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Teaser TuesdayGreetings from the tantalising land that is Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from current and past releases and works-in-progress. Except for the times when I corner writing mates and rope them in for a session.

Today I’m delighted to host best-selling and multiple award-winning romance author Amy Andrews on the blog. Seriously, if you haven’t read an Amy Andrews book you’re missing out. Her stories are enormous fun and chock-a-block with romance, sexiness, laughs and maybe even a few happy-tears.

Amy Andrews AuthorHere’s Amy to tell you a little about her hot contemporary romance Some Girls Do, book one in her Outback Heat series, and to share her teaser. This one’s a cracker and best of all it’s currently free. Yes, FREE! So download your copy right now from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, Nook or your favourite ebook retailer.

Coop is a specialised car restorer and he is doing up Lacey’s old Mini as a favour to her  and to try and expand the business away from its grunt car rep by attracting more female clientele. Also, as they are living together due to a certain set of circumstances, it is helping to keep him out of the house and therefore his hands off her!


A car up on a hoist directly ahead of her blocked her view and she didn’t see Coop until she walked around it and located him crouched down sans shirt, one knee on the ground, next to what appeared to be a car engine. Her car engine, judging by the gaping hole in the front of her Mini where the hood usually sat. Except there was no hood either. In fact the entire car was one big hole—no engine, no doors, no wheels, no seats or internal fittings whatsoever—just an empty shell on blocks, all its parts stripped out and placed in a pile on the floor.

It would have been a very sad sight indeed had Lacey been properly able to comprehend it. The fact that Coop was shirtless, however, made any kind of comprehension impossible. All Lacey was capable of was staring at the broad acres of his back and praying she didn’t do something stupid like try and lick him.

A sheen of sweat at his hairline and in the small of his back caught the light belting down from the overhead lamps, as did the play of muscles beneath his skin as he fiddled with some whoosie-what. Her gaze drifted to the streak of grease on his left flank and her belly looped the loop.

Some Girls Do by Amy AndrewsThere was just something so damn male about a guy doing something with his hands. Something mechanical. Something sweaty. And dirty.

Watching Coop in his natural environment was seriously turning her on.

Coop looked up from his handiwork abruptly and startled her. “Oh hey,” he said.

Lacey wondered if he’d been able to sense the sudden heavy fog of pheromones clogging the air, or the thick ooze of lust emanating from her every pore. Or maybe she’d let out some kind of primal whimper without even knowing it. Either way he was standing, wiping his hands on a clean-looking rag and bringing all his lovely muscles up to her eye level.

Otherwise known as licking level.

She frowned and ground the balls of her feet into the concrete not trusting her impulsive nature one iota. He looked at her warily as he shoved the rag into his pocket, half of it hanging out. “Are you okay?”

She nodded vigorously. Maybe a little too vigorously, but it was something to do other than ogle the very distracting sheen of sweat on his pecs and the hollow of his throat or the smudge of grease streaking his flat, smooth belly.

She liked that he didn’t have any hair marring her view. That she could easily see the definition of his muscles beneath the taut stretch of his skin. But that streak of grease was just way too tempting.

“You’ve been busy I see,” she said forcing herself to make casual conversation when all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around his waist, bury her nose in his chest and sniff him. She headed in the opposite direction instead, making a show of walking around her stripped car.

“I figured I might as well get a head start.”

She poked her head into the empty shell. “Poor baby,” she murmured.

He chuckled and a wave of goosebumps prickled over Lacey’s skin. “Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind. Just think what she’ll look like after I’m done coaxing her back to full bloom. I’ll be gentle with her I promise.”

Lacey gripped the metal tight as she thought about how Coop could coax her to full bloom. Right here, right now. On the concrete floor with the grease and the diesel fumes, or in the grimy shell of her car.

It sure as hell wouldn’t take weeks and there would be no need to be gentle.

God knew she could do with hard and fast right now. Something wild and furious to burn off the edge of desperation building inside her with every second she spent in his company, their unorthodox past lying large and mostly suppressed between.

“I’m going to get Gav to source me some wicked mags. Have you thought about what colour you’d like her to be?”

Lacey straightened and looked at him over the roof of the car. Man, he was really into this. She was practically melting from the inside out and he was thinking about wheels and duco. It was enough to make a woman feel about as attractive as tyre rubber. Enough to make a woman want to do something about that.

Like stripping herself naked and draping herself on the hood.

Oh, that’s right, there was no hood.

©Amy Andrews

Wasn’t that fun? Remember, this book is currently free so use the links above to grab your copy today.

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