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Teaser TuesdayTime for another tantalising treat thanks to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets from my novels, old, new and in progress, and occasionally let author buddies take over.

Tomorrow April’s Rainbow releases. This rural love story is really special to me and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be sharing it with you. I’m also a little nervous because it’s a bit different to my previous stories. Mostly because it’s written in first person, from the hero Tristan’s perspective.

He’s a remarkable man though – decent, kind and courageous – and I hope you’ll fall for him as hard as I did.

Watch out tomorrow for Six Secret Things About April’s Rainbow, where I share some fun facts about the story and how I came to write it. You can also find out more about the book on The Story Behind April’s Rainbow page on this site, including photos of the gorgeous area in which it’s set.

In the meantime, enjoy this taste of lovely Tristan.


April stepped back and clapped her hands together. ‘Right. I’d better get myself organised. Thanks for checking on me.’

April's Rainbow by Cathryn Hein, an Australian country love story‘Are you sure you don’t need a hand?

‘Positive.’ She regarded the horizon once more and instinctively I looked over my shoulder to see if I could identify what had caught her attention, but there was nothing. Green paddocks, blue sky, white clouds. A distant stand of remnant forest. The grey steel sheep yards and shearing shed. A crow sweeping past. The usual scenery.

Perhaps she wanted to paint it or something.

‘Can I borrow you tomorrow?’ she asked suddenly.

I wanted to make a joke, like my middle brother Jeremy would. Wink and say something clever like ‘I’m all yours’ or ‘You can borrow me anytime’, but talk like that had never been my go. Half the time I was lucky to get a yes out. Not because I didn’t want to talk or was incapable, but because I had a fear of saying the wrong thing. I had every confidence in my livestock and farm management skills, even my mechanical ones when pressed. Talking though, especially to women, was a bugger. Usually it was easier to just ‘do’.

©Cathryn Hein

April’s Rainbow officially releases tomorrow but you can secure your copy right now from Amazon.com, Amazon.au, Amazon.uk, iBooks, Kobo or Nook.

If you’d prefer a personally signed print copy, notice of how to order will go out to subscribers in tomorrow’s release day newsletter and in the 6 Secret Things blog post. Not a newsletter subscriber? Then sign up today! You’ll not only score all the news first, you’ll have access to TWO exclusive short stories to enjoy over a cuppa. Plus I’ll love you.

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