My nephew called the other night to tell me that his friend’s mum is the library manager of Mt Gambier library and that she said Promises was the best book she’d ever, EVAH read. I was thrilled but also took it with a grain of salt because, you know, she’s a librarian who’s probably read a bazillion books, and calling it the best book EVAH (to use Mason’s overexcited description) was a pretty big call.

And then I saw Cathryn Harris’s review on her Recommended Reading Blog.

This is probably one the best books I have read, not only is it Australian, but it is based in the South East of South Australia, so the local favour is very strong with mention of areas such as Penola, Naracoorte and Beachport. Even the description of the limestone buildings and the crushed limestone driveways conjure up images close to home.

The characters are strong and some may be recognizable to locals and the drama keeps the reader guessing until the end, so much so I had to continue reading through the night to find out the ending. Hein is yet another powerful Australian fiction author whom I am sure we will come to love as more of her books become available.

That’ll teach me to doubt my nephew.

As an aside, Cathryn Harris is also a finalist in the 2011 SA Telstra Business Women’s Awards. I hope she wins!




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