Teaser Tuesday MemeWelcome to Teaser Tuesday, where I share snippets from new and past releases and works-in-progress, and occasionally con author buddies into doing the same.

Which is what we have today, but more on our super guest after news from the Hein house.

Scarlett and the Model Man has now been out in the world for a week and it’s been going WONDERFULLY! The feedback and reviews have been terrific, and I’m chuffed to bits that people are loving Sam and Scarlett’s story. As I mentioned in my Six Secret Things About Scarlett and the Model Man release day post, this is the most personal book I’ve written for a while so this booklove awesomeness means a great deal.

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Now to our fabulous guest.

Let’s give a grand welcome back to medical romance writing queen, midwifery expert and fellow Outback Brides author Fiona McArthur. Rah!

Fiona is a regular on Teaser Tuesday and always shares a marvellous excerpt. She’s also a generous lady and you know what generous ladies do, don’t you? They have giveaways. And we luuuuurve a giveaway on Teaser Tuesday, oh yes we do, so make sure you read until the end so you don’t miss out.

Regular readers will remember Fiona’s December release, Midwife on the Orient Express. Well, she’s back with a new midwife story, this time set in Papua New Guinea, and appropriately titled Midwife in the Jungle.

Here’s Fiona to tell you more and to share a snippet.

Fiona McArthur authorHello again as I wave from Cathryn’s lovely Teaser Tuesday to celebrate the arrival of my latest author published book. Out today! MIDWIFE IN THE JUNGLE. I’m having such fun rewriting, recovering and bringing up to date earlier books I loved, as my own publisher, but I still write for PRH, HM&B, and TULE publishers and will shout out when those books pop up as well.

MIDWIFE IN THE JUNGLE starts in Sydney but is mostly set in the wild highlands of Papua New Guinea. Now I haven’t been back to New Guinea since I was the only girl (and 5 boys) on an 18 day school excursion, (without my parents and each kid billeted with a different family in every town ), and I have never forgotten the heat. BTW I was too busy to be homesick.

The point is, PNG captured me all those years ago and remains one of those instances where you can remember the scents, the sounds, the brightness and the sights of something incredibly different for a girl of ten to see and experience.

So I share that with you here and for those who have read MOTHER’S DAY, Jacinta McLeod reappears years later as a determined doctor following her jungle doc into the vegetation.

The excerpt comes from where Jacinta’s stepping off the plane in Port Moresby.


The Port Moresby humidity hit Jacinta’s face like a hot damp towel as soon as she poked her head out of the air-conditioned plane, but February was the end of summer so maybe it would get cooler.

The heat and bombardment of aromas were overwhelming. The scent of bougainvillea, the heavy sweetness of what she later found out to be the betel-nut chewed by the locals, the overlying cloying smell of rotting vegetation and good old-fashioned sweat all vied for her attention.

Midwife In The Jungle by Fiona McArthurStrangely it was the brightness of the light and the vivid reds in the clothes of the native Papuans that caught her imagination.

Bright green vegetation around the airport made everything else look ordinary, even the aircraft, as she stepped down onto the steaming tarmac.

When she entered the terminal, huge rotating ceiling fans circulated the crowded bouquet of pungent aromas and she could feel the excitement in her blood almost fizzing and the smile on her face stretched.

‘Dr McCloud?’

Jacinta nodded at a grinning porter dressed in white. He waved the sign with her name on it. ‘I’m Jimmy Puk Puk from the mission. I’ll take you cross to the MAF plane.’ He had the brightest set of white teeth she’d ever seen, and Jacinta grinned back.

MAF Plane? Ah, Missionary Air Fellowship plane. Jointly owned by all the missions.

Dressed in shorts and shirt, Jimmy’s feet were dustily bare and he held out his left hand to take her bag. Her eyes were drawn to the healed stump where his right hand should have been.

He caught her glance and grinned again. “That’s why they call me Jimmy Puk Puk. Puk Puk mean croc, ‘cos I took more than his hand when I caught up with that puk puk.’

Jimmy directed her off to a side aisle and broke into a melodic Pidgin English discussion with the customs officer until they were waved through to another gateway and back onto the tarmac.

Hope you enjoy the story. xx Fi

I’m sure we will, Fiona!

Midwife in the Jungle releases today. Grab your copy from:

Amazon.com | Amazon.au | Amazon.uk

Kobo | Apple Books | Nook

Now, as we mentioned in the intro, we’re lucky enough to have a special


For your chance to win a copy of Midwife in the Jungle – paperback or ebook for Australian addresses, ebook only for international – share with us your hottest experience.

Yes, you may take that definition any way you want!!!

Mine? I have to say it was when we were living in western Sydney and the temperature hit close to 48°C. It was horrendous. The heat was almost tactile – the proverbial walking into a wall. It felt graspable it was so thick. Even breathing was hard. Fortunately we were in a modern, well-insulated house and could hide from the worst of it. Others weren’t so lucky, poor things.

What about you? What’s your hot experience? Don’t be shy now! Share away, we’re all friends here, and doing so could score you a copy of Fiona’s Midwife in the Jungle.

Please note: Giveaway closes midnight Friday AEST, 3rd April 2020. Australian addresses can choose from a print or ebook version of Midwife in the Jungle. Ebook only for international addresses.

If you’d like to learn more about Fiona and her booksplease visit her website. You can also connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using @FiCatchesBabies.


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