My Favourite Reads of February 2019

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Welcome to My Favourite Reads for February 2019!

February was mostly taken up reading books for the Romance Writers of America Rita Award but I still managed to squeeze in four off my to-be-read pile, and they were all beauties.

My favourite though was… 

Wicked Games by MJ Scott

Wicked Games by MJ ScottWicked Games is the first in MJ Scott’s new TechWitch series and I’m hanging out for the next. This had so much to love – big conflicts, romance, friendship, action and I really enjoyed the mix of high technology and magic. Maybe this isn’t unusual in the urban fantasy genre but for me the combination felt new and fresh.

Loved the characters, the setting was interesting, and I liked the spookiness and how dark the story got. I look forward to discovering where Maggie goes to next and how her relationship with magic and sexy Damon evolves.


The Second Cure by Margaret MorganThe Second Cure by Margaret Morgan

Ooh, where do I start with The Second Cure? This has politics, science, religion and much more. Most of all it’s scary because it is so easy to imagine a scenario like this unfolding.

Great premise, good writing and likeable characters – even the baddies had their moments – made for a fascinating, page-turning journey.

Clever. Really clever. A book to make you think, and maybe fret a bit. Check it out.

Her Forgotten Lover's Heir by Annie WestHer Forgotten Lover’s Heir by Annie West

Annie never lets me down with her fabulous romances. Her Forgotten Lover’s Heir made me cry too. I adore books that do that. It’s why we read romance – to feel!

The amnesia trope is one I’ve always been a bit sceptical about, but Molly’s situation is very believable and I felt for her enormously as she tried to deal with her memory loss and find her way forward. Pietro was great too – a nice combination of sexy alpha hero, as you’d expect for a Harlequin Presents title, and deeply caring man who’s fallen in love without realising.

A lovely story with great chemistry between the hero and heroine.

Butterface by Avery FlynnButterface by Avery Flynn

Butterface is book one in Avery Flynn’s the Hartigans series and such a fun a story I gobbled it down.

Although scarred by school bullying, Gina is a strong character who’s accepted her not-so-pretty looks and is merrily living the life she wants. She’s smart and funny and has a bod to die for. I wish I could stretch like her! Ford is a gorgeous, if totally anal, cop. When these two a thrown together, first via a wedding “kiss-cam” then by other circumstances it’s kind of like beauty and the beast in reverse.

Great dialogue and a wonderful romance, and the families were a hoot!

What did you enjoy reading in February?

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6 thoughts on “My Favourite Reads of February 2019

  1. AvatarAnna Campbell

    Cathryn, great list as ever. I agree with you about the Annie West. It’s just lovely. I’m going to check out Butterface. It sounds like fun!

    I’ve had a pretty good reading month – a real standout was your Elsa’s Stand which I absolutely adored. Thanks for writing such a beautiful book. Other books I enjoyed were The Gilded Shroud by Elizabeth Bailey, the first in a historical mystery series with a really fun heroine and a nice romance trope as well; Mrs. Miniver by Jan Struther which I picked up from the bookcase here at Tyrone Guthrie. My mum was a real Greer Garson fan so the movie was very popular in our house. The book isn’t like the film at all and I suppose you might say it’s a bit twee and middle-class (it’s written in 1939 so if you do, I think you should cut it some slack!) but it’s a terrifically charming set of pieces originally published in the Times. I also read my first Corinna Chapman by Kerry Greenwood and I’m looking forward to reading more. The feeling is much softer and cosier than the Phryne books and it’s a lovely world to enter for a few hours.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Aww, you are so kind re Elsa’s Stand. Thank you!
      I hope you get a chance to read Butterface, I found it really enjoyable, which reminds me I must grab Muffintop.
      Have googled The Gilded Shroud and it sounds FAB. Thanks for that recommendation. I’ve marked it on to my wish list and sent myself a sample to read.
      I read the first in the Corinna Chapman series but for some reason never got around to reading more. Amazing, because I do love a bit of baking.
      Hope Ireland is treating you wonderfully and you’re getting lots of words done!

  2. AvatarRos Simmonds

    I have taken a slight deviation from my usual Aussie romance’s and have been reading Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen “Murder She Bakes” series. They are full of humor with some mystery thrown in that leaves you guessing, a touch of romance, a really crazy cat, interesting family dynamics and GREAT recipes I can’t wait to try.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Ooh! Books with things to cook… now that’s got appeal. Thanks Ros, I’ll google those too. If you like these you might be interested in Kerry Greenwood’s (of Phryne Fisher fame) Corinna Chapman series that Anna talked about above. Lots of baking in that and an Aussie author too.
      Just checked the Joanna Flukes out. The do sound fun! More for my wishlist. Thanks!

  3. AvatarSue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Ooh, Butterface sounds good as does Annie’s!
    The five I managed to read were thoroughly enjoyable – my fave was Jasper Jones and one that was fun and full of humour was A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson. Deadly Tide by Sandy Curtis was a fabulous crime story set on a trawler which was quite interesting and The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch was sooo entertaining, loved following Peter Grant on more of his ghost hunting adventures. Wimmera by Mark Brandi is a dark and disturbing coming of age novel, not sure how I feel about this book as it creeped me out a bit but I am willing to read his next novel.

    1. Cathryn HeinCathryn Hein Post author

      Butterface was a lot of fun, Sue. And I think you can pick it up fairly cheaply too.
      Oh, I ADORED Jasper Jones. That was such a wonderful story. Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. I felt the same re Wimmera. It’s a wonderful book, no question, but very disturbing.
      But I’m delighted to hear that you liked The Furthest Station. I’ll have to pick it up now. It’s a fun series.
      Thanks for sharing. That’s great.

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