Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets of new and past releases, and works-in-progress.

The last two weeks on Teaser Tuesday have been very exciting, with guests Christine Wells and Victoria Purman showing off their new releases, and hosting giveaways. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories of multiculturalism and spy names. It was great fun.

By now you should have heard the news about Elsa’s Stand, the book I’ve been keeping a secret for quite a while now. If you haven’t, then you need to join my newsletter, because those clever subscribers heard days ago, and many – beautiful lovelies that they are – already have their orders in.

Elsa’s Stand releases July 9th and is part of a new rural romance series called Outback Brides. So far there are four books in the series, each by a different Australian author. You might recognise their names – Fiona McArthur, Victoria Purman and Kelly Hunter. A highly talented bunch indeed. Expect to see excerpts from their books around release time.

Today’s snippet is from – you guessed it – Elsa’s StandI adore this book and yes, I know I sound like a cracked record when I say that, but it’s true. I love this book to bits. I loved writing it, I love the characters, I love the cover, I love the blurb. Everything. Sitting on news about its release has been more than a bit torturous, let me tell you.

But now we can talk about Elsa’s Stand and its upcoming release all we like, and share snippets. Rah!

Here’s Elsa thinking about Jack, as any red-blooded girl would. He’s certainly occupied a good deal of my brain space!


It was those eyes. ‘Paul Newman eyes’ her mum, who was a huge fan of the actor, would call them. With their pale hue they should have been cold, instead the surrounding fringe of thick dark lashes Elsa's Stand by Cathryn Heinmade them more intense than icy. When they’d settled on Elsa, it was like being lasered.

Jack’s size only added to his appeal. Elsa hadn’t been joking about describing him as a giant. The man was huge, close to six-feet-six, but that wasn’t what made him seem so enormous. It was the breadth of him, combined with a bearing she couldn’t explain, except it reminded her a bit of American actor John Wayne. Thanks to her classic movie buff mum, Elsa had seen every one of the actor’s westerns, and while this hadn’t endeared Wayne to her—nor her mum for making her suffer through such boredom—she couldn’t help but acknowledge Wayne’s screen presence.

And she bet John Wayne never filled out a pair of suit pants and T-shirt the way Jack Hargreaves did.


Ah Jack… so silent, so sighworthy! And he could be yours with just a tap, swipe or click. Well, yours on July 9th at least. Until then, he’s mine, I tell you. ALL MINE!

Eh hem.

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Go on. You are going to love this one. I promise.


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