Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes manage to con author buddies into doing the same.

Well, last week didn’t go to plan. Jim and I had to make a short notice trip to Townsville, leaving Tuesday and not getting home again until Saturday. As it tends to be this time of year, it was glorious in the tropics and a far cry from the sauna-like weather we experienced at Christmas when we were up.

I’ve been visiting Townsville and the top end of the Bowen Basin for 25 plus years now and love it. From the gorgeous coast to the rugged inland, there’s so much to see and experience, and each time I visit I always end up with the same thought – I really must set a book in this area.

I will, however that’s one for the future. My priority right now is to get Eddie and the Show Queen to you and thanks to our trip I’m behind again. But this week I’ll be back on the job and all going well I’ll have edits in the bag at the end of it, then we’ll be able to really crank up the excitement.

Eddie and the Show Queen will be the newest member of my loosely related Levenham Love Story series which started with Rocking Horse Hill. If you’re a bargain lover, then you’ll be thrilled to know that starting this Wednesday (29th May) Friday (31st May) Kobo will be running a special offer for Australian readers where you’ll be able to grab 3 romance novels for only $9, and Rocking Horse Hill will be included in the selection. Watch out for that one!

Which brings me to today’s Teaser Tuesday snippet from Rocking Horse Hill, featuring the inimitable Granny B, who has her bejewelled fingers very much in the Eddie and the Show Queen pie. Which is understandable. The wine show Eddie and the Show Queen’s story is centred around was her idea in the first place, as we discover here during this conversation between Granny B and her granddaughter Emily…


‘I do so loathe vegetarians. Ridiculous people.’

‘Could have been worse,’ joked Em, desperate to keep things light. Granny B’s tumultuous mood did not bode well. ‘She could have been vegan.’

Rocking Horse Hill by Cathryn Hein - global cover‘Indeed.’ Granny B maintained a special dislike for vegans. ‘Hard to trust these people, though, isn’t it? As I pointed out, if nature had wanted us to be vegetarian she would have given us a rumen. Anyway, how does the silly woman think we grew brains the size we did?’ Granny B huffed. ‘And she refused wine.’

‘She probably had to work.’

‘That may be true, but it’s hardly supporting local agriculture. Barry and I made up for it. Enjoyed a rather nice pinot from Ryan’s. That winery is doing very well for itself. I proposed to Barry that we host a local wine festival to run concurrently with Art Week, but the Herriott woman thought the idea “unwise in light of the town’s youth drinking culture”. What about the rest of us? Just because she’s part of the lunatic greenie fringe doesn’t meant the rest of us should suffer.’


Granny B rolled her eyes. ‘Don’t start, Emily. I’m seventy-nine years old. I’m permitted my prejudices.’


Rocking Horse Hill is available in paperback and ebook from your favourite online store. You can also order personally signed copies direct from me. Simply contact me via the Contact page of this website and I’ll shoot you the details.

And remember to check out the special Australian Kobo store offer starting tomorrow. 3 romances for $9 is a not to be missed bargain but it won’t last long, so get in quick!

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