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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the tantalising blog series where I share snippets from works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels. Unless I get excited and decide to show off teasers from good writing buddies, as is the case today.

With her Swallow’s Fall series, Jennie Jones has fast become a superstar of the Australian rural and small town romance genre. Her happy, brightly covered books seem to be everywhere, which comes as no surprise. They’re hugely popular!

Being a bit of fangirl, I couldn’t resist having Jennie on Teaser Tuesday and I’m sure after reading the following sample from The House at the End of the Street you’ll want to rush out and buy the book. Try Booktopia, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play or your favourite ebook retailer.

Here’s Jennie to give you a taste of her latest release.

Author Jennie JonesThe House at the End of the Street follows the adventures of the heart for Gemma Munroe (blonde, sporty, home-loving artist and would-be toy shop owner) and the love of her life – Josh Rutherford (tall, tanned, skilled with horses and reticent to say where he’s been for the last ten years). Now he’s back for a week and sparks are flying. Josh owns the toy shop and Gem wants to buy it. But there’s more trouble at Gem’s back than she’d thought, and Josh can’t bring himself to leave town without knowing she’ll be safe.


‘Taking time off again, eh?’

Gem started at the sound of Josh’s voice, arriving so deep and rich from the closed space where her mind had been. She peered down at him from the second level of her scaffolding. ‘Raphael is—’

Cover of The House at the End of the Street by Jennie Jones‘I’m joking, Gem,’ he interrupted as he climbed the ladder. ‘Nice view from up here.’ The deck of the platform was only two metres long, so Gem had no choice but to suffocate in the glorious smell of him. A subtle aroma of the ocean lay beneath the leather of his bomber jacket. Perhaps masculinity always exuded from his skin. Damn it. He’d probably been a hit with the ladies since birth.

‘What do you need?’ she asked.

He smiled, slowly and way too dreamily. ‘I need your books. Oh—and I need that kiss.’

Gem swallowed and decided to ignore his taunt about the kiss. If he took a look at her books he’d know that she didn’t have the last fifty grand to buy the toy shop off him. ‘Look, I have to admit something.’ She looked up at him, trying to keep her panic hidden. ‘I might need a little extra time to get the last … few thousand.’

‘You’ve got it. How long do you need?’

‘Um … not sure, unless I call my father again.’

Surprise showed in Josh’s eyes and for a split second his features hardened, as though his hackles were rising. ‘What’s he got to do with it?’

© Jennie Jones

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