La Red Fish’s dish, perfect for a lazy summer lunch washed down with a bottle of pale pink dry rosé.

Prawns In Pastis

Prawns in pastis

1 kg fat green unpeeled prawns

5 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced

1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped

1/2 cup of Ricard Pastis de Marseille

Olive oil – a nice hefty slug

Heat oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. Add garlic and prawns and toss well.

When the prawns are almost cooked, ignite the pastis and pour over the prawns. Make sure you have a lid handy to cover the fire before you burn your kitchen down (as we once nearly did). Toss through parsley and serve.

I’ve also tried this with cognac and had tasty results.

What dish will you be making this summer? Looking forward to a plain old barbie? What about a crisp salad, or cold Asian noodle dish tossed with hot and sour flavours? Maybe you have fresh seafood on your mind too or a hankering for ice-cold desserts and icecreams that drip. I’d love to hear what tempts you!

If you’d like to learn more about me and my books, please visit my website. You can also connect via Facebook, Twitter and this blog!

Hot News & Events!

Keep your eyes out for some fantastic events happening now and soon…

Heartland Review Fun

A wonderful review of my latest rural romance Heartland on the Australian Romance Readers Association blog.

“I’m missing the people in this story. I didn’t realise until I read the last page and shut the book. When I walked away, from it, I realised I felt bereft.” Rosalie for the ARRA blog.

Isn’t that a lovely thing to say? I’m so delighted.

If you’re an ARRA member, leave a comment and you’ll go into the draw to win a copy of Heartland. Giveaway closes 17th July.

You can read more about Heartland, including an excerpt and the story of how the book came into being, on my website.


Booktopia’s Australian Romance Month, Featuring Fabulous Giveaways

Join most excellent Australian online bookseller Booktopia for their Australian Romance month, where I, and a fine line-up of Australian romance authors, will be entertaining you with our witty answers to questions like: Who do you swoon over? and Tell us something very few people know about you, and the ever so tricky, Finish this sentence: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____


You can read my answers to those questions and more on July 12th.

There are plenty of other rural-set fiction authors joining me across the month, including Rachael Johns, Fiona Palmer, Rachael Treasure, Barbara Hannay, Jennifer Scoullar, Loretta Hill, Mandy Magro, Bronwyn Parry, Margareta Osborn, Helene Young, Nicole Alexander, Jenn J McLeod and others!

Plus all month there’ll be competitions to win great books, and if you order an Aussie Romance Author book from Booktopia in July, you’ll go into the draw to win a fantastic book pack. For more details, click on the banner above or visit Booktopia.


Romance Writers of Australia Conference, August 16th-18th 2013

It’s only 6 weeks until the RWA Conference in Fremantle, W.A. and I can’t wait. This is THE event of the year for romance authors, published and aspiring. A chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones, plus learn more about our business and craft. There are also opportunities for authors to pitch their work to leading Australian and international editors and agents.

I have a great deal to thank the RWA for and can’t recommend the organisation and its conference highly enough.

For more information on the RWA and the conference, visit the website.


Australian Romance Readers Association Booksigning Event, Saturday 17th August 2013

I’m signing and so are 55 others local and international authors. These events are a hoot! Register now at the ARRA blog.

BSE3 I'll be signing 500



J’aimee Brooker’s Spotlight On Aussie Rural Novelists

Last week I answered a series of fun questions on contemporary romance author J’aimee Brooker’s blog as part of her week-long spotlight on Aussie Rural Novelists. Find out the one author I’d spend my last $20 on, who I’d be if I was a character from a novel and more!

Also featured were Rachael Johns, Karly Lane, and Jennie Jones. Check it out!


NEWS: Heartland reviewed in the Daily Telegraph

Their verdict: A racy rural love story. Rah!


You have no idea how excited I am about this. So amazing to see my book in a major newspaper. There may be champagne tonight.

And today, in the Sunday Age and the Sunday Sun-Herald, I have a Books That Changed Me article. If you don’t buy the Sunday papers or live elsewhere, that’s okay. The newspapers have conveniently posted it to their websites.

Wishing all mums out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!

THIS WRITING LIFE: A little bit of me…

I was thinking yesterday, as I was working on my next book, how little scraps of  personal memory can seep into a story. As much as I try to make each story and character individual, leakage from my own life seems to always occur. In my current work-in-progress, it’s cooking (hardly a surprise for anyone that knows me) and the heroine’s gorgeous fluffy-coated collie, who is a reincarnation of my beautiful dog Cooch. In Heartland, there were many things, but what struck me most yesterday was the inclusion of the sewing machine my grandparents bought me when I was very young. So young that this is the machine on which Nanny taught me how to make trousers for my teddy bear – pink and purple tartan ones from left over fabric she’d used to make a pair for me (hey, it was the 70s and I LOVED those tartan duds).

I still have that sewing machine. It’s followed me all over Australia and it still works. Even though I have a modern Janome I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the Singer. It’s too pretty for starters, and as Callie muses in Heartland, it’ll sew anything. But I guess it’s the memories. Papa passed away when I was very young but Nanny’s still kicking along in her nursing home at age 97. Kicking along so well in fact, that just the other week she staged an escape on her walker and frightened the hell out of everyone, including, I suspect, herself.

It’s nice these little things survive outside my mind. I think there’s some sort of peace in that.