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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the tantalising blog series where I share snippets from my works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels, and occasionally let writing buddies play around.

This week, a little taste of the book of my heart, April’s Rainbow. I am so proud of this book and very grateful to everyone who has bought and read it. Recently I was thrilled to bits to discover that ebook retailer Kobo had given it and Summer and the Groomsman a little best-seller banner. So thank you to everyone who has made that happen. It’s so cool!

Screenshot of April's Rainbow's best seller banner on Kobo

Anyway, without further rambling, here’s a taste of gorgeous Tristan. Sigh. I don’t care if he’s fictitious. I still love that man a ridiculous amount.


April approached, coloured skirt swirling, thick black curls bouncing around her shoulders, shimmering with light. I wanted to touch that silky hair, wrap a long tress around my fingers and feel it slide away. Even then, on our first meeting, I’d wanted to touch every part of April. Looking back now, the strength of my reaction to her feels a bit over the top and stalkerish, but I owned one of those hearts that could fall in love in an instant and then spend years broken when it all turned sour. Too sensitive for my own good, Mum said. A bloody great sook, according to my brothers. Maybe I was both, but at least the only person I ever hurt was myself.

©Cathryn Hein

Here’s what book blogger 1Girl2ManyBooks had to say about April’s Rainbow: “April’s Rainbow is a really beautiful story exploring terrible grief but from a very interesting perspective which sets it apart. It’s heartbreak and love, despair and fragile hope that packs an emotional punch that will stay with you. 9/10” Click here for the full review.

Grab your ebook copy today from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or Nook, or the paperback from Booktopia or Bookdepository.

Love to know more about April’s Rainbow? You’ll find the story behind the book, reviews, and another excerpt on its book page on this website.


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