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Oh, my lovelies, I am so thrilled, for today we have a very special event: an interview with Wayward Heart’s cover model.

How cool is that?

If you’ve been following me around the internet, you’ll know how obsessed I am with this cover. I just adore it. The colours are beautiful, the romantic feel spot on, and the image that Harlequin’s clever designers have used is perfect. I’ve fallen so in love with it that I can’t remember how I initially imagined Jas and Digby. When I think of them now all I picture is the book, that’s how perfectly they’ve been shown.

Anyway, enough of me gushing and let’s say a big sunny cheerio to Kate Swan, who’s probably freezing her toes off in the UK right now.


Actress and model Kate Swan

Actress and model Kate Swan

Hi Kate and welcome!

Thanks so much for taking the time to join us. It’s very exciting and the first time we’ve had a cover model on the blog. I can’t wait to discover more about how this job came about and that clinch with Mr Sexy Snog Man (as I lovingly call him in my head), but we’ll get to that.

In the meantime, perhaps you can tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an actress represented by The Markham Agency, London. And also run my own company ‘Forever Fairy Tales Ltd’ supplying bespoke entertainment for children’s parties specialising in Princess and Superhero characters!

I mostly work in theatre although am looking to move in to period drama and film.

Since a young age, I was interested in fashion, models and glamorous movie stars. I started building a portfolio with local photographers, and occasionally get bookings via Instagram. I follow photographers that interest me and that’s how I found Rehka Garton. She’s been doing book covers since a young age.


Wow. Rehka’s website looks amazing. Definitely worth checking out, and what fun your children’s parties must be. There’s nothing like being a princess!  And I see from your Spotlight profile that you’ve done a lot of Royal Shakespeare Company training. That’s really impressive and makes me even prouder to have you on my cover.

So, is Wayward Heart your first book cover? How did you get the gig?

Rehka decided to cast me for her next book cover shoot, but needed a male model also. And after a Facebook suggestion, that’s how I met the stunning Jack. He’d never modelled before, but looked perfect! We met the day of the shoot, and instantly struck a great working relationship and ‘on screen’ partnership. Half our shoots are spent laughing along with the photographer! We now offer ourselves as a professional pairing for couple shoots and advertisement.


That’s such a great story and how cool that this has led you and Jack into doing more work together. You could become romance cover royalty!

Speaking of which, how does it feel to be on a romance novel cover? What do your friends and family think?

I think my mum was most excited! She works managing libraries across Hertfordshire, and can’t wait to see the books on the shelf. As I have four out now for various authors. Wayward Heart will always be special as it was my first booking and chosen cover!


Aww, that’s so nice. I’m chuffed to be your first.

Now, can you share what a typical shoot is like? Have you experienced any funny moments in your career?

Oh plenty! It’s my favourite thing to be on set, in any form, whether its theatre or camera. I always feel in my element and most alive when I’m acting. Normally it’s an early start, costume fitting, then hair and makeup. Unless scripted or directed, I tend to input ideas and move in the moment, playing as I go until the feeling becomes fluid and natural. Being an actress, my modelling is highly influenced by a character and ‘telling the story’ through a staged scene (pose). Perhaps its why book covers are my niche!

Actress and model Kate Swan

Actress and model Kate Swan

I have had advert auditions, usually odd: perhaps being asked to look into the camera and cry on cue (with no reasoning!) Or scrub a pretend bath whilst miming ‘Flash’ by Queen! But you’re usually in the room for no more than a couple of minutes. I hope to land one soon.

The funniest moment of my professional career, was playing ‘Elizabetta’ in Dracula, a scare show performed in Stratford-Upon-Avon. In the opening scene after black out I had misread my spacing in the dark, and knocked into a table, smashing two prop glasses all over the stage floor! So when the lights came back up it was up to sexy vampire ‘Elizabetta’ to glide on stage with dustpan and brush and clean the mess in character (staring out an audience member) so the two actors playing Dracula and Johnathan Harker could carry on the scene.

There’s nothing like life theatre but I literally wanted to die inside. But as we came off finally the laughter commenced!


Funny, especially having a sexy vampire do something so domestic! I can understand the wanting to die feeling. I’d feel the same but I guess this is where your professionalism and training kick in and you simply act your way through it.

And now, my favourite bit, that clinch…

Wayward Heart’s cover image is so breath-taking and romantic. Did it feel like that at the time or is the truth that it was awkward and you nearly fell on your bum? It’s okay, you can tell us.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein

Me and Jack have a great chemistry and seem to ‘look’ right as a romantic pairing. Since, we’ve done wedding shots and a period book cover photoshoot. From the moment go we clicked and nothing was awkward. He’s a great kisser, I can’t really say it’s a ‘job’. The shoots are really relaxed and creative. We’ve become a great team.

It’s like working with my best mates, we have a good laugh, but I always know we’ll produce something exciting.


I have a terrible crush on Mr Sexy Snog Man Jack. Even worse now you’ve told me he’s a great kisser (I knew he would be, deep sigh).

Is he truly that gorgeous in real life? Do you think he’d mind a middle-aged Australian romance author as a stalker-friend? I promise not to be too creepy.

Mr Sexy, invites your musing with open arms! We are both so grateful for you choosing our shot from R.G Photography.

And yes, he’s a stunner, as well as a great guy!


A stunner, great guy AND a fantastic kisser? I’m definitely going to stalk Jack now.

Thanks so much, Kate, for giving us such a great insight into how Wayward Heart’s cover image came about and a sneak peek at your life. It was fascinating and fun. We all appreciate you taking the time to share and wish you the very best in your career.

So, lovely readers, if you’d like to discover more about Kate, you can follow her on Twitter using @kateswanact or connect via Facebook. You’ll also find Kate’s acting profile on Spotlight.

We mustn’t forget Jack either (as if!). Follow him on Twitter using @J_Niko_CP

Don’t forget to check out ‘Rekha Garton’ Photography!


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