Challenges are good for you!

Thanks to house moving chaos (it’s not over yet, sigh) I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m now a signed up participant in the 2013 Australian Women’s Writing Challenge. My goal is to read at least 10 books by Australian women awwbadge_2013this year but I imagine I’ll read a lot more than that. We have so many brilliant authors and books out there that it’s more a matter of finding reading time than books to read.

I’ve made a pretty good start too. So far I’ve read:

All wonderful stories!

If you’d like to be involved in the challenge, sign up at the Australian Women’s Writing Challenge page. It’s dead easy. You can also follow and contribute to discussions on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.



0 thoughts on “Challenges are good for you!

  1. Avatarchristinestinson

    Just read another good book by an Australian author: ‘Just Breathe’ by Janette Paul. Definitely one to add to the list.

  2. Avatar1girl2manybooks

    Hope the move went okay Cathryn I know what a pain it is! You’ve already ticked off some amazing books there… absolutely love the first 3 on your list, especially The House of Memories. I get a tear just THINKING about that book. I haven’t read The Viscount’s Pleasure House but I may have to hunt it down.

    1. AvatarCathryn Hein

      Thanks, Bree. It’s veeeeery good to be settled at last. Wasn’t The House of Memories wonderful? I BAWLED in that book!

      The Viscount’s Pleasure House is by my good writing buddy Suzi Love, who has just had her second book, Embracing Scandal released. Am so chuffed for her.

      Speaking of good books, I read one of the best first kiss scenes I’ve ever read the other night. Was in Susanna Kearsley’s Sophie’s Choice between Sophie and her man. Still sighing over it. Wonderful, heart-whumpy, grin-inducing moment. I am so, so glad you put me onto SK.

  3. AvatarSuzanne Brandyn

    I must agree, challenges are good for us. I have one big challenge right now. That’s learning the ropes of INDIE. lol… although I’m still chasing my ultimate dream. 🙂

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