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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally con author mates into doing the same.

Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter (gorgeous people that you are) will have already seen the new cover for The Falls. I’m thrilled to bits with it. It’s bright and passionate, and Merlin the nutty ram even gets a look in.

Another change for The Falls is that it’s now available worldwide in ebook, with the print version coming available over the next few months. So now everyone can enjoy the fun, no matter where they are. Rah! But even better, along with expanded availability comes a significant drop in the ebook price. Double Rah!

With the exception of April’s Rainbow, my stories are usually told only from the heroine’s and hero’s points of view, but The Falls also includes that of Teagan’s Aunt Vanessa. I couldn’t help myself. She was a too interesting and lively character to let her voice go unheard. What that means for readers it that The Falls gives you two romances in one – Teagan’s and Lucas’s and Vanessa’s and Dom’s – and at around 400 pages, a lovely fat read.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen The Falls gorgeous new cover, here it is, along with a snippet from when Teagan first meets a very naughty Merlin.


‘Merlin? His name is Merlin?’

‘Merlin the Magic Ram.’ Ness placed a hand on the sheep’s head and gave him an affectionate rub. ‘So named by the family who bottle-raised him after he was abandoned by his mother. They thought him cute until he started bowling over the children. Then it was The Falls by Cathryn Heineither the chop or here, and I couldn’t stand by and let the poor thing be slaughtered for doing what comes naturally. It’s hardly fair. He has his moments, I admit, but I’ve grown quite fond of him.’

The ram sniffed Vanessa’s knee, lifting the skirt of her dress slightly to expose more smooth white leg. His nose wrinkling, Merlin raised his head and curled his top lip before releasing another throaty bleat.

‘Oh, be quiet, you stinky old goat. Here,’ Vanessa said, grabbing a horn, ‘let me sort him out. You look like you could do with a wash and a drink. There’s a fresh jug of margarita in the fridge. Help yourself.’

Leaving her bemused niece, she marched the ram towards the yard Teagan had spied earlier, Merlin bunting and bellyaching the entire way.


Oh, Merlin, I had such fun with him. He was so cunning!

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Print coming soon.

And don’t forget to let me know what you think of the new cover.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally twist the arms of author buddies and get them to do the same.

I didn’t realise until I did a quick check the other day that Teaser Tuesday has been running for over two years. That’s a lot of snippets! But it had me wondering whether the series has run its course and if this year should be its last.

What do you think? Would you like to see Teaser Tuesday continue next year? Drop a note in the comments and let me know.

In the meantime, enjoy this sample from The Falls, featuring Merlin the Magic Ram, our heroine Teagan’s glamorous Aunt Vanessa (Ness) and local busy-body Colin Walker.


Ness let out a groan as a pale-blue Falcon drove through the gate and rattled to a stop outside the house fence. She plastered a smile and rose, the high-waisted ecru linen trousers and bright top outlining her womanly figure. Merlin, who was picking young shoots near the shed, lifted his head.

‘Colin,’ she called sweetly, ‘what a nice surprise.’

Cover of The Falls by Cathryn Hein‘Have you heard?’

Ness barely blinked. ‘Heard what?’

Merlin let out an excited croak and lowered his horns.

‘Oh, just the alarm,’ remarked Teagan as the sheep broke into a gallop.

Colin turned, and with a yelp shot through the gate and banged it shut, retreating up the path backwards as a foiled Merlin skidded to a halt and stood panting on the other side of the fence.

‘Sorry, Col,’ said Ness with faultless sincerity. ‘I should have warned you Merlin was out. Anyway, you were saying? What is it I’ve meant to have heard?’

Deciding he was safe, Col swung around and gripped the stair rail. His bald pate was completely aglow, his age spots bright in contrast, giving the unfortunate image of something having pooed all over his head. ‘Expansion!’

‘Oh, is Maggie finally allowing you to attach an annex to your caravan? How wonderful. You’ll be able to hold canasta nights with Kathleen.’

‘No.’ Colin stamped his foot, causing the loose flesh of his leg to ripple in a wash of hairy wrinkles. ‘The centre!’


The Falls is available in print and ebook from these stores. Grab your copy today! | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play



Angus & Robertson Bookworld

Personally signed print copies are also available for purchase direct from me. Email me at or via the contact form on this website for details.

Learn the story behind The Falls in Ovine Adventures. You can also discover its two theme songs and more in 10 Secret Things About The Falls.

Want another excerpt? Visit The Falls’s book page on this site or download a free sample from your favourite ebook retailer, kick back and enjoy!


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayAfter a brief hiatus to celebrate the release of my new rural romance Summer and the Groomsman, Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share tasty morsels of works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels, is back. Rah!

Now that the excitement has died down a little, it’s time to refocus and start writing my next book. If only I knew what that was. I have three stories all clamouring to be told, and another abandoned story begging to be finished. This week it’s decision time. I predict much angsting ahead.

Speaking of angsting (like that segue?), let’s share a little of it from my May rural romance release, The Falls. This story revolves around Teagan Bliss, a character you might remember from Rocking Horse Hill. Broken-hearted after a family betrayal, Teagan has fled South Australia for New South Wales and her Aunt Vanessa’s property in the beautiful Falls Valley where she hopes to heal and find her new path in life. Easier said than done!

This is fun scene in Vanessa’s pool where Teagan is trying to relax after a hard day repairing fences, only to be interrupted by the worst (and sexiest!) person possible, local farrier Lucas Knight.


The water was bliss, warm enough to be pleasant but cool enough to soak away the heat and hard work of the day. She swam laps before gliding to the middle to lie on her back with her eyes closed in an effort to clear her thoughts. She sang songs in her head, concentrated on the metallic pings of the water, yet no matter how she tried, her mind remained filled with memories of Pinehaven.

And each passing image brought another slow leak of tears.

Cover of The Falls by Cathryn Hein‘Mind if I join you?’

Teagan splashed and turned in fright, swallowing a gush of water as she did. She emerged coughing and hacking with her hair plastered over the front of her face, cutting off her vision. She swept it back, only for the pound in her heart to hammer even worse when she saw who stood at the edge of the pool.

She opened her mouth and shut it, then looked around in a panic. Her towel was thrown over the far seat of the outdoor setting. She’d have to walk a good five metres in her bikini to fetch it, exposing every bony inch of her underweight frame to Lucas.

‘Don’t worry,’ he said, in his deep, smile-filled voice. ‘I grew out of peeing in the pool. You’re safe.’

She glanced back at him again and found herself repeating her gormless cod-mouth gape, only this time it wasn’t due to shock. The man had abs. A full-on sixpack. And hair. A sexy line of it that traced across his chest and down to the top of his board shorts. For some reason she’d expected him to be hairless. One of those blokes who went for waxing because it made his muscles stand out better. But here he was, radiating manliness like Adonis come to life.

©Cathryn Hein

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Teaser Tuesday!

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It’s Teaser Tuesday time again, my new weekly series where I tantalise you with snippets from upcoming and past book releases, and works-in-progress. This week: my latest rural romance, The Falls.

Teaser TuesdayWhile The Falls can be easily read on it’s own, the heroine is Teagan Bliss, Em’s best friend from my earlier novel, Rocking Horse Hill. In that story Teagan is let down badly by her family and flees to the NSW village of The Falls, and it’s the moment of her arrival there where the story of The Falls begins.

Although small in size, the village is big in heart and the perfect place for Teagan to come to terms with her new life. It also just so happens to be home to a very sexy farrier named Lucas Knight. Inspiration for his character involved much looking at pictures of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. It was a hardship, but I swear I did it for you, dear readers.

If you haven’t read The Falls it’s available now in paperback and ebook from Booktopia, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play, JB Hi-Fi or your favourite retailer.

Please enjoy this little taster from The Falls.

Teagan and Lucas are having a conversation by Claudia the horse’s paddock…


‘Do you like cricket?’ Lucas asked suddenly.

‘It’s okay.’ Teagan paused and resumed her hunt for something sharp. ‘My brother, Owen, used to play when he lived at home. Club cricket, not grade. I used to watch him occasionally.’ Her hand closed around the handle of a bot knife, a special tool for Cover of The Falls by Cathryn Heinscraping bot fly eggs off a horse’s coat. She held it up and ran her thumb over the edge. Too pitted and worn. She tossed it back and regarded Lucas again. ‘I prefer football. Much better for a perve.’

‘Not impressed by the thunder of a fast bowler?’

‘Hard to beat a good full forward.’

He frowned and then understood. ‘AFL. I forgot you were from the south. It’s mostly rugby up here.’

‘I take it you’re a fast bowler, then.’

‘Medium pace. The team workhorse.’ He grinned in a way that seemed to ignite the afternoon, straight, pure and loaded with genuine good humour. A bloke who found the world a pretty damn happy place. ‘My job is to grind them down with boredom.’

‘I couldn’t imagine you being boring.’

‘I can be all sorts of things, if I try.’

©Cathryn Hein

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The Falls Release Day!

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Wheee! My new rural romance The Falls has now officially hit the shelves.

Talking Books Blog had this to say about it:

5 star review and quote from Talking

Isn’t that cool? I’m so chuffed. You can read the full review on Goodreads.

Have you spotted any copies of The Falls out and about yet?  I would love to hear if you have. Even better, maybe take a pic and share it on my Facebook page, Google+ or Twitter via @CathrynHein.

Now, to celebrate release day here are…


1/. Teagan’s last name Bliss comes was taken from Bargain Hunt’s Kate Bliss. I’m a huge fan of this TV show. It’s always so interesting and I adore Tim Wonnacott.

2/. Lucas Knight bears more than a passing resemblance to actor Chris Hemsworth.

I had to study a lot of bare-chested photos of our home-grown Hollywood star to ensure I had the look just right. Ah, research. It can be such a chore sometimes.

3/. There are two songs I listened to over and over while writing and editing The Falls.

The first is Pearl Jam’s incredibly romantic Sirens. The words “I study your face and the fear goes away” seemed to encompass the way Teagan would come to feel about Lucas. Sigh. Makes me feel gooey just thinking about it.


The second song is Karma Police by Radiohead. It seemed to offer a way into Teagan’s head, especially at the end of the song with the lyrics “I lost myself.”

4/. Vanessa’s dress sense and voluptuous looks were inspired by Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks.

5/. Merlin the Magic Ram is real. Or, rather, he was.

He’s based on Ram-Lamb, the completely psychotic ram my parents kept and who would attack anything, from people, to cars, to sliding glass doors. We used to have “I ran the paddock with Ram-Lamb races” where one person would keep hold of the ram until the other was halfway down the paddock and then let go. You had to sprint to make the other fence because that ram could really motor.

Ram-Lamb left us the day he took on Dad…

Me with a baby Ram Lamb


6/. Domenic Ashe looks like Richard Roxburgh, whom I adore. A verra sexy man.

7/. I wrote the first draft of The Falls in 34 writing days.

It was an experiment in changing my writing process, which is normally a pedantic edit-as-I-go style system. NEVER AGAIN. I might have produced a lot of words in a short period of time, but it took me the next 6 months to rearrange them into a decent order.

8/. At over 116,000 words, The Falls is the longest book I’ve had published. The next closest is Heart of the Valley at around 100,000.

9/. It’s also the first time I’ve introduced an extra character’s point of view in addition to the hero’s and the heroine’s. In this case, Teagan’s aunt Vanessa.

Telling Vanessa’s story through her own eyes was lovely. She’s such a great character.

10/. After deciding that Flopsy was just too naff a name for the rabbit that appears late in the book, I ran a Facebook competition to rename it.

Reader Jan came up with Nibbles, which I thought was really cute.


I hope you enjoyed these ten secret things. But most of all I really hope you enjoy the fun and romance of The Falls!

Keen to learn more? Visit The Story Behind The Falls for an insight. You can also hear me talking about the inspiration behind the book, my favourite parts and more on this video. For an excerpt, visit The Falls book page on this website. You can also read the entire first chapter at

Feeling that itchy urge to buy right now? Then canter on down to your local book shop or Big W, or simply clickety-click on any of these retailers.



Boomerang Books

Angus & Robertson

QBD The Bookshop

Collins Booksellers

Amazon Kindle



Google Play

Right. I’m off to crack some celebratory fizz. Oh, perhaps not. It’s tad early. Never mind, there’ll definitely be some later!

Talking about The Falls

With only three sleeps until my new rural romance The Falls officially hits shelves, I thought it was  time to post a video of me talking about the inspiration behind the story, my favourite parts to write and what you can expect from the book.


You can order The Falls from Booktopia, Angus & Robertson, Bookworld,, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play or check out your favourite bookseller.


FRIDAY FEAST with Cathryn Hein

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Hello, my cute little Feasty bunnies! Welcome to this Easter edition of Friday Feast. This week, you’re blessed with ME! And I have something deliciously sweet and naughty to share too. Oh, and a suuuuper giveaway.

But first, the ongoing debacle that is Us Heins Weren’t Meant To Play Golf. You know how last week I said that the only way is up? Erm, no. Apparently things can get worse. Horribly, embarrassingly worse. I came last in the ladies comp. Last. Now, we ladies also have this extra competition where the winner of the previous monthly medal has to donate an encouragement Author Cathryn Heinprize to be given to the following month’s bottom dweller. Yes, I won my own bloody prize back. Oh, the ignominy!


Anyway, onto more positive things.

There are only nineteen sleeps until my next rural romance The Falls releases. That’s close. Which means you should all have your itchy clicking fingers hitting those pre-order buttons now. Cos this book has a seriously babelicious blacksmith in it. And a nutty ram. And other really, really cool stuff that you won’t want to miss.

Take a looksie…


Will losing the home she loves mean finding the place she belongs?

For as long as she can remember, Teagan Bliss has wanted to manage her family’s property. She’s invested everything in the farm, knowing that when her parents retire she’ll be ready to take the reins. But when a family betrayal leaves her reeling, Teagan is forced to rethink her Cover of The Falls by Cathryn Heinentire future.

Heartbroken, Teagan flees to her aunt’s property in the idyllic Falls Valley. Vanessa is warm and welcoming and a favourite of the locals who drop in regularly for cocktail hour. Teagan soon catches the attention of sexy local farrier Lucas Knight, and with a new job, new friends and the prospect of a new relationship, she slowly begins to open up again.

But the village is a hotbed of gossip and division and when Teagan gets caught up in town politics, Lucas and Vanessa become concerned. As the tension in town escalates, Teagan must decide who to trust. But when she realises those close to her have been keeping secrets, the fallout may split Teagan apart forever.

The Falls is an uplifting story of healing and hope from the author of Promises, Heart of the Valley, Heartland, and Rocking Horse Hill.

Exciting, n’est-ce pas?  Which means you should order it right now. And if you do so from those excellent folk at Booktopia, you’ll score a signed copy. But be quick on that one. I’m off to sign copies of The Falls at their warehouse next week and if you don’t have yours secured, you might miss out. And we wouldn’t want that!

You can also pre-order The Falls from Bookworld, Angus & Robertson,, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, QBD The Bookshop, Boomerang Books, or your favourite store.

All lined up? Then come and get sweet with me!

A Spoonful of Sugar…

One of the most darling characters in The Falls is the heroine Teagan’s Aunt Vanessa. As Teagan describes her, Ness…

…dressed and acted like an Italian film siren, albeit with dark-red hair and pale, Celtic skin. She liked good food, wine and cocktails, enjoyed foreign films, spoke French and Italian, was rarely seen without makeup, and dressed in ultra feminine clothes. She was also a double divorcee whose mysterious past in Europe made Teagan’s mother’s lips purse in disapproval at any mention of the subject. Which had naturally left a teenage Teagan completely in awe of her aunt and her exotic life.”

Ness is, in other words, extremely attractive, clever, generous and enormous fun. With the exception of a few jealous wives, The Falls locals adore her and Ness adores The Falls in return. She’s also very kind, so when Teagan arrives at Falls Farm not in the best of condition, Vanessa’s immediate reaction is to help.  And one of her favourite ways to do that – besides offering up one of her excellent cocktails – is with food.

Ness tempts Teagan with all sorts of goodies, from antipasto, breads and dips, to treats from the local bakery. So frustrated by Teagan’s lack of enthusiasm for food, and unable to take up local vet and close friend Bunny James’s offer to inject Teagan with a dose of steroids to increase her appetite, Ness cooks the naughtiest things she can think of. Including the following orange and poppy seed syrup cupcakes which are loaded with enough sugar to “give an elephant diabetes”.

Sweet and sticky, these babies are good. And gluten-free. Even Teagan liked them!

Orange & Poppyseed Syrup Cakes

Orange and poppy seed syrup cakes

Makes approximately 10 small patty cakes

1 medium navel orange. Choose one as blemish free as possible with good orange skin.

2 teaspoons poppy seeds

1 tablespoon milk

3 eggs

70g caster sugar

150g almond meal

1 teaspoon baking powder


125ml fresh orange juice

55g caster sugar

Place orange in a small saucepan. Cover with cold water. Bring to the boil over high heat (lid on). Keeping a good roll to the water, simmer for 45 minutes or until tender. Top up with more boiling water if necessary to keep the orange covered. Remove the orange from the water and process it whole in a food processor until smooth. Allow to cool a while.

Preheat oven to 180C.

Line ten holes of a 12-hole muffin tray with patty cake cases. Combine the poppy seeds and milk in a small bowl and set aside. Using an electric mixer and large bowl, beat the eggs until pale and creamy. Gradually add the 70g of caster sugar and continue to beat until thick. Gently fold in the almond meal, baking powder, orange puree and poppy seed mixture until just combined. Pour into prepared patty cake cases.

Bake 25-30 minutes or until golden. Leave cakes in the tray ready for the syrup. They need to be still hot for best take-up of the syrup.

Meanwhile, make the syrup. Place the orange juice and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat and bring to the boil. Simmer 3 minutes or until the syrup reduces slightly.

Pierce each of the cakes several times with a skewer and spoon over the syrup. Leave cakes in the pan to set a little before turning out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Eat and wait for the sugar high.

These types of cakes keep really well but I tend to freeze mine and take them out one at a time, or when needed.

Now, because I’m all excited about the upcoming release of The Falls and I know you are too –  oh yes, you are! –  I think we should have a…


To be in the draw to win a signed paperback copy of The Falls, answer me this: What is your favourite sugar high?

Is it fairy floss or chocolate? Or maybe you get yours from an overdose of pineapple or another super-sweet fruit. Perhaps you don’t like anything sugary, in which case just say you prefer a hunk of cheese or something. The main thing is to share!

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight AEST Wednesday, 8th April 2015. Australian postal addresses only.

I’ve left this giveaway open a little longer than usual so all you lovelies who went off camping for the weekend won’t miss your chance to enter.

If you’d like to learn more about The Falls or any of my previous releases, check out my books page on this site. And don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+Goodreads, and now on Pinterest! Plus sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear all the news, receive exclusive content, enter special giveaways and more.

This giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to Jenny Wallis who has won a signed copy of THE FALLS. Rah!
Thanks to everyone who joined in the Feasty fun and shared all your sugar highs. As always there were some amaaaazing suggestions. 

The Falls Goodreads Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of THE FALLS, I’m running a Goodreads giveaway.

There are FIVE books up for grabs but you’ll need to enter quickly because the giveaway closes April 15th. Simply click on the image below to be taken to the giveaway page.

So get clicking! And remember to add The Falls to your Want-To-Read list.

giveaway promo 1.0

Countdown to THE FALLS

Lederhosen 3.0

It’s less than ONE MONTH until my sparkling new rural romance THE FALLS releases and the pre-orders are ready to go!

In a special offer, if you order the paperback from that most excellent of Aussie bookshops, Booktopia, you’ll be able to score a signed copy (while stocks last). Yes, I’m heading into the Booktopia warehouse to sit down and sign them just for you. And to have a sticky-beak at one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses. Should be fascinating.

Simply click on the Booktopia image below to secure your signed copy!

The Falls Booktopia PreOrder Badge

For other retailers, try…


Angus & Robertson



Google Play

QBD The Bookshop

Boomerang Books

Abbey’s Bookstore

Only 28 sleeps until release. Not counting… MUCH!


THE FALLS cover reveal!

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What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? I love it.

Cover of The Falls by Cathryn Hein

For as long as she can remember, Teagan Bliss has wanted to manage her family’s property. She’s invested everything in the farm, knowing that when her parents retire she’ll be ready to take the reins. But when a family betrayal leaves her reeling, Teagan is forced to rethink her entire future.

Heartbroken, Teagan flees to her aunt’s property in the idyllic Falls Valley. Vanessa is warm and welcoming and a favourite of the locals who drop in regularly for cocktail hour. Teagan soon catches the attention of sexy local farrier Lucas Knight, and with a new job, new friends and the prospect of a new relationship, she slowly begins to open up again.

But the village is a hotbed of gossip and division and when Teagan gets caught up in town politics, Lucas and Vanessa become concerned. As the tension in town escalates, Teagan must decide who to trust. But when she realises those close to her have been keeping secrets, the fallout may split Teagan apart forever.

The Falls is an uplifting story of healing and hope from the author of Promises, Heart of the Valley, Heartland, and Rocking Horse Hill.


THE FALLS releases from Penguin Australia on April 22nd 2015. Counting down the days!