Fantastic video from e-reader company Kobo about the recent Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane (which, by the way, was brilliant).

If you look closely you might see me in a group fangirl hug with best-selling Australian author of the Destined to Play series (and lovely lady) Indigo Bloome. Pretty cool!



As an aside, thanks to my good buddy and fellow rural romance author Rachael Johns, I scored a Kobo Glo at the Kobo cocktail party and love it to bits. I’m not just saying that either. It has this wonderful light that makes the screen so easy to read, and in any light quality. Plus the Kobo bookstore is great value, easy to navigate, and has been my primary shop for ebooks since I bought my first reader. Highly recommended gadget. Perfect for reading Heartland on!!

Sorry, had to sneak that last bit in. Blame imminent book release excitement.

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