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Teaser Tuesday 2017 logoWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the blog series where I share snippets from new and past releases, and works-in-progress, and love to host author buddies.

You’re in for a treat today, with rural and small-town romance author Jennie Jones visiting the blog and sharing a lovely excerpt from her new release, The House on Jindalee Lane.

Many of you will already be Jennie Jones fans thanks to her hugely popular Swallow’s Fall series, which began with The House on Burra Burra Lane and continued through four more titles. Well, Jennie now has a new series: Daughters of Swallow’s Fall.

Set in a fictional small town in the Australian Snowy Mountains, Daughters of Swallow’s Fall follows the lives and loves of not only some of Swallow’s Fall much-loved characters, but those of the daughters of the main protagonists in the first series.

The House on Jindalee Lane is the first book in this new series and you are going to love it!

Here’s Jennie to tell you more about it and let you sample some the fun you’ll have with this story.


Author Jennie JonesHi Cathryn! It’s lovely to be back on Teaser Tuesday. The House on Jindalee Lane was released yesterday, which is hugely exciting for me. It’s the first book in a second series of small-town stories (with romance, of course) set in my fictional town in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

“Swallow’s Fall. Where anything can happen, and usually does!”.

This story features Edie Granger, theatre actress forced to return home due to some trouble from a big-time producer, and Ryan Munroe, ex-commando and Edie’s childhood friend—but that friendship was ruined three years ago when they had a try-out kiss that went disastrously wrong. While she’s home, Edie opens a small theatre in the barn at the back of her house. But suddenly, the comedy elements in her play start happening for real—and they’re not funny.

Will Edie and Ryan make it to the curtain call? And will the actress and the soldier ever learn to understand each other?


Ryan didn’t flinch when Edie tossed her head back. Much as he was loath to acknowledge it, he was bewitched when she did the hair-fling thing. She reminded him of an old movie actress in some black-and-white film he’d watched with her one time. Rita somebody. Sitting at her dressing table. Camera zooms in just as she’s throwing back a head of long, glossy hair. Edie Granger—total pain in his heart and Rita Somebody lookalike.

The House on Jindalee Lane‘So will you be the stage manager?’ she asked again. ‘Please, Ryan.’

He ought to phase her out of his life and the best way to do that was to pack up and move on. But he’d made a promise to Ethan.

‘All right. What’s the scope of the job?’

Her smile of thanks made his heart swell.

‘You’d have to take—’ She paused. ‘Directions from me.’

He raised an eyebrow. ‘You mean orders.’

She sucked in her cheeks to halt her grin.

He held his ground and kept his gaze steady. Christ, he’d do anything for her. Good job she didn’t know that.

‘You’re looking at me weirdly,’ she said. ‘What’s happened to you?’

‘I’ve been living with you for eleven days,’ he said in a neutral tone. ‘What did you expect would happen to me?’

‘Oh, ha ha,’ she said with a light in her eyes. ‘Has anyone ever told you how unamusing you are?’

‘Only you and a few Afghanistan insurgents, Glam-puss.’


See? Told you this story would be fun and you need a copy right now, oh yes you do!

For instant gratification, download the ebook of The House on Jindalee Lane from amazon.com, amazon.com.au, Kobo, iBooks or Google Play. For the print version, try your beloved local bookseller or chain store, Booktopia, or Angus and Robertson Bookworld.

If you’d like to learn more about Jennie and her gorgeous, heart-warming books, please visit her website. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter using @JennieJRomance.


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