Greetings from our first Friday Feast for 2012! And what a great year it’s going to be with a fantastic line up of guest authors interspersed with the occasional ramble from me.

This week I’m delighted to welcome paranormal and fantasy romance author Shona Husk to the series, and not just because of the drool-worthy recipe she’s about to share. Shona’s August 2011 release, The Goblin King, the first in a paranormal romance trilogy about cursed Celtic heroes and their struggle to be free of the Shadowlands, has been generating loads of buzz in romance land, with good reason. Everyone I know who’s read it, loves it and I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck into my copy.

But Shona’s here to celebrate in indulgent chocolately style the release on January 31st of her novella, BRIGHTWATER BLOOD, from Samhain Publishing. How cool is that title? My mind starts swirling just reading it. But have a listen to this blurb:

To survive, they’ll have to think outside the circle.

Were-lion Lachlan Garvey is closing in on the Brightwater women, the last of a Shamanic line that the Council wants eradicated for their murderous use of magic. One minute he’s in his animal form, examining a dead body in a patch of charred grass. The next, he wakes up human – naked, shot, and lying in a circle of his own blood.

Dayna Brightwater is sure the man she’s bound with a blood spell is the one who just murdered her twin sister. Yet even if she did have the stomach for revenge killing, she doesn’t have the power. But what to do with him now? If she lets him go, he’ll kill her, too.

Trapped in the path of a deadly magical fire, Lachlan has to think fast–and talk faster–to convince the beautiful Shaman he’s innocent. As the roaring flames creep closer, Dayna must choose. Trust Lachlan and use magic to save them both…or flee. And live with the knowledge she caused his death, proving that no Brightwater is capable of love.

Warning: Contains a naked hero who’ll do anything to save his life…including saving hers.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, it’s available for pre-order direct from the publisher and on Kindle, so start clicking!

Anyway, enough from me. Take it away, Shona.


I love to cook, especially if it involves chocolate. Ice cream, brownies, cookies. Yum. Of course my family reaps the benefit of these tasty treats.

Today I’m going to share a recipe that started as a bit of a challenge. I wanted Toblerone brownies (who wouldn’t, brownies and Toblerone in one mouthful, yum!). The internet was most unhelpful so I set about amending a recipe I had. I have since modified this recipe again so make white chocolate and raspberry brownies (OMG to die for!)

The best part of this recipe is that it’s all done in 1 pot and you don’t need beaters, so there’s very little mess.

If you don’t like chocolate, or calories, look away now.




200g unsalted butter chopped

125g dark cooking chocolate

250g brown sugar

3 medium size eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

250g all purpose (plain) flour

40g cocoa powder

125g Toblerone chopped (or choc chips)

100g Toblerone chopped extra. (I like dark, but milk also works or you could mix and match)


Pre-heat oven to 180C

Line a rectangular cake pan/lamington pan (33 x 23cm) with baking paper.

Melt butter and chocolate in a medium saucepan over low heat until melted.

Stir in sugar, eggs and vanilla.

Then stir in flour and cocoa. Mix well. (I use a whisk)

Add 125g chopped Toblerone and pour mixture into cake pan.

Bake approximately 20-30 minutes. If you like them fudgy 20 mins, or if you like them cakey 30 mins (I always go for fudgy so they are squishy in the middle).

Take out of oven. Sprinkle with chopped extra Toblerone and press into brownies—gently.

Cool, cut and eat. (in that order—trust me they do not cut well hot and they taste better cold)

These will keep in the fridge for four days…maybe longer but I’ve never had the chance to find out as they get eaten too fast.

Because Brightwater Blood is set in Margret River I thought I should offer a wine selection to go with the brownies. I’m not much of a port drinker but hubby recommends Gralyn Cellars White Port.


Phew! Now that’s what I call an indulgent recipe. Thanks, Shona. I think I’m going to test this out on my niece and nephews when they come to visit. That way I’ll get to try a slice while remaining safe in the knowledge there won’t be any leftovers for me to scoff.

If you’d like to learn more about Shona and her wonderful paranormal and fantasy romances, please visit her website. You can also keep in touch with Shona via FacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

All this chocolate has given me severe cravings, but seeing as I’m trying to be good at the moment – boring, I know – I have to live vicariously through others so would love to hear about your favourite chocolate indulgence. Come on, fess up. I’m sure you have plenty!

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