Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes twist the arms of author friends to do the same.

It was an exciting week in the Hein house thanks to the utter brilliance that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Regular readers will know what a fan I am of this joy-fest, and that it’s not unusual for Eurovision songs to find their way onto my book playlists.

I have to say that apart from our own Kate Miller-Heidke’s faaaaabulous ‘Zero Gravity’ and Norway’s ‘Spirit in the Sky’, this year’s grand finalists were a bit lacklustre, although I did enjoy the Netherlands’ winning entry ‘Arcade’ and Sweden’s ‘Too Late For Love’. Unlike most years, I can’t really see any of the songs making it onto my book playlists but you never know. I’ll buy the album as usual and maybe something will stick, perhaps from the semi-finalists. There were a heap of songs I scored highly in the semis (like Poland’s groovy ‘Fire of Love’) that never made it through. Made me feel a bit like the kiss of death!

Which brings me to today’s teaser. Wayward Heart didn’t just have a Eurovision song on its playlist, it actually had one as its theme. Norway’s 2015 entry ‘A Monster Like Me’ couldn’t have fitted the story’s hero Digby more perfectly. At least I thought so until I saw its general release music video which made the song look like it was about a psycho serial killer. Something Digby is definitely not!

Anyway, here’s a teaser from Wayward Heart of Digby being sweet to the book’s heroine, Jas.

The fire had caught and was beginning to crackle in earnest, yet Jas remained shivering. Shock more than likely. Coming home from your best friend’s bridal shower to find your house vandalised would rattle anyone. Shrugging off his jacket, Digby draped it gently around her shoulders.

Wayward Heart by Cathryn HeinStay there,’ he said, stroking the silky dark curls at the back of her head. ‘I’ll be back in a tick.’

A few minutes later he returned, bearing filled wineglasses. He eased down close to Jas and passed one over. It was awkward sitting on the floor but he needed to be close.

‘It won’t be as good as the last,’ he said. ‘Everyone was still in the kitchen when I went across to the house. I just grabbed whatever was closest in the cellar and got out before anyone could corner me.’

‘Thanks.’ She took a small sip and stared back at the fire. The combusting logs seemed to almost pulse with life. ‘What a horrible way to end a good day.’

It was, no question, but the unsettling thing for Digby was that being with her right now it didn’t feel that way. Sitting alongside Jas, keeping her safe, gave him an odd sense of worth, the likes of which he hadn’t felt since Felicity.

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