Hi, everyone, and welcome to my blog.

Well, things are getting a bit exciting around here. It’s August 1st, which means not only is every Australian horse’s birthday, in 28 days my rural set romance Promises will officially hit the shelves. Author copies arrived last week and I’ve wasted far too much time admiring them. I’m completely besotted with the cover. The pretty girl makes a perfect Sophie, the determined heroine of Promises, and I’m rather enamoured of stubble man too. The way he’s looking at Sophie makes me feel all gooey!

The launch of this blog coincides with the launch of my website, designed by fabulous Australian author and all round techno clever clogs Paula Roe. On the site you’ll find the first chapter of Promises, links to social media and other contacts, plus more about me and my writing. I’d love you to check it out and please let me know what you think, and feel free to offer suggestions for what you’d like to see included on the site.

You’ll find the link on the top right hand side of the page or by clicking www.cathrynhein.com.

Finally, to whet your appetite, here’s the back cover blurb for Promises.


A father with something to hide, a jockey with a taste for blackmail, a man with an agonising secret … and a young woman in love, defying them all.

Sophie Dixon is determined to leave her tragic past behind and forge a bright new future on her beloved farm. While looking to buy a new horse, she is drawn into her neighbour Aaron Laidlaw’s orbit, despite the bad blood between their families.

As the racing season unfolds, Sophie and Aaron’s feelings for each other deepen. But Aaron is torn, haunted by a dark secret he fears can never be forgiven – especially by Sophie.

Sophie believes herself strong, but the truth behind her mother’s death will test her strength, and her love, to the limit. She’s been broken once. No one wants to see her broken again. Least of all the man who has grown to love her.

From an exciting new Australian voice comes this compelling story about love, loyalty and forgiveness.


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