Teaser Tuesday

Hello again from Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share tasty morsels of works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels.

STeaser Tuesdayeeing as I’m currently reading final proofs of my upcoming rural romance novella, Summer and the Groomsman – release details coming very, VERY soon – I figured it must be time to share another little snippet from the story (if you missed the first one, you’ll find it on this Teaser Tuesday).

I love this story. It’s sweet and a little funny, and familiar characters from The Falls and Rocking Horse Hill make cameo appearances, including Granny B, who’s up to her usual mischief. Plus there’s a wedding and we all love one of those.

Summer and the Groomsman‘s sighworthy cover and pre-order links will be revealed over the next week to newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t already signed up, make sure you do right now!

In the meantime, enjoy this glimpse of big Harry Argyle, the hero of Summer and the Groomsman, as he readies for a wedding party bonding session at Levenham’s Lush Spa and Beauty.


“Everyone here?” asked Dollybird.

Em nodded. “And looking forward to it.”

“Great. Everything’s prepared.” She smiled at them in turn. “Now, girls first.” From the corridor behind emerged three equally slim women wearing outfits that seemed more appropriate for a pharmacy or science lab than a beauty salon. “Em, you’re with Megan. Jas, if you’ll go with Sandy? And Teagan, we’ve paired you with Katie.”

Em planted a kiss on Josh’s mouth before waving at Harry and Dig, and with a call of “Enjoy!” trailed her beautician down the corridor. Jas followed suit, throwing Dig a wink as she went.

Teagan touched Harry lightly on the arm. “Just relax. You’ll be fine.” Then she leaned close. “But if they offer you an enema, say no.” And with a giggle she trotted off, leaving Harry feeling faint from the blood that had just drained from his face to pool in his boots. Enema? Enema?

© Cathryn Hein 2015

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