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What a delight to host Australian author Tricia Stringer on the blog, and even more delightful that she’s offering a special giveaway of her upcoming new release! But more on that in a moment.

Tricia has rapidly become one of Australia’s much-loved authors. Her debut release, Queen of the Road (a fab read and one I highly recommend), not only became a top seller, it went on to win a Romance Writers of Australia Ruby Award. Since then Tricia’s released two more rural-set contemporary novels Right as Rain and Riverboat Point, along with the historical saga Heart of the Country.

Tricia’s December 1st release Between the Vines is set in Coonawarra, in south-east South Australia. My home stomping ground! It goes without saying that this makes the book even more excellent, being set god’s country and all. Not that I’m biased. Much.

Anyway, that’s enough silliness from me. You’re here to hear about Tricia and her new book, and maybe win a copy. But you’ll have to read to the end for details about that.

Please welcome Tricia!

Author Tricia StringerThanks for having me, Cathryn. You will recognise the setting for this book. It’s a rural romance set in beautiful Coonawarra wine country in the South East of South Australia.

BETWEEN THE VINES was such fun to write, not that all my books aren’t fun to write but this one had the added advantage of being able to include my love of wine!

Ever been on one of those cellar door tours where everyone’s getting a bit messy by the end? Not saying I have of course but I’ve witnessed a few so it was a great catalyst to throw two of the main characters together. I have the added advantage of having a son who’s a winemaker so with his behind the scenes expertise I set the story in a fictitious family winery.

Wriggly Creek Wines is run by two brothers, Edward and Peter Starr who have differing ideas on the future of their winery. Enter Taylor Rourke who’s the designated driver on her friend’s hen trip. Taylor is not planning to find the man of her dreams on this jaunt and especially not at the last cellar door for the day but fate has other ideas. Of course some don’t believe in fate and this could possibly end up being the worst mistake of her life.


“Why don’t you try some?” Edward put a wine glass where the water glass had stood. “We have a very good chardonnay. Unless you’d rather a red?”

“I’m driving.” Once more Taylor looked away from his mesmerising eyes.

“I’m only giving you a taste. Our chardonnay has done well for us.” He poured a splash into the glass. “You can’t visit Wriggly Creek Wines and not at least have a sip. It’s won two gold medals.”

Between the Vines by Tricia StringerTaylor glanced at her friends. They were getting noisier except for Mandy who was looking a little pale.

“One sip,” she said. “Then I’d better get this crew moving. We left Adelaide this morning and it’s been a long time since we stopped for lunch at Keith. We haven’t checked in yet.”

She reached for the glass and bumped the stem. She snatched at it just as he did. His hand was warm and steady over hers, sending a tingle up her arm.

“Just sip it.” He removed his hand.

She lifted it to her lips. The tang of liquid was crisp on her tongue then flowed smoothly down her throat.

He watched her closely.

“Very nice.” She put the glass carefully back on the counter.

“Only very nice.” He raised an eyebrow. “You’d better take another sip.”

“Time to go I think, Tales.” Cass tapped her on the shoulder. “Mandy might need a bit of a lie down.”

Taylor glanced over at the friend she was supposed to share a room with. Mandy leaned back against the wall, eyes closed, a sheen of perspiration coating her white forehead.

“Back in the van everyone,” Cass called.

Taylor glanced at Edward. “Sorry to rush off.”

He placed a hand on her arm and fixed those deep-blue eyes on her again. “Come to the pub for a drink tonight.” Her heart gave an extra thump. Damn, this couldn’t be happening. Not here. Why couldn’t she find a guy like Edward Starr closer to home?

© Tricia Stringer


Wasn’t that great? Definitely a book you want and thanks to Tricia a signed paperback copy of Between the Vines could be yours. Simply answer the following in the comment section of this blog:

What is your favourite wine region? Or, if you’re not a wine fan, what is your favourite drink?


Please Note: Giveaway closes midnight Friday AEST, 27th November 2015. Australian and New Zealand postal addresses only.

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