My Favourite Reads of November 2017

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I’m a little late with My Favourite Reads this month. We’re all so busy this time of the year, aren’t we? The Christmas silly season is well and truly upon us, but it’s fun, too, with all the parties and decorations. There are streets near me where I think there’s some sort of Christmas lights war happening between the neighbours. The effort some have gone to is eye-popping!

November was a bit lean for me reading-wise but as usual those I did read were terrific. Good friend Anna Campbell certainly helped put me in a festive mood with her new release The Christmas Stranger. But the title of favourite must go to…

The Pretty Delicious Café by Danielle Hawkins

The Pretty Delicious Cafe by Danielle HawkinsI am a huuuuuge fan of Hawkins, whose debut novel Dinner at Rose’s was an absolute joy of a book (my thoughts on that here). As was her second release, Chocolate Cake for Breakfast. The Pretty Delicious Café didn’t disappoint.

This book is funny, sweet, heart-warming, romantic, quirky and, as the title suggests, filled with delicious things. There are even bonus recipes at the back. The setting for this one was great too. An idyllic seaside town that makes me want to book a trip to New Zealand ASAP.

I adore Hawkins’s romances. They’re delightful and real and if you like Aussie rural romance then you need to try Danielle Hawkins too. I promise you’ll have a wonderful time and finish reading with a big smile.


The Christmas Stranger by Anna CampbellThe Christmas Stranger by Anna Campbell

My second favourite read of the month. Yes, Anna and I are buddies and feel free to call me biased, but I honestly think her books are wonderful. The hero and heroine of The Christmas Stranger are so lovely, you can’t help cheering like mad for both as they struggle with their attraction.

Romances where the hero and heroine are trapped together are a blast, although I don’t think Josiah and Maggie see it quite the same way at the beginning of their story! Ooh, now that reminds me of one of my all-time favourite Anna Campbell’s – Her Christmas Earl. That’s a forced proximity romance too.

The Christmas Stranger is only 99 cents on Amazon. Get festive and romantic with a copy today!


The Magician's Diary by CJ ArcherThe Magician’s Diary by CJ Archer

I love this series. Love it. Matthew and India’s romance is fraught with conflict and twists. I know they’ll get together eventually, but it’s such frustrating fun to follow them as they struggle with their attraction and more and more obstacles are thrown in their way.

As with CJ’s Ministry of Curiosities series, the characters in the Glass and Steele books are great, and the stories made even richer thanks to some romantic subplots.

The Convent’s Secret is out in March. You can guarantee I’ll be reading it.


Strange the Dreamer by Laini TaylorStrange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is one of my absolute favourites. Her writing is vivid and lush, and she weaves beautiful fantasies.

Strange the Dreamer is very much in the same vein. It’s big and dense with expert world-building, and the character of Strange is very imaginative. I had no idea this was the first in a series and was a bit taken aback to have it end without resolution, but that’s my fault for not checking. Now the wait for book 2!


What were your favourite reads?


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11 thoughts on “My Favourite Reads of November 2017

  1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    I too am a fan of Danielle Hawkins and Anna Campbells’ books – they’re just so good!

    The 7 books I managed were all awesome. The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton and Letters to the Lost were my two outstanding books of the month, they were like…WOW!
    His Christmas Angel by Michelle Douglas, Queen of the Road by Tricia Stringer, Ridgeview Station by Michael Trant (new rural author), The Rose Revived by Katie Fforde and Burnt by Karly Lane all worth reading. I think I had an excellent reading month!

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      You certainly did have an excellent reading month, Sue!

      Have you read Rosamund Lupton’s SISTER and AFTERWARDS? They are both amaaaaaazing. I’ve had The Quality of Silence on my want list for ages but the ebook has been ridiculously expensive. After hearing your rave I might read that next now. And I just checked and the price has dropped to something more reasonable. Rah!

      Which Letters to the Lost did you read? The Iona Grey one (which I love, love, LOVED) or the one by Brigid Kemmerer (which has been getting fantastic reviews too)?

  2. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Oops, silly me I forgot to add the authors name, it’s the one by Iona Grey, Cathryn, I still remember you highly recommending this book so I finally managed to read it.
    No, I haven’t yet read Sister or Afterwards but they’re on my TBR pile. Ooh, I hope you enjoy The Quality of Silence, yippee for the price drop. It’s a little far fetched in places but the writing is so wonderful you can overlook those bits.
    I haven’t heard of the other Letters to the Lost – I will definitely be checking that out.

      1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

        Ooh, you must be finished by now, what did you think of The Quality of Silence, Cathryn? Wasn’t the little girl adorable?

  3. AvatarAnna Campbell

    Sue, thanks for mentioning my books. And Cathryn, thanks so much for featuring Stranger in your list. I’m tickled pink! I like cabin romances too!

    Interesting about Letters to the Lost – I’ve been meaning to read it for ages. I loved Iona’s Mills and Boon Presents which were absolutely brilliant that she published under the name India Grey (well worth seeking out).

    I had a good reading month. Loved Lost for Words which you recommended last month, Cathryn. And started a new mystery series called the Liebermann Papers (first book Mortal Mischief) set in Hapsburg empire Vienna in the early 20th century. Fascinating setting.

    1. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

      You’re welcome, Anna! Love your books! And Cathryn, I bawled like a baby too – it took me quite a while to calm down.

    2. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      I always enjoy your stories, Anna, but The Christmas Stranger was extra lovely.

      I hope you give Letters to the Lost a go. I thought that book was beautiful. Such a gorgeous, romantic and heartbreaking story.

      Lost for Words was brilliant, wasn’t it? I cried in that one too!!

      Ooh, I like the sound of the Liebermann Papers. I’ll have to check it out. Ta!

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