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Teaser TuesdayWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the tantalising blog series where I share snippets from my works-in-progress, up-coming releases and published novels, and occasionally let good writing buddies play around.

Well, the announcement has been made. Santa and the Saddler is definitely releasing and very soon. I’ll have an exact date over the next week but mid-October is looking pretty good for the ebook, with print coming after. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, watch out for news in your inbox, along with a special offer. If you’re not, then simply sign up here and score a couple of free short stories to enjoy over a cuppa.

I’ve said it previously but I’m thrilled to have this novella coming out. Some books are like wrestling a dog that doesn’t want to be bathed—you love them to bits but they can be bloody difficult sometimes—but Santa and the Saddler was a cute, gambolling puppy and pure joy to write. It’s my great wish that readers experience the same fun with Beth and Danny as I did.

Here’s a little example of that fun. Just a leeeetle snippet, mind. I wouldn’t want to spoil the whole journey for you.


Santa and the Saddler by Cathryn Hein‘You,’ she said, thrusting a pointed finger at him, ‘are the most annoying Santa ever.’

‘Yeah, I’m a disgrace to my suit.’ The grin turned cheeky as he lazily raked his gaze over her body. ‘You know how I said I can lift heavy things?’

Beth’s eyes widened. Palms out, she took two hasty steps back. ‘Don’t you even think it.’

Danny shrugged. ‘It’s either that or you start locking up.’

‘Bad Santa. Very bad Santa.’

‘Nope. Santa with an ulterior motive.’


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