Teaser Tuesday

Time for another Teaser Tuesday, the series where I tantalise you with snippets from upcoming and past book releases, and works-in-progress. This week, a few paragraphs from the rural romance manuscript I’m currently working on, Admella Beach.

Teaser TuesdayThis is another related book to Rocking Horse Hill and features two of the characters from that story, Jasmine Thomas and Digby Wallace-Jones, as well as other much-enjoyed types like the inimitable Granny B.

Love hasn’t been easy for either Jas or Digby and it certainly isn’t without it’s dramas in this story, but there’s no fun in making things painless for people, is there? I have to admit that I’ve gone out of my way to torture poor Digby, but that should make his return to happiness all the more satisfying!

All going well, Admella Beach will release in 2016. If you’d like to be the first to know about upcoming releases, giveaway opportunities, have access to free short stories and more, please sign up to my newsletter.

Now enjoy a teensy taste from one of the early chapters.


Digby Wallace-Jones hunched his shoulders against the cold and continued to walk. It was all he seemed to do these days. Walk, drink too much. Not speak. Sometimes, when he looked to the south and saw the hated slopes of Rocking Horse Hill, tears would fall. For Felicity. For himself and the void she’d left.

He missed her like he would miss his heart if it was cut out. Without Felicity life was beatless, bloodless. Nothing flowed in his veins except anger and loss, and the pain of his leftover, never-to-be requited love. Even the nightmares, with their looming, hyper-magnified visions of her perfect face turned to his, gaze resigned yet somehow also thankful, were a kind of blessing. He could touch her in those dreams. Say things. Alter time. Save her.

But there would be no saving her. Right now he didn’t want to save himself either.

© Cathryn Hein

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