Cathryn cuddling copies of Elsa's Stand

Elsa's Stand quote: Jack couldn’t kiss her deep enough, couldn’t touch her fast enough. She was heat and skin and vibration and gasping noises that skittered over his skin as though alive.

Break out the champagne, chocolate and whatever naughty treat takes your fancy because it’s Elsa’s Stand’s release day. Rah!

At the risk of you rolling your eyes at me for repeating myself, I’m going to yet again shout how much I ADORE this book. Really, truly-rooly adore it. Elsa’s Stand was an absolute hoot to write. Jack and Elsa sang to me from their very first words. In fact, all the characters did. Not all books do that but when it happens it’s like writing heaven, and I think that joy shows on the page. If I could cuddle this book I would.

Oh, hang on. I can!

Cathryn cuddling copies of Elsa's Stand

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy. For those who love the thrill of the release day one-click, it’s time for you to exercise your finger. Click-swipe-tap now to secure your copy from any of these retailers. | |

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A limited number of signed paperback copies will also be available for direct purchase from me. I’ll post details on social media and here on the blog. Newsletter subscribers will have first dibs on copies.

Now, as has become custom on release day, here are some special secret things about Elsa’s Stand.

Six Secret Things About Elsa’s Stand

1/. The working title of Elsa’s Stand was…

Gemstone Cowboy. Oh, how I LOVE that title. But Elsa’s Stand is part of the Outback Brides series, and it’s important to keep branding consistent. You’ll see that all the titles in the Brides continuity have a similar rhythm – Maggie’s Run, Belle’s Secret, Elsa’s Stand and Holly’s Heart.

Oh well, I’ll have to write another opal mining sexpot story and call that Gemstone Cowboy instead. It might take a while to come up with a hero to beat Jack, though. Such a crush on that man. Huge!

2/. Elsa’s last name is…

O’Donoghue which I pinched from a popular Irish pub in Emu Plains, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and close to where I lived before our recent move to Newcastle.

I’ve never set foot in the place, but my lovely golf ladies were big fans and often talked about it, and I guess it stuck. Writing is weird like that.

3/. I used a photo of actor…

Ian Somerhalder as inspiration for Jack’s looks. I had no idea who he was when I picked him out. I was googling attractive men, as you do, and stumbled across his appealing visage and immediately thought “Hello, Jackie-boy!”.

It was another author who recognised Ian when I posted a photo of my big plotting whiteboard with Jack/Ian’s piccie stuck to it. I can’t help wondering if I would have chosen him had I known about Ian’s vampire past. Our gorgeous hunk of hunkiness Jack as a vampire? Never!

4/. The main street of Wirralong was inspired by…

that of Gulgong, a small town near Mudgee in NSW. Besides being a beautifully preserved gold rush town, Gulgong is famous for once featuring on the Australian $10 note with poet Henry Lawson, who lived there briefly as a child.

5/. I originally based Elsa’s looks on…

actress Karen Gillan in character as Amy Pond from Doctor Who, but from the moment I saw Elsa’s Stand’s cover model she became Elsa. Honestly, that model couldn’t be more perfect. That’s something that rarely happens!

6/. Music features heavily in Elsa’s Stand.

I’m not going to share its playlist now – we’ll save that gem for later in the week – but I think the whole book can be summed up by “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King.

I suffered this earworm for aaaaages afterward. So now I’m passing it on to you. You’re welcome!

I hope you enjoyed this latest instalment of Secret Things! Here are those buy links for Elsa’s Stand again. | |

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While you’re there, why not grab all the books in the Outback Brides series and enjoy an extended romantic wallow in Wirralong. You’ll have a ball, I promise.

Each book in the Outback Brides series 2018

My special thanks to the Outback Brides girls, Kelly Hunter (Maggie’s Run), Victoria Purman (Belle’s Secret) and Fiona McArthur (Holly’s Heart). Also to the Tule Publishing team who helped make Elsa’s Stand such a gorgeous book and one I’m very proud of.

Big thanks too to my writing buddies. You are the best. And, of course, to my Jim. He’s the super best!


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