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Welcome again to the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge, a year-long challenge set by the good folk at Long and Short Reviews that anyone can participate in. Check out the site to see who else is playing along.

This week’s topic is a doozy.

Topics I could give an impromptu speech on

I can think of two without even blinking. The first one would be about my adoration for my KitchenAid mixer. The other would be about my writing process.

Both are easy-peasy because 1/. My love for my mixer knows no bounds and 2/. I’m the only one who is expert on my writing process so no one will know if I’m telling the story right or wrong. Ha!

My KitchenAid mixer

My beloved KitchenAid mixer. I have the pasta attachment too. So beautiful. Sigh.

Other things I would wax lyrical about… books I love, what I’m reading now, books on my to-be-read pile, books I plan to buy. Anything about books, really.

Local restaurants and pubs. I could go to town on that subject too.

Also favourite wines.

And beers.

Food. Anything about food and cooking and cookbooks.

How I deserve a new set of golf clubs because it can’t possibly be me that’s the problem with my game. Oh no. That’s just silly thinking. Everyone knows it’s always the equipment at fault in these cases.


How sexy Chris Hemsworth is. I could probably chat for a while about that.

I could also carry on for quite a while about stationery. I really like stationery, especially beautiful notebooks with quality, fountain pen friendly paper. They make me very happy.

And finally, I could chat about how much I’m enjoying this blog challenge. It’s developing such a lovely community feel and I’m discovering all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I hope you’re enjoying it too because we have lots of weeks of fun topics still to come.

Okay, what topics could you give an impromptu speech on?


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