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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayGreetings from the funhouse that is Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from current and past releases and works-in-progress. Except for the weeks when I con a writing buddy into revealing some of their work. Which is exactly what’s happening today.

It’s my great pleasure to welcome Susanne Bellamy to the blog. If you’re a follower of Teaser Tuesday you know I’ve been hosting authors from the Bindarra Creek Romance series. Well, Susanne is another of these ladies and she’s here to tell you more about the series and share a gorgeous snippet from her release Second Chance Love.

There might also be a giveaway, so read on!


Susanne Bellamy AuthorGood morning, Cathryn.

Thank you for hosting me on your site today for this week’s Tuesday Teasers and for this wonderful opportunity to talk about the group writing venture, A Bindarra Creek Romance series. This venture has thirteen members, all of whom have now released their books with the last one out in July 2016. Together we built a solid community with endearing characters and stories that can be read as stand-alones but are delightful as a series. The small rural town of Bindarra Creek feels so real that I know – somewhere – it truly exists!

I’m sharing a teaser from my book, Second Chance Love, where Angus and Claire and Ollie, Angus’s eleven year old son, share a meal at the Cyprus Café, home of the best coffee and home made baklava this side of Athens!


Angus watched Claire’s soft pink lips close around the two wide straws in her milkshake and his groin tightened. The last milkshake they’d shared, she had one straw, and he had the other. Holding hands across the table, their foreheads had touched as they bent over the anodised pastel-pink beaker.

In those days, one touch of Claire and his body had fired up with desire. Rampant teenage hormones sent them off to the creek where they shared lime-flavoured kisses. And more.

Some things hadn’t changed. He leaned forward, hoping his jacket covered his reaction to her. “Are they as good as you remember?”

Second Chance Love by Susanne BellamyClaire held up one finger and closed her eyes as she drank. In repose, her face had a classical, serene beauty that his fingers longed to trace—the line of her jaw, the arch of her eyebrows, the fullness of her lips.

Beside him, Ollie sat on the edge of his seat and watched her intently, his own drink forgotten as he waited for her reply.

She sat back and met Ollie’s gaze. “Heavenly. Your dad was right. Lime is definitely the best—still.” She licked her bottom lip, finishing in the corner.

Angus bit back a groan and dipped his head to his straw. Short of diving into his milkshake, he wasn’t going to be able to quench his definite interest in Claire anytime soon.

“See, Dad, I told you Miss Swenson would love lime, same as you and me.” Apparently satisfied with his success, Ollie tucked into his drink followed by the house special, a giant hamburger with chips and sweet chilli sauce on the side.

But just because Claire still preferred lime milkshakes didn’t mean Angus knew the grown up woman. Was she still into Powderfinger and Midnight Oil? Did she still adore ‘Die Hard’ movies? And right then, he knew he would be renewing his relationship with Claire.


Wasn’t that great? You can find out more about Second Chance Love and Susanne’s other releases via her website susannebellamy.com. But to satisfy that book craving I know is gnawing away at you, why not buy a copy of Second Chance Love from Amazon right now. You know you want to!

Now, here’s Susanne to tell you all about today’s…


I have a random giveaway of a paperback copy of Second Chance Love (if domestic winner) or if international winner, an e-copy of my book to be gifted from Amazon.

In Second Chance Love, Angus invites Claire home for a crayfish dinner cooked to a secret family recipe. In honour of that, share your answer to the following question and you’ll go into the draw to win a copy of my book:


What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten, and what made it special/great?


Ooh, where to start! I’ve had many memorable meals, mostly made that way because of the company I was in or the location. Great friends and/or a wonderful setting always makes food taste better in my opinion. Years ago, I attended a cooking school in Provence with a couple of friends and had the best time, but one of the meals we prepared still sticks in my mind. It was a simple Provençale dish of stuffed vegetables served with fresh tomato sauce that we ate on a terrace bathed in afternoon sunshine, and washed down with delicious local wine. It was amaaaazing.

What about you? What’s your best meal and why was it so special? Share, and you’ll go into the draw to win a copy of Second Chance Love.

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight Friday AEST, 28th October 2016. Open internationally. If the winner has an Australian postal address, they’ll receive a paperback copy of Second Chance Love. A winner without an Australia postal address will receive a gifted ebook from Amazon.

Good luck!


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Santa and the Saddler Release Day!

Santa and the Saddler quote

Drape that tinsel and pour yourself a giant glass of mulled wine because today we celebrate the release of my first Christmas-themed story, Santa and the Saddler. Rah!

I’ve been wanting to write a Christmas tale for ages and this year I finally had the time, and I’m so damn proud of it I’m strutting around like a puffed-up turkey. This novella is cute, sweet and guaranteed to make you feel gooey.

And it’s not just me saying this. Here’s some of what Talking Books Blog had to say:

I’m a complete fan of the heartfelt small town rural romance reads, and Santa And The Saddler didn’t disappoint. From start to finish, the story held its own. An exceptional, feel good, warm-hearted read not to be missed. 5 Stars

Pretty chuffed about that, let me tell you.

For those of you who pre-ordered ebook copies of Danny and Beth’s lovely romance, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your ebooks should be loading onto your e-readers and apps now (unless you’re outside of our Aussie time-zone, in which case they should load after midnight your time).

I hope you enjoy this lovely tale of a man in a Santa suit and the saddler he falls madly for, and feel the same Christmas magic that they do.

Now, as has become tradition on release day on this blog, here are some secret things about Santa and the Saddler. Have fun!


1/. Santa and the Saddler had a few theme songs. Being a Christmas story there had to be seasonal songs involved, and not just carols. These are young modern people, after all. With Beth being mostly brought up in England her tastes lean to British bands, where the Christmas #1 hit is a longstanding tradition (think the movie Love, Actually and you’ll see what I mean). So the first theme song is Slade’s brilliant Merry Christmas Everybody, which is still enormously popular and sells a motza each year, while the second is totally out-there band The Darkness and Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End).

But the main theme song comes courtesy of Australian band Thirsty Merc and their hit Someday, Someday, about a bloke trying to keep his long distance relationship alive. Love this song. LOVE IT!

2/. Danny makes agricultural windmills for a living. I’ve wanted to write a character like this ever since I read an article in The Weekend Australian about the dearth of windmill engineers in the country and the many advantages of windmills over other pumping systems. It’s a sexy job I reckon, but I am a bit weird like that.

3/. O’Brien’s Saddlery, where much of the action takes place, is a very (VERY!) loose amalgam of the two saddleries I used to haunt as a horse-mad girl growing up in Mount Gambier. Unlike in Santa and the Saddler, I’m sure nothing untoward ever happened in their rear workshops, and if it did, I don’t want to know about it. My memories of these places are innocent and I’d like them to stay that way!

4/. Although the book is set during an Australian Christmas, which means summer as well as cricket season, there’s mention that Danny plays Australian rules football for Mount Pitt. For those of you who’ve read Rocking Horse Hill, you’ll recognise Mount Pitt as arch rivals of the Gerrinton Giants, who Josh from Rocking Horse Hill plays for, as does Harry from Summer and the Groomsman.

5/. The whole idea for the story came from the title. I was desperate to write a Christmas themed tale but had no clue where to start, so I began brainstorming titles to see if that helped. As I wanted to keep the same title rhythm as others I’d come up with (Summer and the Groomsman – out now, Eddie and the Show Queen – coming sometime in the future), and I needed something country as well as Christmassy, Santa and the Saddler worked perfectly. Once I had that, the rest was easy.

You can read more about how I came to write this book in Ticking Clocks and Horsey Stock.

6/. Santa and the Saddler is one of the quickest stories I’ve written, probably because it’s one of the most joyous. I just loved writing about Beth and Danny falling in love. It was so damn sweet and cute!

7/. Danny has an older brother with whom he indulges in endless games of one-upmanship. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick, who’s single, ends up with his own story one day (with Chrissy and the Burroughs Boy for a title?). Maybe if I get organised enough he could be the star of next year’s Christmas novella? Stay tuned!


I hope you enjoyed these seven secret things and wish you even more fun with Danny and Beth and all the other characters in Santa and the Saddler.  If you’d like to read an excerpt, check out the book page on this website or download a sample from your favourite ebook retailer.

Or you can simply go ahead and purchase the ebook of Santa and the Saddler right now from:

Amazon.comAmazon.au |Amazon.uk




Paperback copies of Santa and the Saddler will be available in coming weeks. As I’ve done previously, I’ll be offering readers the chance to purchase personally signed copies direct from me. Details will be in my next newsletter. Subscribe here to keep up to date with this and other news.

Right. I’m off to double check my bottle of celebratory fizz is in the fridge and cold for later, eat indulgent things and generally flop around feeling wonderful that this story has finally hit shelves.

PS: There is no Teaser Tuesday today due to Santa and the Saddler’s release but it’ll be back with bells on next week.


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Santa and the Saddler – Out Tuesday!

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Release date for my Christmas rural romance novella SANTA AND THE SADDLER is at last nigh. Rah!

Tuesday, October 18th 2016

Yes, that’s just FOUR sleeps until the book that’s guaranteed to wrap your heart in glittery tinsel and Christmas happiness arrives.

Pre-order your copy today from:

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk




Paperback editions will be available in a few weeks, with newsletter subscribers getting first dibs on personally signed print copies. Don’t want to miss out? Subscribe today!

Santa and the Saddler - available in ebook and paperback

He’s found the girl of his dreams, but she’s just passing through. Can he turn fleeting Christmas magic into forever?

Windmill fabricator Danny Burroughs doesn’t have time to wait in line at the local saddler—no matter how pretty the girl behind the counter—he’s juggling two jobs as it is. But his little sister has her heart set on a unique piece of saddlery for Christmas and he can’t let her down.

Expert saddler Beth Wells has no idea that when she comes to small town Levenham to look after her grandfather’s shop she’ll be swamped with customers. Overrun by day, Beth is forced to work late into the night on Christmas orders. The last thing she needs is another.

When super-cute Danny arrives at the saddlery after midnight wearing a Santa suit, a broad grin and pleading she make his sister’s present, Beth makes a deal—she will take the order in exchange for Danny’s help. Except this flirty Santa’s idea of helping involves more than stacking shelves, and in the confines of the saddlery their smouldering attraction soon becomes a blaze. But no matter how hopelessly drawn she is, Beth has a job interstate and a mum who needs her. Anything more than friendship is pointless.

Will these two chance-met strangers find the courage to gamble on their love? Or will the girl Danny’s been looking for all his life leave nothing behind but a sweet Christmas memory?

Order now!

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk | iBooks | Nook | Kobo


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the tantalising blog series where I share snippets from my works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels, and occasionally let good writing buddies play around.

Well, the announcement has been made. Santa and the Saddler is definitely releasing and very soon. I’ll have an exact date over the next week but mid-October is looking pretty good for the ebook, with print coming after. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, watch out for news in your inbox, along with a special offer. If you’re not, then simply sign up here and score a couple of free short stories to enjoy over a cuppa.

I’ve said it previously but I’m thrilled to have this novella coming out. Some books are like wrestling a dog that doesn’t want to be bathed—you love them to bits but they can be bloody difficult sometimes—but Santa and the Saddler was a cute, gambolling puppy and pure joy to write. It’s my great wish that readers experience the same fun with Beth and Danny as I did.

Here’s a little example of that fun. Just a leeeetle snippet, mind. I wouldn’t want to spoil the whole journey for you.


Santa and the Saddler by Cathryn Hein‘You,’ she said, thrusting a pointed finger at him, ‘are the most annoying Santa ever.’

‘Yeah, I’m a disgrace to my suit.’ The grin turned cheeky as he lazily raked his gaze over her body. ‘You know how I said I can lift heavy things?’

Beth’s eyes widened. Palms out, she took two hasty steps back. ‘Don’t you even think it.’

Danny shrugged. ‘It’s either that or you start locking up.’

‘Bad Santa. Very bad Santa.’

‘Nope. Santa with an ulterior motive.’


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Say hello to Santa and the Saddler

Yes, my lovelies, the teasing wait is over. SANTA AND THE SADDLER, my Christmas themed novella, is happening!

Next month, in fact. Details on the exact release date, blurb and more will be available shortly but in the meantime here’s SANTA AND THE SADDLER’s gorgeous cover for you to drool over. Isn’t it lovely?

Cover of Santa and the Saddler by Cathryn Hein


This story is so sweet and cute and was an absolute joy to write. It’s set in Levenham, the same as Summer and the Groomsman, Rocking Horse Hill and my upcoming December release Wayward Heart, so you might spot a couple of old friends and maybe a new hero or two for me to write about in the future.

Release dates and much, much more will be going out first to newsletter subscribers very soon, so if you don’t want to miss out, sign up today.

Many thanks to Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design for another beautiful cover.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayIt’s Teaser Tuesday time again, the tantalising series where I share snippets from my novels, old, new and in progress, and occasionally let author buddies take over.

I have news! Actually, I have lots of news but some of it will have to wait a little longer before I can reveal, but here’s a couple of pieces that I can share. Firstly, Wayward Heart’s on sale date has been brought forward to December 12th, just in time for Christmas. Rah!

Secondly, and this is juicy, the publisher Harlequin is offering a limited time, pre-order special: Wayward Heart for only $7-99. Bargain! But as I said, this special is for a limited time only, so pre-order now so you don’t miss out.

Pre-order from:

Amazon | iBooks | Google Play | Kobo

And now for a lovely taste of Wayward Heart.


Wayward Heart by Cathryn HeinThe hammering stopped. She dropped her hand and held her breath, waiting for the sound of a car door, for the rumble of an engine, anything to signal he was leaving, but it was hard to isolate specific sounds against the whistle of the wind and groans of the timber. Breathing hard, she snatched up the television remote and poked the Off button but it was still difficult to make out what was nature and what could be Mike.




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For a longer extract, the Story Behind Wayward Heart and more, check out its book page.


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the tantalising blog series where I share snippets from my works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels, and occasionally let writing buddies play around.

This week, a little taste of the book of my heart, April’s Rainbow. I am so proud of this book and very grateful to everyone who has bought and read it. Recently I was thrilled to bits to discover that ebook retailer Kobo had given it and Summer and the Groomsman a little best-seller banner. So thank you to everyone who has made that happen. It’s so cool!

Screenshot of April's Rainbow's best seller banner on Kobo

Anyway, without further rambling, here’s a taste of gorgeous Tristan. Sigh. I don’t care if he’s fictitious. I still love that man a ridiculous amount.


April approached, coloured skirt swirling, thick black curls bouncing around her shoulders, shimmering with light. I wanted to touch that silky hair, wrap a long tress around my fingers and feel it slide away. Even then, on our first meeting, I’d wanted to touch every part of April. Looking back now, the strength of my reaction to her feels a bit over the top and stalkerish, but I owned one of those hearts that could fall in love in an instant and then spend years broken when it all turned sour. Too sensitive for my own good, Mum said. A bloody great sook, according to my brothers. Maybe I was both, but at least the only person I ever hurt was myself.

©Cathryn Hein

Here’s what book blogger 1Girl2ManyBooks had to say about April’s Rainbow: “April’s Rainbow is a really beautiful story exploring terrible grief but from a very interesting perspective which sets it apart. It’s heartbreak and love, despair and fragile hope that packs an emotional punch that will stay with you. 9/10” Click here for the full review.

Grab your ebook copy today from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or Nook, or the paperback from Booktopia or Bookdepository.

Love to know more about April’s Rainbow? You’ll find the story behind the book, reviews, and another excerpt on its book page on this website.


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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser TuesdayIt’s time for another tantalising treat thanks to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets from my novels, old, new and in progress, and occasionally let author buddies take over.

I am so, so tempted to share a few more paragraphs from Santa and the Saddler, the novella I’m currently writing, because I’m hopelessly in love with the story and the characters and want to share them with the world. But I’d better not. If I do manage to get this book out in time for Christmas, I’ll be exposing it that much you’ll be sick of me. Same goes for Wayward Heart. I’m reading page proofs at the moment and I’m so excited about its release it’s giving me tingles. Can’t wait!

So this week we’ll revisit an old release. Heartland is a really fun book with a super sexy ex-solider hero and a sassy blonde heroine with an intriguing tattoo. And a mad goose. We mustn’t forget Honk. That bird is such a mischief maker.

Here’s a bit of early attraction between Callie and Matt. Matt has been watching Callie with a litter of puppies…


‘You can have one if you like,’ he said, moving out of the shadows and walking toward Callie. ‘Wal’s giving them away to good homes.’

Heartland by Cathryn HeinShe didn’t start, making him wonder if she knew he’d been watching. Giving an ecstatic cock-eared puppy a last tickle, she rose and faced him, smiling.

‘I doubt I’d make a good home.’

‘You sure? They’re pretty cute.’

‘Ahh, but cuteness isn’t everything.’

He rubbed at his jaw, glad that he hadn’t bothered to shave; the bristles helped make his scar less confronting. ‘Probably just as well, otherwise I’d be stuffed.’

She studied him a moment, gaze lingering on his scar before sliding away. ‘I’m sure you do all right.’

©Cathryn Hein

Heartland can be yours right now from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or Google Play. For print copies, visit Booktopia, Bookdepository or your favourite book store.

Want to learn more about Heartland? You’ll find story behind the book, reviews, and more excerpts on its book page on this website.


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THIS WRITING LIFE: Ain’t Love Grand!

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Aaaaaand, the 2016 Romance Writers of Australia conference has been and gone for another year. This year was special too, being the 25th anniversary conference and with the fab theme Ain’t Love Grand. I think the organisers did the RWA and themselves proud. I had a ball, as usual, and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. Thank you, ladies and gents. Bloody brilliant!

The Ain't Love Grand logoIt’s such a delight to catch up with writing buddies that I tend to talk to only online or via phone. There’s nothing like human contact, is there? The hugs and squeals, the laughter and sharing of challenges and triumphs, the late night bar sessions…

But enough of that. It’s piccies I know you’re after and I have plenty. Now, because there are so many photos, and I’m flat out at the moment finishing Santa and the Saddler and poring over Wayward Heart proofs, I’m not going to provide in depth descriptions. You’ll just have to look and enjoy, then book your own slot for the conference or ARRA book signing next year, and make yourself a part of these great events.

The conference was in Adelaide, South Australia, so what better excuse to visit my home town and family first in Mount Gambier, then follow it up with a road trip to Adelaide?

I caught up with my niece and nephews and watched the boys play basketball. As you can see, they didn’t take after their aunt in the height stakes. I felt very stumpy.

With my tall niece and nephews

As many of you are aware, my mum has Alzheimer’s and is now in full-time care. I’d love to say she recognised me but in all honesty I don’t think she did. It’s such a shit disease, it really is, but she’s being wonderfully cared for and when Dad and I visited her, she was cheerful and perky, and in overall good health. We had a fun time taking her out to buy new slippers and a cuppa at the bakery in Casterton, Victoria. Here we are with one of the kelpie statues in town.

With Mum in Casterton

It’s lambing season across western Victoria and south-east SA. Not a good time to be a fox. Here’s a haul near Ardno Station, Strathdownie.

Strathdownie - fox haul

The next day it was road trip time! Here’s me and Dad cruising the Dukes Highway.

Me and Dad road trip

Then it was Adelaide or, more specifically, Glenelg, and what a conference location it was. The council even had a heart for us (it’s a permanent sculpture but we romance peeps laid claim to it).

Glenelg Heart Sculpture

After spending Thursday catching up with friends, lunching with my editor and enjoying high tea with other buddies at a local bookshop, it was time for the Harlequin author party. We were each presented with red feather boas on arrival, which was fun, but the venue and the conference hotel looked like a slaughterhouse afterwards with all the dropped red feathers. I bet the cleaners are still grumbling about us.

Here’s Michelle Conder, Annie West, Carol Marinelli and Fiona McArthur.

Harlequin author party

And me and Michelle later in the bar.

Me and Michelle Conder

The conference Friday workshop was with screenwriting expert Michael Hauge. I used his Story Mastery session and templates to start nutting out Eddie and the Show Queen, which is a kinda-sorta sequel to Summer and the Groomsman, featuring Harry’s rakish brother Eddie. Don’t ask when I’ll get around to writing this one, I have no idea, but at least now I have a plot plan.

Michael Hauge - Story Mastery

Friday night was cocktail party night where many choose to dress up. This year’s theme was Love Is A Cabaret, which meant feather boas, black ties and more. Take a look…

Leisl Leighton, RWA president. Awesome eyelashes.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Leisl Leighton

Anne Gracie and Keri Arthur.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Anne Gracie Keri Arthur

A crowd of flappers.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - crowd

Fiona McArthur and me.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Fiona McArthur and me

T.M Clarke and hubby.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - TM Clark and hubby

Me, Louise Reynolds and Jaye Ford.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Me-Louise Reynolds-Jaye Ford

Juanita Kees and me.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Juanita Kees and me

Jane and Richard Carter.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Jane and Richard Carter

Leisl Leighton serenaded us with a song from Cabaret to much applause.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - song time

Me and agent Alex Adsett.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - me and Alex Adsett

The gorgeous Lilia Kanna from Harlequin.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Lilia Kanna

Michelle Douglas and me.

RWA 2016 Cocktail Party - Michelle Douglas and me

And the conference proper begins! Hardworking organisers and deadest legends Bronwyn Stuart and Trish Morey.

RWA Conference - Bronwyn Stuart and Trish Morey

They presented a fun talk and slide show of what the world was like 25 years ago when the RWA began. Such a hoot.

RWA Conference - 25th anniversary fun

The state of publishing and bookselling panel.

RWA Conference - state of publishing and bookselling panel

The Stamford Grand Hotel showed us lots of luuuuurve. Very cool.

RWA Conference - hotel love

Saturday afternoon saw the ARRA booksigning event which was another great success. Here’s Anne Gracie…

2016 ARRA booksigning - Anne Gracie

Rachael Johns…

2016 ARRA booksigning - Rachael Johns

Juanita Kees…

2016 ARRA booksigning - Juanita Kees

Kandy Shepherd…

2016 ARRA booksigning - Kandy Shepherd

Mandy Magro…

2016 ARRA booksigning - Mandy Magro

Crowd shot…

2016 ARRA booksigning - crowd shot

Then it was awards dinner time! Didn’t the room and everyone look gorgeous?

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - crowd

Leah Ashton, Rachel Bailey, Daniel de Lorne.

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Leah Ashton-Rachel Bailey-Daniel de Lorne

Suzi Love and her husband Graham, who volunteers to help with the agent and editor pitches every year. Thanks Graham. I heard many singing your praises!

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Suzi Love and husband Graham

Wheeeeeee! Summer and the Groomsman had its time in the sun thanks to its best rural romance cover win. I cheered it. Cos, why not!

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Summer and the Groomsman best rural romance cover

Me and James Kellow, CEO of Harlequin and Harper Collins.

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Me and James Kellow

Karen M Davis paying heartfelt tribute to her mother, the late Lynn Wilding, a founding member of RWA. Many of us suffered sniffles during this speech, it was so lovely.

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Karen M Davis

Rachael Johns and James Kellow.

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Rachael Johns and James Kellow

Rach taking out the Ruby Award in the romantic elements category with The Patterson Girls. Rah!

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Rachael Johns Ruby Award

There was dancing! And photo bombing by Shannon Curtis.

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - dancing and Shannon Curtis

Annie West and Michelle Douglas.

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - Annie West and Michelle Douglas

More dancing…

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - dancing

And bar lounging…

2016 RWA Awards Dinner - post dinner lounging

As for what happened after that, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Despite appearances, it wasn’t all frocking up and partying. There were plenty of workshops, speakers and panels to check out. Here’s one of the slides from Kathryn Fox’s talk: Writer Like The World’s Best-Selling Author, where she talked about writing for James Patterson and what makes him such an incredible seller.

2016 RWA Conference - Kathryn Fox's workshop

Can’t wait for next year in Brisbane with Love Gone Wild!

2016 RWA Conference - announcing Brisbane 2017

For those wondering what happened to Hot Chocolate the blow-up wonder horse, the news isn’t good. Despite enthusiastic but inexpert veterinary care, Hot Choc suffered another puncture and was feeling very deflated about the whole affair. He made it to the booksigning but spent all his time sulking under the table. I fear this may be the last…

Hot Chocolate - deflated again

My heartfelt thanks to RWA, the conference committee and everyone involved in this year’s conference. The location was perfect – one of the best – the speakers and workshops were great, the parties fantastic and the friendship brilliant. Thank you, thank you.

If you’re an aspiring writer I can’t recommend that you join the Romance Writers of Australia enough. There is no doubt in my mind that without RWA I wouldn’t be published. I also wouldn’t have the wonderful friends I have or the chance to make new ones. And if you’re a reader, there’s the Australian Romance Readers Association.

So join up and hang online and in person with the people who love the same things you do. Go on. It’s fun!


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Teaser Tuesday!

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Teaser TuesdayIt’s Teaser Tuesday time again, the blog series where I tantalise you with snippets from works-in-progress, past and upcoming releases, and occasionally let writing buddies play around too.

I am so deep into writing Santa and the Saddler at the moment. Oh, how I adore this book! The hero and heroine are so lovely and I just know they need to be together even though right now it seems as if that’s not going to happen. It will, of course. It’s a romance and in a romance a happy-ever-after is mandatory. That doesn’t mean there won’t be tears along the way though.

I don’t want to make promises, but I’m pretty confident I’ll have this novella finished for you in time for a Christmas release. There are still quite a few chapters to go but I’m starting to glimpse the end and I always write faster when I can see that, and this book is such fun. All I want to do is write it!

Can you tell I’m excited about this story? I am. Really excited, which is why I’m going to share another little snippet today. Obviously the novella is in draft form and this is an unedited piece, so it might be totally different in the finished book or be cut all together.



Late in his shift, when he had a spare moment, Danny picked a couple of packets of nuts from the rack and paid for them along with two bottles of pilsner. He didn’t know if Beth drank beer but she looked like that kind of girl. What she looked like was his kind of girl, and Danny had every plan of making her that. Tonight would be good but he’d take tomorrow. She was tired and distracted and a bloke couldn’t rush these things.

He wanted to though. Badly.

As soon as knock-off came, Danny was out of the Arms and shooting for O’Brien’s.

‘Santa to the rescue,’ he announced when Beth unlocked the door. He held up the beers and nuts. ‘Sustenance.’

She leaned against the jamb with her arms folded. ‘What are you doing here?’

Danny studied Beth’s face, trying to figure out her mood, whether she was pleased or the defensive folded arm act was just that—an act. ‘I’ve come to help?’

He cringed at how the rising inflection made him sound like a girl.

‘Danny, you played cricket today, and you’ve obviously done a shift at the pub.’ She indicated his Santa suit. ‘I’m fine, go home. There’s no point in both of us ending up exhausted. I was planning to finish up soon anyway.’

He shrugged. ‘So I’ll hang around and take you home.’

Beth pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. ‘You do realise Santa is meant to come only once a year and not every night?’

‘Ah, but Beth, you should know by now that this Santa never plays by the rules.’

©Cathryn Hein

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