10 Secret Things About Summer and the Groomsman!

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Summer and the Groomsman

Crack the champas, bring out the choccies, for today is Summer and the Groomsman’s release day. Whee!

For those of you who have pre-ordered copies of my new rural romance, THANK YOU! I hope they’re a-winging their way into your e-readers, phones, tablets and computers now (although because we’re always early here in Australia we might have to wait until midnight ticks over in the USA before the files are actually released).

Most of all I hope you enjoy Harry’s and Summer’s sweet, cute romance. I had a ball writing it.

And now, for your delectation, here are…


1/. Poor Harry was not always Harry. He started out as Cameron (Cam) but he never really fitted that name. So I changed it to Henry, which I adored. Then I discovered that Henry clashed with a character from Admella Beach (the two stories overlap) and I had to rename him Harry. Summer was always Summer.

The change from Cameron to Henry was not without its dramas. Idiot me did a universal change for Cam without specifying whole and capitalised words only, resulting in EVERY letter sequence of “cam” changing to Henry. Thank god for the undo button.

2/. The idea for the story came to me in a day spa at the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast where I was staying for the 2012 Romance Writers of Australia conference. Good buddy Rachael Johns and I decided we deserved a pampering and booked ourselves in for a morning of bliss. Harry drifted into my brain during a very pleasurable massage. I don’t know why I don’t try this plotting method for every book. It’s lovely!


Me and Rachael Johns at the 2012 RWA conference

Me and Rach at the RWA Gold Coast conference wearing red for for the Heart Foundation, that year’s charity.

3/. Harry’s looks were very loosely inspired by Midshipman Alonso Frame (actor Russell Tovey) from Doctor Who’s Voyage of the Damned (he’s the one with the gunshot wound in the TV trailer).

4/. Summer and the Groomsman’s stunning cover was designed by Kellie from Book Cover By Design. To say I’m thrilled with it would be an understatement.

5/. Gavin Chalk’s property, where Summer agists her horse Binky, was inspired by one where I once kept my beloved first horse Mysty. It was also the location where my dad, an ex-jockey, infamously fell off her one Christmas and broke his wrist, resulting in endless teasing about his riding prowess.

6/. Summer and the Groomsman is my first self-published work. It was a hell of a learning curve but very exciting. Special thanks to author and editor Dianne Blacklock who edited the novella and was a great pleasure to work with, Kellie from Book Cover By Design, and to wonderful people like New Zealand author Maggie Le Page who held my hand throughout the journey, and happily answered all my dumb and panicked questions. Also to the private BI50Days loop for their support and error spotting, and Rachael Johns for her endless belief and encouragement.

7/. The exterior of the church where Em’s and Josh’s wedding takes place was inspired by my home town of Mount Gambier’s Christ Church where my Mum and Dad were married.Christ Church Mount Gambier

8/. Because this book is my first to be published world-wide I agonised over what spelling to use – Australian English or US. Initially I directed edits be skewed for the US market but when the time came to accept the changes I couldn’t do it, and so the novella remains Australian. With the setting and characters all Aussie, it just seemed right.

9/. Sometimes I write books to music, sometimes I don’t but almost every book has at least one “theme” song. Summer and the Groomsman is one of the few that doesn’t. No idea why. It just happened that way. I suspect it was because the story and characters were vivid to me from the start and didn’t need the extra creative input.

10/. Harry has a brother Eddie, who is very competitive, convinced he’s far more heroic than his brother could ever be, and now won’t stop nagging me to write his story. Looks like I’ll have to book myself in for a spa session and indulge in another long massage to find out what it is!


I hope you enjoyed these ten secret things. But what I really hope is that you have a ball with Harry and Summer and all the Levenham crew.

Keen to read an excerpt? You’ll find one on Summer and the Groomsman’s book page on this website plus others on Teaser Tuesdays here and here. And don’t forget you can download samples from ebook retailers.

Of course, I know that deep down you’re excited enough to want a copy right now, oh yes you are! To satisfy that want, simply clickety-click on these retailers and Summer and the Groomsman will be yours.








Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stick a bottle of fizz in the fridge for later. One must celebrate book releases in style. ‘Tis the rules!

PS. Due to Summer and the Groomsman hogging the bloggy limelight, there will be no Teaser Tuesday today. Never fear, it’ll be back in all its tantalising glory next week.

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8 thoughts on “10 Secret Things About Summer and the Groomsman!

  1. AvatarJanine K

    Just reading your blog post Cathryn, how fortunate you are to also have Dianne Blacklock as an editor and friend as well as Rachael. I also hosted Dianne at Endeavour Hills library (my branch) around 5 years ago, I just asked if she wanted to come and talk to our patrons, and she said yes! So I went and picked her up from her sons house in inner Melbourne and had the pleasure of an hour in the car to chat one on one, then she shared pizza and wine with us branch staff before her talk. What a super lovely lady which I can now call a friend. I’m eagerly waiting her next book which I believe is in the pipeline somewhere ? I am constantly amazed at you authors being so generous with your time and so down to earth, I have to wait until the USA clocks tick over to get my pre order of your book but that’s ok. I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts Cathryn, good luck with going down this route with your book, hope it’s successful.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      I’m VERY fortunate with my writer friends, Janine, and have the Romance Writers of Australia to thank for it. I wouldn’t know any of the wonderful people I do if not for the RWA. Nor would I probably be where I am now with my writing career. I owe that organisation a lot.

      How great you got to spend all that time with Dianne! She’s a lovely lady and an excellent author too.

      Summer and the Groomsman should now be in your reader. I hope you’re having as much fun with Harry and Summer and the gang as I did writing it.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to comment, and for the good wishes. That’s very kind and I appreciate it.

  2. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    I’m a bit dumb on the self-publishing bit, what does that mean exactly, Cathryn?

    Loved the 10 secret things about Summer and the Groomsman – it was fun to read. So happy to hear that you’re using the Aussie English spelling, so many times I’ve read a book by an Australian author but only to find US spelling – I for one don’t really like it but of course it doesn’t put me off the author or the story but I just love the way we spell our words.

    And by the way, Cathryn, hubby and I are going to your author talk in Castle Hill. OMG I am so over-excited I think I might just pee my pants. Lol.

    A HUGE congrats on your release! How bloody awesome!

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Re self-publishing, Sue, all it means is that instead of going through a traditional publishing house like Penguin, as I have with my other books, I’ve organised my own cover designer, editor and formatting and published the book myself. So there’s no real difference to you, the reader. The book is still professionally made, it’s just that I’m the one to put it up on Amazon etc. Cool, huh?

      RAH!!! On coming to Castle Hill. That’s wonderful. I look forward to meeting you and hubby. Oh, and if you’re going to pee your pants, please save it until after. LOL!!

      1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

        I think self-publishing is great and yes, very cool, and I bet a lot of hard work but fun at the same time. Oh, I knew it would still be professionally made just curious what went into self-publishing.

        Lol, Cathryn on me saving peeing my pants till after, I’m going to try really, really hard, really I am. Lol.

  3. AvatarJuanita Kees

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. You know I’m a big fan since way back when and I’ve loved everything you’ve written, but Harry has now become my favourite hero of all. I wonder if Eddie can replace him?


    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      That’s so cool to hear, Juanita. THANK YOU!!!

      I hope Eddie turns out as much fun as his brother. What I do know about him is that HE thinks he’s really smart (not to mention superior to his brother in everything). The girl he falls for is going to prove otherwise though… All I need is to figure out how!

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