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Teaser TuesdayIt’s Teaser Tuesday time again, the blog series where I share tantalising snippets from works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels. Except when I hand the reins over to good buddies, like today!

I’m thrilled to host multiple-award winner and best seller Amy Andrews to the blog today. Amy’s books are a blast. They’re sexy, romantic and fun, and, lucky devils that you are, you’ll be getting to see exactly how sexy and fun with her excerpt today.

Here’s Amy to tell you all about it.

Playing By Her RulesAuthor Amy Andrews is the first book in my new rugby series and it stars Tanner – the captain of the Sydney Smoke rugby team and Matilda – the journalist assigned to do a six part feature on him. Only problem is, Tilly and Tanner had been high school sweethearts until he did something monumentally stupid and they broke up. Eight years down the track old hurts are hard to set aside but for the sake of her burgeoning career, Tilly is willing to play nice. To a point. Tanner, on the other hands sees this as an opportunity for reconciliation.  And this time he’s playing to win.

Scene set up –  Tanner has gone to Matilda’s house to hang some paintings for her after they’d spent the day at her grandmother’s house. Things get pretty steamy, pretty quickly…


Tanner blinked as he watched the greased-lightning dressing display. Tilly’s pants had gone on almost as quickly as he’d ripped them off.

Okay. Clearly he’d put his foot in it there. She was obviously mad, but he’d also seen a shine of moisture in her grey eyes. Hurting her had not been his purpose here tonight—quite the opposite. His dick deflated as quickly as it had sprung to life as he castigated himself for his choice of words.

He got warily to his feet. She was looking at a spot beyond his head, hugging herself, pulling her baggy shirt taut again, her glasses back in place. “Tilly, I didn’t mean—”

“It’s okay,” she interrupted. “Just go, okay? Please.”

Tanner frowned. He’d thought he was getting somewhere with her today. It had felt a little like old times at her grandmother’s house. They’d laughed. He’d even go as far to say they’d had fun. And he’d loved listening to her talk about Stanford as they’d hung the paintings. He was so damn proud of her, and it made him happy to know that he’d made the right decision to sever their relationships.

Playing By Her Rules by Amy Andrews coverAnd then she’d let him go down on her, when she’d never let him do that all those years ago. How many times had he fantasised about that, both during their time together and the years since? He could still taste her on his tongue, her scent still filled his head, and his heart beat faster just thinking about how fucking turned on he’d been.

Surely that in itself signalled a mellowing toward him? For Matilda to allow that particular intimacy, there must be something there?

And he’d just gone and cheapened it by bragging about his proficiency. Thrown it at her with a cocky I told you so.


He took a step toward her. “I think we need to talk, Tilly.”

She shook her head, her eyes looking a little wild. “God, no, please…I’m fine, just go.”

Tanner’s ire stirred at her insipid word choice. Fine? She’d looked more than fine a few minutes ago. She’d been practically melted into the rug before he’d gone and opened his big trap.

He shoved his hands on his hips. “Is that it? You let me go down on you, and you come so loudly I’m pretty sure the cops are going to be kicking the door in any second, and now it’s good-bye, see you later, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out?”

She shrugged, her expression bewildered. “You want some payback?” she snapped. “You want me to get on my knees and suck your dick?”

Tanner recoiled. “No!”

“Oh, you want a thank-you?” She gave a shrill laugh. “Thank you, Tanner. You are an oral sex god. I can do a hashtag for Twitter if you want. Hashtag gives great head or hashtag Captain Cunnilingus?”

Tanner stared, stunned for a moment. Captain Cunnilingus? It was so absurdly funny a laugh escaped before he could stifle it.

He would never live that one down.


Wasn’t that a hoot? I bet you’re hanging out to read the whole story and it can be yours with just a clickety-click. Buy Playing By Her Rules now from Amazon, Amazon.au, Amazon.uk, Kobo, iBooks, or Nook.

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