My friend Lisa from Brisbane came to visit over the weekend and as she’s not that familiar with Melbourne it gave us a great excuse to play tourist. What fun it was too!

Saturday was a brilliant day. We caught the Melbourne River Cruises tourist ferry from Williamstown to the city, which took us across Hobsons Bay and up the Yarra River to Southgate. Then it was lunch at Bistro Guillaume for some French indulgence, from where we were lucky enough to witness a man stop by the river’s edge, get down on bended knee and propose to his shocked girlfriend. When she finally recovered enough to nod a teary yes, diners on the restaurant terrace erupted into whoops and applause. I suspect the romance of it all made everyone’s day. I know it did mine – the couple were so gorgeously happy!

Here are a few happy snaps from our outing. Sadly, none of the proposal – I was too busy grinning in excitement to get out the camera.


Leaving Williamstown.

Our driver and guide, who were a hoot!

The city from across Hobsons Bay, looking pretty glam in the sunshine.

The control tower from which the flow of shipping to and from Melbourne’s docks is managed.

A ship in dock. I know, I know, the excitement of this pic is overwhelming but it is kind of cool in an industrial sort of way!

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

A pedestrian bridge at Docklands in the shape of an eel trap. Great design!

Squeezing under a bridge. Impressive driving by our ferryman.

Ponyfish Island at Southbank, where the groovers hang…and ungroovy people like us when we can squeeze a seat.

Lisa and I having fun.

And finally a gratuitous photo of the bird of paradise in our backyard simply because it’s pretty.

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