Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and sometimes sweet-talk author buddies into doing the same.

And a sweet-talked author buddy is what we have this week!

First, news from the Hein house. I am soooo close to finishing the first draft of SCARLETT AND THE MODEL MAN. This time next week it should be done. I’ve already bought myself a celebratory pressie – a porcelain pendant featuring images from art nouveau artist Gustav Klimt‘s “Fulfilment”.

Gustav Klimt porcelain pendantIsn’t it beautiful? I couldn’t resist when I saw it, especially when I’ve been thinking so much about art and artists thanks to Scarlett, who is an artist and a very good one.

Now to find somewhere nice to wear it. Friday afternoon drinkies with some author friends sounds the ticket.

Speaking of author friends (Ha! Like that segue?), today we have a very special one on. Say hello to Teaser Tuesday regular and awesome historical romance author Anna Campbell!

You are going to luuuuurve Anna’s Teaser Tuesday this week. Not only is she sharing and excerpt from her fabulous new Christmas story The Highlander’s Christmas Quest (I love the sound of this one SO MUCH), Anna’s hosting a giveaway. Yay! Make sure you read to the end for all the details.

Now here’s Anna to tell you all about The Highlander’s Christmas Quest. Enjoy.


Anna Campbell author - thumbnailHi Cathryn!

How did it get to be Christmas already? Thank you so much for having me back as your guest on Teaser Tuesday in this lead-up to the festive season!

In my world, the lead-up to the festive season means writing a Christmas story. This year, I had particular fun with the latest entry in the Lairds Most Likely series, The Highlander’s Christmas Quest. Like all the Lairds Most Likely stories, this one can be read as a stand-alone, so if you’d like some Highland magic to warm your Christmas stockings, why not give it a go?

When Dougal Drummond washes up on Kirsty Macbain’s Hebridean island a few days before Christmas in 1728, it’s love at first sight for her, but he’s got other fish to fry and plans to leave as soon as he’s repaired his boat. So Kirsty takes matters into her own hands and does some surreptitious sabotage to keep her beloved close and give him a chance to realize that she’s made for him. This scene takes place a few days after Dougal’s arrival when they’re working together on fixing the boat.


Isle of Askaval, the Hebrides, Scotland, 23rd December 1728

“I’ll miss ye,” Dougal said, even as he told himself to button his lip. What was the point of harping on his regrets, when he had every intention of leaving in the morning?

Kirsty’s remarkable eyes darkened as she studied him. “I’ll miss ye, too.” Before he could identify the emotion thickening her voice, she went on quickly and in a more cheerful tone. “Ye fitted in so well with everyone on the island.”

Is that all? Dougal wanted to ask the question, but this time discretion won out and he returned to finishing his task. The early winter evening drew in, and the light in the hull was bad. But he had a nasty suspicion that wasn’t why he had trouble seeing what he needed to fix.

“Should I light the candles?” She was still too close behind him.

The Highlanders Christmas Quest by Anna CampbellHe set down the hammer and turned to face her. “No, I’ve finished. I want to…”

Damn it, she was even closer than he’d thought. Mere inches separated them. He sucked in a jagged breath, and his head flooded with the evocative scent of Kirsty. Crushed wildflowers. Warm female. A hint of the fresh salt air that always seem to swirl around her, so she seemed part of the wild sea and sky, here on her beautiful island.

“Ye want to…” she echoed, leaning closer.

Dougal swallowed to loosen a tight throat, as his heart leapt around in his chest like a grasshopper.

“I want to…” He sounded strangled. His hands formed fists at his sides, and his head swam with a hundred impossible longings.

I want to take ye in my arms.

I want to kiss ye.

I want to steal ye away across the waves and take you back to Bruard.

I want to…

He couldn’t speak any of those forbidden wishes aloud, but as Kirsty stared at him, her eyes widened as if she heard the words anyway.

“Aye?” she whispered. Although there was nobody but him to hear. Even the old men who sat outside the inn had packed up and returned to their own firesides an hour ago.

The day was almost done. Dougal had one more night on Askaval before he left forever.

That had been his aim since he arrived. Why now did that seem a punishment worse than death?

Kirsty’s lips parted. Those full, red lips that in his wicked dreams, kissed him over and over. He caught a glimpse of straight small teeth in the dark interior. The silvery eyes turned as soft and misty as the fog that swept in from the sea.

“Kirsty?” he forced out in a choked voice and realized he’d shifted even closer to her.

“Aye?” she said again, gazing unblinking into his eyes.

“Oh, hell,” he muttered and reached out to catch her upper arms in shaking hands. For one blazing, lost moment, he stared into that unforgettable face.

Then God help him, he kissed her.


I told you this week’s Teaser Tuesday would be fabulous! Love, love, love this one and can’t wait to read it. Anna’s Christmas romances always put me in the spirit of the season and The Highlander’s Christmas Quest will put you in the mood too. Order your copy today from:

amazon.com | amazon.com.au | amazon.co.uk

Apple Books | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

Want more of the Dougal and Kirsty? Check out a longer excerpt on Anna’s website.

Now, as we mentioned in the intro, Anna is hosting a lovely-jubbly giveaway. Here she is again to tell you about it.


Are you a fan of Christmas music? I have to say I love it. I can’t wait to hear the first “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at my local supermarket. Please don’t judge me! So what’s your favourite Christmas song or carol? I’m going to go really traditional and say “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.” What about you?

I’ve got a download of The Highlander’s Christmas Quest to give away to someone who leaves a comment on this post. No geographical restrictions. Think of it as an early Christmas present!

Oh, I love Christmas music too, Anna! On the modern side, I’m very partial to Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” and “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)” by The Darkness. And a couple of years ago I bought The Killers’ Christmas album Don’t Waste Your Wishes and it’s bloody brilliant, especially the song “Boots”. On the trad front, I adore “We Three Kings” and of course “Silent Night.”

What about you? What is your favourite Christmas song or carol? Share in the comments and you’ll go in the draw to win an ebook of The Highlander’s Christmas Quest.

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight Friday, Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 29th November 2019. Open worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about Anna and her wonderful novels, please visit her website. You can also connect via Facebook and Twitter using @AnnaCampbelloz.


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