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Keep your eyes out for some fantastic events happening now and soon…

Heartland Review Fun

A wonderful review of my latest rural romance Heartland on the Australian Romance Readers Association blog.

“I’m missing the people in this story. I didn’t realise until I read the last page and shut the book. When I walked away, from it, I realised I felt bereft.” Rosalie for the ARRA blog.

Isn’t that a lovely thing to say? I’m so delighted.

If you’re an ARRA member, leave a comment and you’ll go into the draw to win a copy of Heartland. Giveaway closes 17th July.

You can read more about Heartland, including an excerpt and the story of how the book came into being, on my website.


Booktopia’s Australian Romance Month, Featuring Fabulous Giveaways

Join most excellent Australian online bookseller Booktopia for their Australian Romance month, where I, and a fine line-up of Australian romance authors, will be entertaining you with our witty answers to questions like: Who do you swoon over? and Tell us something very few people know about you, and the ever so tricky, Finish this sentence: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____


You can read my answers to those questions and more on July 12th.

There are plenty of other rural-set fiction authors joining me across the month, including Rachael Johns, Fiona Palmer, Rachael Treasure, Barbara Hannay, Jennifer Scoullar, Loretta Hill, Mandy Magro, Bronwyn Parry, Margareta Osborn, Helene Young, Nicole Alexander, Jenn J McLeod and others!

Plus all month there’ll be competitions to win great books, and if you order an Aussie Romance Author book from Booktopia in July, you’ll go into the draw to win a fantastic book pack. For more details, click on the banner above or visit Booktopia.


Romance Writers of Australia Conference, August 16th-18th 2013

It’s only 6 weeks until the RWA Conference in Fremantle, W.A. and I can’t wait. This is THE event of the year for romance authors, published and aspiring. A chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones, plus learn more about our business and craft. There are also opportunities for authors to pitch their work to leading Australian and international editors and agents.

I have a great deal to thank the RWA for and can’t recommend the organisation and its conference highly enough.

For more information on the RWA and the conference, visit the website.


Australian Romance Readers Association Booksigning Event, Saturday 17th August 2013

I’m signing and so are 55 others local and international authors. These events are a hoot! Register now at the ARRA blog.

BSE3 I'll be signing 500



J’aimee Brooker’s Spotlight On Aussie Rural Novelists

Last week I answered a series of fun questions on contemporary romance author J’aimee Brooker’s blog as part of her week-long spotlight on Aussie Rural Novelists. Find out the one author I’d spend my last $20 on, who I’d be if I was a character from a novel and more!

Also featured were Rachael Johns, Karly Lane, and Jennie Jones. Check it out!


Guess who’s in the Australian Women’s Weekly…

My phone started going mad this morning with texts from friends telling me about my, and fellow authors Rachael Treasure, Nicole Alexander and Fleur McDonald’s, LUST IN THE DUST spread in the newly-minted March issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly. I knew it was coming. After all, I’d had a ball doing the photo ???????????????????????????????shoot (thanks, Katie and Alana) and the interview (thanks, Kerry), but it still came as a bit of a shock because I wasn’t expecting the magazine to hit the stands until later in the week.

As thrilling as the AWW’s release is, I have lots of chores to catch up on before this weekend’s Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane, not to mention a book to write, so I decided to spend the morning working and ignoring it all. Yeah, like that was going to happen. By 11-15am, after what felt like a hundred text messages, emails and phone calls, I couldn’t stand it and had to head out to buy my own copy.

Actually, I bought two. Cos, you know, I might wear the first one out or something.

So here I am, in the Australian Women’s Weekly, looking, according to my girlfriend’s husband, a bit Mona Lisa. Hmm, not sure if that’s good or bad but I wouldn’t mind Mona’s popularity!


By the way, in case you’re wondering about all this lusty fantasy, I LOVE my darling other half, Jim.

I just tend to get a bit obsessed by my fictional heroes…


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Today on Friday Feast I’m delighted to have Australian author Nicole Alexander as my guest.

Nicole Alexander grew up on her family’s agricultural property north-west of Moree in northern NSW. She has spent half her life in the bush with The Correspondence School providing her early education. She has a BA from the University of New England and a Master of Letters in creative writing from Central Queensland University. In the course of her career Nicole has worked both in Australia and abroad in financial services, fashion, corporate publishing and agriculture. A fourth generation grazier Nicole returned to the bush in the late `90s. She is currently the business manager on her family’s agricultural property.

And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the best-selling author of The Bark Cutters and A Changing Land!

Take it away, Nicole…

I would love to tell you I’m a dab hand in the kitchen. In truth, in between my two ‘day’ jobs (grazier/writer) I don’t have much time for anything else. Cooking for me falls into two distinct categories: a) I’m too tired but we need to eat and b) It’s a special occasion so what can I make. The difficulty of living 100 plus kilometres from a shopping centre means you have to be pretty desperate to make a 200 plus kilometre round trip on a whim. Hmmm, will I make that Moroccan chicken tagine or Singapore laksa tonight? Probably not. Besides which you can’t always be sure the necessary ingredients will be in stock.

The tyranny of distance means two large eskies in the back of the truck during summer are prerequisites if you want anything to arrive home ‘alive’.  These wondrous inventions are filled with the basic necessities (and I do count Vasse Felix wines in that category) particularly as on average I’m a once a fortnight ‘townie’. Any longer and the event becomes a scurvy shop. My last one was in January this year during the floods when it was a serious toss-up between the wine and beer and the bread and oranges. It was a small boat.

My shopping trips are invariably two thirds skewed towards collecting parts for the property. Many a time I’ve arrived home with bearings, tyres, engine oil and gumbo points for the planter only to discover the more ‘specialist’ groceries are still on the supermarket shelf. I do make lists however they don’t always make it to town and I occasionally fall prey to lack of interest once I’ve padded around the machinery shops – fascinating and rolled my trolley over small children whilst looking for the surprise peas. I always remember the peas which is a little strange when my better half doesn’t eat them.

Having said all that I have been known to make a mean Moroccan dessert and I can show you the remains of a traditional Jewish cheesecake that I made for my father’s birthday recently. No we’re not Jewish however I figured how wrong could I go with seven ingredients?


I packet crushed digestive or Maree biscuits

450 grams of cottage cheese

2 beaten eggs

3 tablespoons of cornflour

300 mls of sour cream

130 grams of melted butter

175 grams of caster sugar


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Grease a 20 cm loose bottom cake tin

Mix the biscuit crumbs with 75 grams of the melted butter and press into the tin to give a 1cm layer over the base. Then refrigerate until needed.

Mix together the cheese, cream, remaining butter and sugar in a large bowl. After beating in the cornflour slowly add the eggs one
at a time and beat until smooth. Turn into the tin and bake for 20 – 25 mins.

Leave to cool in the tin until set and serve with blueberries and dollopy cream

Tip: cheesecakes keep cooking after they’re removed from the oven

A great and tasty recipe however I used all the biscuits as directed and I had a fairly chunky base. But hey, the men loved it!


Thank you to Cathryn for asking me to be her guest this week and for her inspiring ‘Friday Feast’ blog. I look forward to more gourmet moments.

And thanks very much to you also, Nicole. This sounds so easy and delicious, and given how much I love cheese cake I’ll definitely be testing your recipe out. As for that Moroccan dessert you mentioned, you have me intrigued. Maybe I can twist your arm for a reveal of the recipe on another Friday Feast?

Readers, I hope you enjoyed Nicole’s recipe and wonderful description of life in the country. I know I did. You can find more information on Nicole and her books on her website, and don’t forget to zoom on over to Facebook and “like” her facebook page.

But most of all, if you don’t already own any of Nicole’s books, run on down to your local bookshop and grab yourself copies of The Bark Cutters and  A Changing Land. If you love Australian stories I promise you won’t be disappointed.


What’s on this week

We had a long weekend here last week. Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t playing nice and it absolutely poured from Saturday afternoon onwards. But on Monday the weather cleared a little, so Jim and I slipped up the Hunter Valley to sneak in a round of golf. Somehow, we also managed to return home with 3 cases of wine in the car. What can I say? We were in the Hunter. All those wineries are hard to resist!

It was lovely to see the vines in leaf after winter, adding vibrancy to the landscape. If you’ve never been to the Hunter then put it on your bucket list. It’s a gorgeous place to visit and, as Brooke, the horse loving heroine of my next book Heart of the Valley will tell you, a wonderful place to live.

This week I’m featured on bestselling Australian author Nicole Alexander’s website, talking about what makes a good romantic story and what made me want to become a writer. Please drop by and say hello and if you haven’t already done so, take a look at Nicole’s books, The Barkcutters and A Changing Land, both great stories.

I’m also officially a cover girl, having made the front of last Saturday’s Newcastle Herald Weekender magazine. Sadly, I have yet to find link to the article on the Herald’s website but if one appears I’ll post it. But you can still catch the short Q&A I did for the Adelaide Advertiser’s Adelaide Now insert. Fun!

Lastly, keep an eye out for this week’s Friday Feast. My special guest Rachael Johns is promising me something sweet and irresistable. Can’t wait!