Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday where I share snippets from new and past releases, and works-in-progress and occasionally lure unsuspecting writing buddies into doing the same.

I’m all wriggly with excitement this week because we have a brand spanking new guest for you. Sarah Williams rocketed into the best-seller lists with The Outback Governess and The Brothers of Brigadier Station. A New Zealander by birth, Sarah now calls Queensland home where’s she’s kept very busy with her exciting writing career and being mum to four gorgeous children (visit Sarah’s about page for a beautiful pic of her family).

As you can probably tell from the titles, Sarah writes rural romance, which, as we all know, is the bestest of genres. Her latest release is The Sky Over Brigadier Station, a sequel to The Brothers of Brigadier Station and one you won’t want to miss.

Here’s Sarah to tell you more and share a snippet. Enjoy!


Author Sarah WilliamsG’day, g’day lovely readers, I’m Sarah Williams, Romance Author, Independent Publisher at Serenade Publisher and Podcast host of Write with Love. Thanks for letting me share some space today. Cathryn is my all-time favourite Rural Romance author and I am so excited that I will get to interview her for my podcast soon! Stay tuned for that!!

The Sky over Brigadier Station was released on July 4, 2018 and is the second in the Brigadier Station series which is set near Julia Creek in the isolated Queensland Outback of Australia.

In this novel I reversed the gender stereotype. Riley, my heroine, is very Alpha and dominates the relationship while Noah is the one who gets left behind on the station, so she can go Helicopter mustering!

The Sky over Brigadier Station also touches on Domestic Violence and PTSD. These are both big issues I wanted to draw attention to.

This excerpt is from the very beginning, Chapter one:


“You can’t blackmail me into coming back.” Noah McGuire ran his hand through his hair in frustration. His mother still had the power to make him feel like a naughty child; he hated her for it, among other things.

“It’s been ten years, Noah. He’s dead, has been for a long time.” Harriet’s voice resonated shakily down the phone line. “It’s time you came home.”

“It’s not my home anymore.” He had turned his back on Brigadier Station, in Australia, many years ago and had never looked back. There was nothing but bad blood and awful memories left for him there.

The Sky Over Brigadier Station by Sarah Williams“It’ll be different now. Lachie’s grown up and Darcy’s getting married.”

His older brother, Lachie, was the main reason Noah didn’t want to return to the family station. Lachie had always been a bully and spoilt child. But Darcy, the middle son, was his friendly, caring brother. He had always had Noah’s back. Darcy had been his protector against the bullying, against the pain.

Then Darcy had gone away to boarding school and Noah had been left to fend for himself. His mother had been in no state to protect him from his father.

“I understand you’ve made a life for yourself in New Zealand and I’m so proud of all you have achieved.” Harriet’s voice turned pleading. “Please, just come back for the wedding and look after Darcy’s station while they’re on their honeymoon. Four weeks, that’s all.”

She fell silent as if holding her breath.

Noah thought about the situation with Jade. It was becoming almost unbearable, especially since she had started seeing Kahu.

After their separation, Noah had so easily been shifted from boyfriend to employee on the farm. After almost a decade of family dinners and summer holidays at the beach with Jade’s parents, he was suddenly sleeping in the shearers’ quarters and eating cold baked beans at every meal.

Of course, he had seen their break-up coming. Their friendship was solid, but the spark had long since died. Now she had her big, burly Maori warrior. The retired All Black had money, land and was a genuinely nice bloke. Noah couldn’t help but begrudgingly like his replacement. Besides, Kahu made Jade deliriously happy, and after all these years, that was what Noah wanted most for his first love. It was hard to watch though. Plus, with the farm coming into the quiet winter time, Noah wasn’t essential to the running of the Otago property. Until spring lambing started he was sitting here twiddling his thumbs and watching his bank account diminish.

The inheritance his mother was offering would certainly settle the debt on his credit card and maybe even help him put a deposit on his own place.

“Four weeks?”

“Four weeks. I’ll pay for your flights and at the end of the month I’ll give you everything you’re owed,” Harriet said.

“Then that’s it? You promise you won’t ask anymore?”

“I promise.” Her voice lifted with the hint of a smile.

“Fine.” He sighed into the phone. “I better go find my passport.”


Ooh, we’re looking at lots of adventure to come with The Sky Over Brigadier Station and you can purchase your copy in an instant with a simple click/swipe/tap on any of these stores:

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk

iBooks | Kobo | Google Play | Nook

Sarah is regularly checking social media when she really should be cleaning. Visit her online at her website, Facebook or Twitter using @SarahW_Writer.

For a bit of bonus entertainment, check out Sarah’s book trailer for The Brothers of Brigadier Station.

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