Vivid is an annual light, music and ideas festival that brightens Sydney for around three weeks each winter. Jim and I first went in 2017 and though we didn’t get to see all of it, what we did see was spectacular and left us vowing to return for the full experience. So last weekend we hopped on the Newcastle-Sydney train and did just that.

Here are some photos from the evening we spent wandering the displays. They don’t do Vivid justice, but they’ll give you an idea of how lovely these light shows can be. A lot were interactive this year, which makes things fun. Watching families dance so they can make a sculpture move or flash light was a hoot, and you only had to look at the little ones’ faces when they played with a sculpture to see how wondrous they found it.

I won’t name all the photos and sculptures because that would take forever, and I know you’d much prefer if I was working on Eddie and the Show Queen!

Vivid runs until June 15th so if you can, get to Sydney and be awed.


The 6 metre high Marri Dyin puppet at Barangaroo.
The 6 metre high Marri Dyin puppet at Barangaroo. It was followed around by a shoal of puppet fish. Wonderfully done.
Vivid Sydney 2019
Museum of Contemporary Art.
Museum of Contemporary Art. The ‘Let Me Down’ light show was absolutely gorgeous.
Turtles promoting Vivid at Taronga Zoo.
These turtles were amazing. We’ll have to go to Vivid at Taronga Zoo next time.
Customs House.
The Customs House ‘Under the Harbour’ light film (not sure what else to call it) was wonderful.
Customs House
More Customs House
Circular Quay
Circular Quay
Circular Quay artwork
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Opera House
Opera House forecourt artwork
Botanic Garden artwork
Botanic Garden artwork
This was the sculpture that made party lights when you danced in front of it.
Botanic Garden artwork
Loved this one. It was kind of spooky.
Botanic Garden artwork
And this.
Ferry ride on the harbour
Catching a ferry is a cheap and fun way to take in more of the displays.
Vivid 2019 - Barangaroo
Barangaroo looked so pretty. There were fish hidden in the trees.
Robot SPACELand music and light show
Robot SPACELand music and light show at Darling Harbour was a blast.
 More Robot SPACELand
More Robot SPACELand
Bright mushrooms at Cockle Bay.
This Darling Harbour display was wonderfully bright and happy-looking.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at Vivid!

See you for Teaser Tuesday next week, when we’ll have an extra special debut guest sharing a snippet from her debut rural romance. Mark your diary because it’s going to be fab!


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