Wayward Heart new cover

As mentioned in this week’s Teaser Tuesday, my rural romance Wayward Heart is getting a facelift.

Yes, that breathtaking clinch of the original cover will soon be no more.

Sad, very sad. I have fantasies about that clinch. Serious ones involving rugged men with big hands and sweeping hair and stubbled jaws, and lips like… Err, sorry about that. Got lost for a moment.


We may be losing the sexy clinch but it’s being replaced with something just as gorgeous.

Why? Because there’s a new edition coming out on November 20th – the smaller, cheaper ‘B’ format paperback. With The Country Girl hitting shelves on December 18th, this was a perfect opportunity to update Wayward Heart’s cover so it’s more in line with this new release.

So without further ado, here it is.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein

Isn’t it beautiful? Stunning colours and I love the new tag line: They’ve found strength in each other, but can they find love? Pretty chuffed with that one. The quote from Yours Magazine isn’t bad either.

What do you think? Give your thumbs up (or down) in the comment box below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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