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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from past and upcoming releases, and works-in-progress, and occasionally con author mates into sharing juicy bits from theirs too.

I’m deep into my latest work-in-progress at the moment, a rural romance set in far western Victoria (I do love that part of the world!), and currently sporting the temporary title Quarry Road. Temporary because it’s terrible and makes the story sound like a serial killer book. Plus I have a better title waiting in the wings. I’m not going to tell you what it is though because the publisher might want something different again, and that would be all too confusing.

Whatever the title, I’m having a ball with this book. There are bits that make me cry and bits that make me laugh, and I LOVE the characters. The heroine Tash is amazing, if I do say so myself!

Anyway, here’s a little taste of Tash from early in the book, when she experiences a moment with her crush…


Brandon moved into the room. Tash stopped shuffling as he wandered closer. She looked at her diary. Diagonal pen lines were slashed across bottom half of the page where the 8 pm to midnight schedule was marked, below which PARTY!!! was written in block letters. She should really obey, and god knows with her mouth suddenly so dry she needed a drink.

But Brandon was close, oh so close, and her wretched heart was thumping and all she wanted to do was ease up on tippy-toes and kiss that beer-flavoured mouth of his and then drag him off to bed and stuff everyone else.

Instead she swallowed and tried not to hyperventilate as Brandon slunk so close she could feel the heat off his arms against hers.

He traced fingers up and down the edge of her desk. ‘Can I ask you something?’


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