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Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, the series where I share snippets from new and past releases, and works-in-progress, and sometimes twist the arms of author buddies to do the same.

You may have noticed that Teaser Tuesday was absent last week. That’s because it was Elsa’s Stand’s release week and you scored the traditional Secret Things post on Monday instead of a Teaser Tuesday. Did you also catch Friday’s post, Sexy Songs From Elsa’s Stand? When you’ve finished here, go visit, hit ‘play’ on the video and crank the sound up. You’ll have a ball I promise.

As of last Thursday, with the release of Fiona McArthur’s Holly’s Heart, all the books in our brilliant Outback Brides continuity are out. You know what you can do now? You can binge read the whole series, in ebook or print. Rah!

But this is a Teaser Tuesday, and that means we need a juicy snippet to tempt you with. We’ve already had excerpts from Kelly Hunter’s Maggie’s Run and Victoria Purman’s Belle’s Secret, and multiple excerpts from Elsa’s Stand, so naturally today’s teaser can only be from Holly’s Heart.

Here’s Fiona to tell you more. Make sure you read to the end because there could be a GIVEAWAY!


Author Fiona McArthurIntroducing HOLLY’S HEART, released 12th July, and the last of the 4 Outback Brides. The series is set in Wirralong, our fabulous Aussie town created from four Aussie authors who have very vivid imaginations, namely Kelly Hunter, Victoria Purman, Cathryn Hein – yay Cathryn – and me.

The name Wirralong had something to do with a label on a wine bottle.

As you can imagine, we had the best time creating the townspeople, and the Wedding Venue, and some reappearing quirky characters.

I’ve so loved being a part of the Outback Brides world but, being me, I did feel it needed a doctor just in case somebody felt sick. 🙂 So I gave this book two doctors. This would be because I love medical drama and heroic medical heroes. And we just had twins in our family.

I hope you love the stories as much as we loved writing them. Warmest wishes for a fun four days of reading with our 4 OUTBACK BRIDES books.


Dr Ben Brierly twirled his wide-brimmed Akubra on one finger as he surveyed the empty consulting rooms. Wirralong Family Doctors Surgery. His!


It felt fantastic to be home. He’d never thought the town would grow enough to sustain a general practice, but here he stood about to open his own business.

Today, his temporary and outrageously expensive secretary-cum-office-manager Mrs Burrows, hired from Melbourne with vast experience of opening general practice establishments, had completed his new world. During the organisation she’d been worth her weight in pharmacological shares, even loading the computers with the software for patient files. She’d assembled and installed all the furnishings and additional software a small practice needed, outfitting the reception area with waiting room chairs and a water cooler. She’d even hung his medical degree and his nameplate with surgical precision.

Holly's Heart by Fiona McArthurHer registered nurse helpers had set up his consulting room and the procedure room, plus the smaller nurse’s consult room, created and signed off the emergency drug kit with the pharmacist in the main street, and they’d put the rest of his equipment and paraphernalia in the silent, non-existent, partner’s room.

Thus, his appointment book would be accessible for the next week before he officially opened his doors for four days a week … keeping Wednesdays free to sort his grandmother’s rundown property with the new farm manager.

He shouldn’t have stayed away so long.

Mrs Burrows’s final task would be to interview applicants for her replacement, and the practice nurse, then the whole relocation exercise would have happened without any physical effort on his part. Mostly because he currently had more money than time.

Which was lucky. He couldn’t believe the mess Brierly Park had been in. Or the guilt that rode him like a snowy mountain brumby for leaving Gran to deal with an incompetent manager on her own after Gramps had died. But he hadn’t known, and—seriously? There were reasons he hadn’t wanted to come back here, and his grandmother was … a little difficult if he suggested she needed help. Which was why he chose to reside in town and not butt heads over the small stuff.

She’d wanted him to commute from the Park, but having a flat here in Wirralong made much more sense. Thankfully the premises came with upstairs quarters. Mrs Burrows had found Gran a saint for a housekeeper and that would help everyone.

Remembering Brierly Park and the sunset-dusted hills little more than an hour ago, when he’d turned his horse for home, made him breathe deep and let his shoulders drop.

The air had been filled with the scent of gums, the spaces so open, and the excitement of the muster had lifted his spirits higher than they’d been for months. Even bending his back with the fencing contractors on the new cattle yards earlier today had felt good.

He glanced at the hat in his hand and twirled it again. The cowboy doctor, eh? He blew a breath out between pursed lips and jammed the hat on his head. Home.

Ben turned out the office light and the door he remembered as clunky, swung silently to lock with a gentle click. Mrs Burrows had hired a handyman for the week and it was ‘the little things’ she professed to be proud of. Darn right she should be proud.

Ben slapped the rail in approval and vaulted up the stairs three at a time until he reached the landing and unlocked the door to the spacious two-bedroom apartment and tossed his hat, which obligingly landed on the hall stand hook, and surveyed his private domain with pleasure.

Freshly painted, the room’s age and character melded and his stuff didn’t look out of place, considering he was above street level of a country town, and it felt … homely. Which he wasn’t quite sure his Melbourne flat had ever been.

When he’d dropped in here on Thursday the entry had been filled with boxes. Now, the dark leather furniture from his inner-city pad lay tastefully arranged, his paintings positioned, and … he strode across to the bedroom and slid open the wardrobe door. Yep, his clothes were hung, and his drawers filled. The woman was a marvel.

After a quick shower, he stepped out onto his tiny verandah, the one perched over his office entry below, and gazed down the main street of a town he’d worked his way back to since he’d left. Since someone else’s dream had somehow become his dream and she hadn’t returned to fulfil it. Wirralong.

Shame it had taken a personal tragedy to make him see the time had come to return home.

He shook his head at the loss of Tobias. One of his group from med school, Tobias had been a senior registrar with a brilliant mind and a determination to be the perfect doctor. That was the problem with perfection. A fatal medication error during a frantic resuscitation had devastated Tobias into shock, even though he hadn’t drawn the drug up. When the miscalculation had been realised too late and the patient died, his friend had tried to self-medicate himself out of his spiralling depression and, to all their horror, a week later he’d overdosed.

That incident had been the final straw for Ben, spurring him to leave the fast lane of major hospitals and make his life where he really wanted it. Home to be the support when needed for his independent-but-ageing grandmother and home to be the rural GP in a community he planned to be an intricate part of.

Of course, absolutely, he’d let go of any disappointments about Wirralong.


I’m reading Holly’s Heart at the moment and loving it. Satisfy your want too by ordering your own copy in either ebook or print. A swipe, tap or click will do it. Try:

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Personally signed print copies are also available for order direct from Fiona. Contact her via the contact page on her website for details.


Who doesn’t love a wedding? For your chance to win a signed print copy of Holly’s Heart, Fiona would love to hear your favourite wedding anecdote, story, golden moment, or mishap. She also says you can exaggerate.

This ought to be fun! Weddings tend to be full of adventures, from pets and children running amok, to friends and relatives misbehaving badly. They can also be incredibly romantic and moving. Get typing and share your favourite wedding story in the comments and we’ll pop you into the draw for a copy of Holly’s Heart.

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time, Friday 20th July 2018. Australian postal addresses only.

If you’d like to learn more about Fiona and her books, please visit her website. You can also connect via Facebook.


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32 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. AvatarHelen Sibbritt

    Woohoo can I say how much I loved these four books they rock and are stories not to be missed 🙂

    Wedding anecdotes at my wedding the best man had played soccer that day and broken his ankle but didn’t know till the next day during the even his ankle swelled up so badly he took his shoe off and then couldn’t get it back on until after buckets of ice for the photos and one of the groomsmen had played rugby league that day and ended up having to leave after the first course with concussion 🙂 fun times

    Huge congrats on the book Fiona

    Have Fun


    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Oh dear, Helen! That was an injury hit bridal party. But at least it wasn’t you!

      And thanks so much for the Outback Brides love. Thrilled you enjoyed the series so much.

  2. AvatarFiona Simpson

    You made me laugh, Helen, I can so imagine that happening. Lucky they weren’t bridesmaids and had to walk down the aisle in front of you.

    At our wedding the best man got Bell’s Palsy two days before the wedding (his whole face drooped on one side – not permanent but they think a virus that swells around a nerve putting pressure on the nerve that controls that side of the face sags) . We had to keep turning him sideways to get the best pics. 🙂

    xx Fi

    1. AvatarHelen Sibbritt

      Oh dear Fiona my hubby had that once not pretty 🙂

      At least we were lucky enough to get through the church part 🙂

      Have Fun


  3. AvatarJoanne Seaton

    My wedding was held at my father-in-law’s property in Lesmurdie WA. We were married in his front garden and the reception was held out the back. Well the anecdote is after the ceremony when we all out the back having fun and pouring our first drinks, we find out that we forgot to buy the best man’s bottle of Jim Beam. So, I jump in the car with my princess wedding dress on and try and find somewhere to buy a bottle. I drive to Kalamunda and see a pub so I jump out of the car and race to see if they have bottles for sale. (Of course, I start getting called from the drinker’s in there “the runaway bride”) I was told to go to a bottle shop over the other side and Kalamunda, so since it was easier to run there then try and get back in the car, I ran across the road and heard wolf-whistles and people yelling more “runaway bride”. I got the bottle and went back to the celebration of my wedding. For the rest of the day and then for a while after while everyone continued to till the story of it was I ‘The Runaway Bride’. Lots of friends and family and even people I did not know had a laugh over it.

  4. AvatarFiona McArthur

    That is an awesome story, Joanne, I love it. A woman who will not be beaten by a little challenge. You are a princess with drive. Hope the BM and the DH appreciated you 🙂 xx Fi

  5. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    No need to put me in the draw my gorgeous signed copy arrived safely the other day. Thanks Fiona! And I received yours too, Cathryn. Love them both so much, oh, and Victoria’s, I can’t wait to get stuck into them once I buy Kelly Hunter’s bride book.

    The only story I have is the one hubby told me and I still laugh about it today: Steven needed to go to the hall where our reception was being held for last minute details, a few others plus my dad arrived to help, anyway as the time neared for the wedding bells to go off one by one told Steven they needed to get ready for the wedding and just left him there, mind you he was the groom, lol, quite a while later his mate showed up and asked him what he was still doing there as he was supposed to be getting married within the hour, he told him that everyone skedaddled leaving him on his own and he couldn’t leave the venue unattended so his mate stayed and Steven drove home which was a 25 minute drive. He was extremely late so he couldn’t have a shave, his brothers stripped him bare, dressed him in his wedding attire and chucked him in the car. Once we arrived at the church we were told to drive around the block a few times as the groom and groomsmen still hadn’t arrived.

    1. AvatarFiona McArthur

      Big smile here, Sue, and what an honourable man. Love him already. And so sorry for your probable bewilderment when the unexpected happened. I love that the groom had a perfectly sensible reason to be late, and the bride almost arrived there first – except for that drive around the block. But it doesn’t stop the angst on either side. That pings off so many ideas for stories, but big hugs for poor DH and for you. Thank so much for sharing, I’m still smiling. xx Fi

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        Oh dear, poor Steven! I bet he had a sweat up, Sue. Everyone expects the bride to be a bit late but not the groom!!

        Glad your copy of Elsa arrived. Enjoy!

  6. Avatardenise

    People still tell me they remember my wedding–it happened almost 26 years ago, so that’s impressive. Not that I’m letting it get to my head.

    When the doors from the anteroom where the appetizers were to the main ballroom were opened, I had picked a dramatic musical piece to be placed at the surging of the wedding concierge. I picked the Main Theme from GWTW by Max Steiner. It worked. I had given a CD to the DJ for the piece.

    A friend decided she liked that and decided to use it for her wedding a year later (she didn’t ask, either). But, she didn’t use a CD–she taped it off the VHS tape from TV. Horrible recording. And, she had a union hall reception–this is not bashing the venue, one should have a party where one can afford it–so the dramatic effect was lost between just coming in the door to the hall reception area versus massive French doors opening to a ballroom, combined with the crappy recording. I was a bit miffed. It cheapened what I had done.

    You know the quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” Sometimes, it’s not.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      LOVE your choice of music, Denise. I bet it sounded magnificent. Every bride should arrive on a crescendo. As for your friend… oh dear!

      And Fi’s already said it, but I’m sure an ebook could be arranged if your name is drawn out.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and share your story.

  7. AvatarFiona McArthur

    Thanks for posting, Denise, I love that Gone With The Wind piece and can imagine it would be dramatic as doors open. Gorgeous music. You can still be in the draw with an ebook 🙂 to the US, it’s such a fun series. Thanks again for commenting. warmest wishes for a great day

  8. AvatarRebecca O’Callaghan

    My wedding story is, We had a lovely ceremony and was absolutely looking forward to going around Brisbane for our photos. Well we go to get in the pink stretch hummer and the driver said sorry I’ve locked my keys in the car. So I was very upset which is understandable. We were told the owner won’t let RACQ to open the door as there is a chance of a scratch (I’m not kidding) So the owner is coming all the way from the Gold Coast but will be 2hrs. We finally found out what happened. There was another wedding happening and some of the overseas guest from that wedding wanted photos with our car. That’s fine. But the driver had left the keys on the front seat while he was getting drinks from the boot. So these guests decided to close the front door for their photos. The car automatically locks all doors when the drivers door is closed. Long story short. We had to stay at the golf course and have photos and wait for 2hrs until we could rush down to the Brisbane river for a couple of photos and get back to the party. Oh and the company refused to answer my calls and emails about getting a refund for a couple of hours 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Hiss-boo indeed to that company, Rebecca! They should have at least refunded part of the cost. Stuff like that is NOT what you want on your wedding day. But as Fi said, I bet your photos were beautiful anyway.
      Thanks so much for sharing. Good luck!

  9. AvatarFiona McArthur

    Rebecca, ouch, and boo on them. I bet your photos were lovely for being so hard won.
    And I do see an awesome start to a crime novel planning the revenge on the owner. :)))
    Thanks so much for sharing, and my mind is already racing on other ‘why’ causes and if I ever write that story remind me I owe you xxx Fi
    Good luck with the draw

  10. AvatarAstrid

    The fact that I got married at all – for some reason I never thought I would. I did and it was a wonderful sunny day after what felt like weeks of rain.

  11. AvatarMelissa Woods

    It would be at my wedding to my hubby. Before the ceremony, my hubby had to dress our not quite 2 year old son. Our son decided to do a nudey streak out the door of the motel, to which my hubby did the same to catch him. Great way to start the day . Lol. We got married in a pub. I arrived with our daughter. My hubby had our son. As soon as I saw my little boy I cried. We said our vows, which included “No more smashing the TV remote when Geelong loses the footy”. I put the wedding ring on the wrong finger of my hubby (whoops). Got to the end of the ceremony and in walks Nicky Winmar (St Kilda great). What a way to say I do. At the reception, one of my friends 1 year old eats rat bait. Hospital trip, but he was OK. The rest of the reception went swimmingly. UNTIL it was time to leave. My new hubby walks his friends back to their rooms, leaving me to put our kids to bed, then I fell asleep. Whoops. But the next night we celebrated together as friends took care of our children for the night. I can’t imagine our wedding being any more special or crazy than it was. Now we are about to celebrate 12 years married. How lucky was I to meet my soul mate. 💞

    1. AvatarFiona McArthur

      Love the sound of your wedding, Melissa, sounds like a true family event with awesome friends. You cannot get better than that. Love your hubby’s dedication to duty with he and your son in matching birthday suits. And yay on the footy guy arriving :)))
      Shame about the rat bait 🙁 but good the child had no serious effects 🙂 Oh yeah, as a mother of five we’ve had our excitement too. xx Thanks for sharing xx Fi

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        As a football lovin’ gal myself, Melissa, your wedding sounds AWESOME! In a pub! With Nicky strolling in! And a footy related vow! I sooooooo want to use that in a book now.
        Congratulations on your upcoming 12 year anniversary. May there be many, many more.

  12. AvatarGeraldine Furini

    So loving the Outback Bride series of books, just need to catch up now with yours and Fiona’s books as I’ve been busy reading for book club.

    Anyway to my wedding story – Wedding ceremony and reception go off without a hitch. Time comes to leave the reception and this is when things get a bit catty, literally! My husband had decided not to bring his car to the reception for us to leave in as it was his pride and joy (after me of course!) as he was worried it might get ‘decorated’ and damaged in the process. Unbeknowns to us my four eldest brothers and sisters had left the reception venue later in the night, going to my husbands parents house to see if they could find his car and decorate it anyway but to their disappointment he had securely locked it up in their shed at the back of the property. So not to be dissuaded they headed back to the reception and turned their attention to my little 2dr Corolla hatch which we were leaving in. Of course one of my brothers volunteered to go and get the car and drive it to the front entrance just before we were due to leave. When the time comes we walk out to the car saying our goodbyes and all we can see is this cat looking out at us with big startled eyes! Apparently it had just wandered by as my brother went to pick up the car and on the spur of the moment (with quite a few beers under his belt I might add) he thought it would be a good idea to put it in the car and surprise us!!! As my hubby opened the door it made an extremely quick exit and disappeared off into the night. We still laugh about it today, 36 years later and still happily married!

    1. AvatarGeraldine Furini

      Oh by the way, forgot to mention the car was very well decorated with lots of toilet paper, shaving cream and yes, cans tied underneath!!!!

    2. AvatarFiona McArthur

      What a fabulous story, Geraldine. I get the hiding-the-car thing. We were married in the same era, with the shaving cream and tin cans and streamers. If I find it later today I have a pic of our car in the album – but we certainly didn’t get a cat. That’s a hoot. Thanks for sharing and congrats on a long and happy marriage xx Fi

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        Wow, another fun story. Everyone’s on fire. Thanks Geraldine!
        Does anyone do the decorated car anymore? That always gave everyone a smile – except maybe the car owner.
        Hmm… another book idea just came a-calling.

  13. AvatarDonna Robinson

    I had the in-laws staying with me the night before the wedding and was cutting up some watermelon when I nearly chopped off my ring finger. I was rushed to the hospital, fixed up and given a tetanus shot. My arm swelled up, I had a great big bandage on my ring finger but I still managed to get to the wedding and replace the big bandage with a small one so I could get the ring on.
    Lucky my dress had sleeves too, no-one saw my swollen arm and we all had a great time. 🙂

    1. AvatarFiona McArthur

      Oh my goodness, poor you, Donna, that must have been a shock. Just goes to show how tough women are, I can imagine you with your big smile, hidden swollen arm, and a ring sliding gently past a very tender finger. Big hugs to you for the tetanus shot to top it off. Ouch. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 xxFi

      1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

        OUCH! That would have been horrible on any night, Donna, but even worse on the eve of your wedding. I’m glad you made it through okay. As Fi says, just goes to show how tough we girls are.
        Thanks and good luck!

  14. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

    What a blast! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding stories. Fi and I loved them!

    The giveaway has now been drawn. Congratulations to Rebecca who has scored herself a signed copy of Holly’s Heart. You’re in for a treat there, Rebecca.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you here again next week when we’ll have another fabulous guest entertaining us with their latest release.

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