Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes sweet-talk author friends into doing the same.

Which is what I’ve done today, but more on our delightful guest and her faaaaabulous book shortly. There is news to be shared.

Tension is rising in the Hein house!

There are now only FOURTEEN sleeps until Eddie and the Show Queen releases. I can’t wait. This story is adorable, if I do say so myself, with lots of laughs, a great sense of community, and lovely lashings of romance. Eddie’s fundraising “dares” still make me smile whenever I think of them.

If you haven’t already, pre-order your copy in ebook and print from:

amazon.com | amazon.com.au | amazon.co.uk

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Also, the bargain ebook price for Wayward Heart ends this week (1st September). Make sure you grab your copy before the promo runs out. You’ll find all the buy links here.

On the work-in-progress front, Scarlett and the Model Man had a bit of a setback last week when I realised I’d taken a wrong turn, but we’re back on track now. Writing can be funny like that for me. Except for nutting out the black moment (aka the climax), I’m not much of a plotter. I do some plotting but often I just write away and let the characters take me where they want. As long as they end up at the black moment then it’s fine. Sometimes, though, they go places they shouldn’t and I have to rein them in. Something Scarlett doesn’t appreciate. She’s very headstrong!

Enough of writing, let’s get on to the best bit and why we’re here.

Today on Teaser Tuesday, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Mel A Rowe. I’ll let Mel tell you a little about herself but I’m going to give a big wahoo to an author who has Aussie Rules footballers in her books (check out The Football Whisperer here). Sexiest sportsmen evah. In particular if they wear the red and white of my beloved Sydney Swans.

But I digress

Mel has a beautiful new rural romance out called The Art of Dust. Isn’t that a fabulous title? You’d buy it for that alone, but the book itself sounds wonderful too. It’s a sweet second-chance small-town romance – just what we love.

The Art of Dust is book one in Mel’s new Elsie Creek series, in which you’ll discover the essence of the rugged and romantic outback of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Did you hear that? Rugged. Romantic. Outback. That’s book-lovin’ hook central and that’s without mentioning small-town setting or the second-chance romance. You are going to want this, oh yes you are!

So read on and let Mel tell you more about The Art of Dust. There’s a wonderful excerpt for you to enjoy and, if you read right through to the end, you might even find a giveaway.

Here’s Mel!


Mel A Rowe authorIt’s a place where they say there are more cattle and crocodiles than people. Filled with over two thirds of Australia’s tropical bird life, with air is so fresh and free of any man-made toxins your sinuses would think they’re in heaven. Just down the track from Kakadu National Park, which interestingly enough, I rarely ever visit.

Hi there, I’m Mel A ROWE, and I live in the Top End region of the Northern Territory (NT). It’s a unique part of Australia that very few people seem to know about. Although I’ve worked and travelled intimately throughout the north’s remote outback regions, it’d take another ten lifetimes to discover all of her secrets. Just check out my Instagram feed, it’s practically all about my backyard

Oh, wait, we’re here to talk about one of my books, not me! Oops.

Don’t leave just yet—coz the good bits just about to begin.

(*clears throat)

Thank you, Cathryn (I’m a huge, HUGE, fan) and to you, dear reader for making it this far down the page!

Please allow to me introduce you to



The Art of Dust by Me A Rowe collage of reviews

Where you’ll discover the essence of the rugged and romantic outback of Australia’s Northern Territory in this small-town romance series of Elsie Creek.


Kat drove their hire car through the cattle herd and continued along the open highway that stretched like a never-ending black carpet. It sliced through the centre of red dirt scrublands, with the railway line running alongside. All heading for the tiny Northern Territory town, dead ahead.

They passed rolling fields of drying grass waving in the breeze like a huge green sea. Tall gum trees crested hills that kissed the cerulean skyline where wallabies lazed in their shade, hiding from the late afternoon sun. The familiar countryside generated an electrical hum beneath Kat’s skin. She was glad this long drive was almost over.

The Art of Dust by Mel A Rowe coverThen the hard part would begin.

Again, the weight of dread slammed heavily across her shoulder blades.

‘Can’t wait to go bushwalking with you, Mummy.’ Kaytlyn stared out the passenger window as she clicked the heels of her new hiking boots, peeking out from the edge of her tutu.

Kat hadn’t hiked in years. ‘Tell me again, please, what are the rules of walking anywhere out here?’

‘Always take a hat, a water bottle, sunscreen, snacks for the trail, and tell someone where you’re going. Carry a big stick to smack the ground to scare snakes and goannas getting suntans across the tracks. Don’t use the stick to poke down holes, coz the scorpions and spiders can kill you. Don’t climb trees that don’t have green ants on ‘em coz they’ll have white ants that eat trees inside out, so they’ll break. Don’t play near fruit bats coz they can make you very, very sick. Don’t pat the cattle coz of their horns…um, am I missing something?’

‘Water. What did I tell you about the water? It’s the most important,’—and terrifying— ‘part.’

‘Oh, I’m never ever allowed to go swimming in any of the water holes, billabongs, rivers, lakes, streams or seas, and I have to stay back from the water’s edge coz the man-eating crocodiles like to eat children for lunch.’

The place didn’t sound like fun at all. ‘Are you okay with all that?’ Kat wasn’t.

‘I can’t wait.’

Can you?


I bet they can’t, Mel. In which case, lovely readers, you’ll need to be clickety-clicking!

Purchase your copy of The Art of Dust today from:

Amazon.comamazon.com.au | amazon.co.uk

iBooks | Kobo | Google Play | Barnes & Noble

Other Online Bookstores

As was hinted at in the introduction, we have a


For your chance to win an ebook copy of Mel’s gorgeous outback romance The Art of Dust, tell us what animal roams the top end region of Northern Territory that Mel might’ve have missed in the teaser.

Ooh, tricky. There were lots of animals mentioned in the excerpt so what’s left… hmm

Get your thinking caps on and when you’ve decided on an animal share it in the comments and we’ll pop you into the draw to win an ebook copy of The Art of Dust.

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight Friday, 30th August 2019 AEST. Open internationally. Ebook only.

Dare to learn more about Mel and her books? You can visit her website at MelAROWE.com. And, if she isn’t on some random outback road trip, fumbling with her camera while annoying her family with her bad singing, you can also connect with Mel on Instagram –  be sure to say ‘Hi.’ She’d love to meet you.


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